What sort of season will it be for Mikel Arteta if Arsenal don’t finish in a European place?

The Premier League is slated to return next month and Arsenal is looking to make a good start when the campaign is eventually restarted.

The Gunners were the first team to allow their players to use their training ground for outdoor training, and having recovered, Mikel Arteta was at the London Colney complex last week to lead small group training.

Just as Arsenal was forced to self-isolate, every team in the Premier League have also just returned to small groups training and everyone will be eager to get going when the campaign restarts.

There is currently an eight points gap between Arsenal and the top four and there are at least four teams between them and that position as well.

When the campaign resumes, every team would be aiming to move up the league table, so there is a chance that Arsenal might not get the European spot that they badly want.

Would this season be considered a bad one under Mikel Arteta if he can’t lead us back to Europe?

I don’t think so. The Spaniard has overseen a change in mood, performance and atmosphere at Arsenal and the more time he spends with us, the better we seem to get.

However, I think that six months would be too little for him to affect a turnaround as much as we want and it would be considered some sort of minor miracle if he manages to lead us back into Europe.

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  1. Dan says:

    It wouldn’t be a good one let’s put it that way
    Not sure it take a miracle to at least qualify for Europa
    We can’t forget either we were knocked out of Europa Leauge by Olympiakos
    So hasn’t been perfect

  2. ThirdManJW says:

    I think if Arteta had a pre-season then it wouldn’t be good, but he didn’t become manager until 20th December. There’s been so many games he’s barely had any real time on the training ground to work on things.

    Despite little time with the squad, the results and performances have slightly improved, the attitude of the players seems a lot better as well.

    I think it’s only fair to judge him next season, but I have been impressed so far.

  3. dan says:

    To clarify not saying it’s his fault or hes done bad im just saying we couldn’t call not qualifying for Europe good or being knocked out by Olympiakos good

  4. RSH says:

    The end of the season could just be wildly unpredictable as well. If the players havent been doing their work at home then they are out of shape and will be a disaster when the league kicks off again. Will it be Arteta’s fault the players didnt do what they were supposed to during quaratine? I think we have to be realistic and realize that next season will be a better judgement to him. There’s been so many “circumstances” since his appointment. Hasn’t even made a permanent signing yet either.

  5. Shakir says:

    Tbh for many gooners european competition was out of reach under UE but now we have a chance and i wont call it small.
    I wont judge MA but i can see his potential and talent.

  6. S.J says:

    If we miss out on Europe it might still be a good thing cause we will have no distraction to climb up back the table next season.

    The only negatives are financially and players wanting to leave for other clubs that offer European games

  7. John Ibrahim says:

    we can soley focus on rebuilding……

    FA Cup and the league…..

    more rest on the players and less distraction

    rebuild the team and form the quality core

  8. Mogunna says:

    It will confirm that we have signed a assistant coach to be a manager and why we became a mdtable team in 18months since Wenger sacking!

    Emery is a coach with experience who won trophies, lead us to EL final and 5th place last year.

    To do better than him is impossible for all these reasons!

    Arteta needs to devellop as a head coach in a smaller team, make mistakes, learn, not do so at Arsenal.

    Kroenke tried to replace Wenger by Emery, didn’t work, and you all expect Arteta to manage to do so with no experience as a head coach?

    Like replacing Messi by a Rowe and expect him to do better. Show how today’s fans and writers as on this website are far from football!

    Expect Arteta to take it from where Wenger left it is simply impossible because he built & lead this club for over 2 decades.

    Look how much it takes for MU to make Sir Alex transition and how important it was to have him around!

    Don’t you think that Wenger should be in Arsenal board if not head of Arsenal FC? Support and advise, fight for Arteta to get best players as Sir Alex does with Ole?

    They went for Mourinho and other coaches to not sink completly and stabilize Man U! Took and still will take another year to complete transition.

    They are looking into making 2 or 3 more addition where they can strengthen their team; Koulibaly is one target, associated to Maguire can make Man U nearly if not invicibles! Auba added in attack will have them back as EPL and CL contenders! Sir Alex there making sure of it!

    We are a sinking lost ship with Kroenke now in full command since we helped him kick our beloved Prof as nobody, “Wenger out!”.

    What a shame and blow! Even Sir Alex couldn’t believe and sent him lots of support, stating that “without Wenger his carreer as MU coach would not have been as amazing!”

    This article is as amareur and lost as these fans!

  9. Mogunna says:

    Arteta is great but needs Wenger as Oleg has Sir Alex as first support and advising him, develloing him…

    Fir the to happen, Kroenke must be out as these banners should have been for a decade under Wenger forced to manage without any money!

    Where were those signs when Suarez & Kante are both ready to join and Kroenke ruins both in scandalous way?

    Wouldn’t we be Champion severam times with these two pkayes, win CL? Barca and Chelsea surely benefited!

    Get real and hope covid and incomes losts has Kroenke planning to sell which won’t me surprised me at all knowing his greed.

    We can’t possibly expect anything but keep falling until this club is bought by a football and Arsenal lover.

    To judge Arteta wouldn’t be fare nor logic at all, like replace Messi by a sub and expect him to do as well…

    Kroenke is selling every bankable players, pockets that money and sells club afterward! Or he will lose way more he already does.

  10. Mogunna says:

    Can’t have a co pilote to fly a plane as Arsenal, if you do so, he needs s certified pilote next to him. Not experiment and be blame for crashing!

    Even Emery or any coach would go for advice to Wenget if around. From Academy to first team, opponents we face and Kroenke surely has been one for this club and Wenger for a decade!

    Why Wenger said Arteta will need a lot of support from the club, the board.? Because he know what it has been for him to fight Kroenke for the club & fans before all!

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