What team should Mikel Arteta put out against Newcastle United?

Arsenal faces Newcastle at the Emirates on Sunday and Mikel Arteta has some big decisions to make.

Arsenal have had their winter break in Dubai and by all accounts, it has gone very well, he will no doubt have it in his mind what sort of team he will field against Newcastle next Sunday, depending on injuries of course.

According to some reports, Pablo Mari will be available for selection and others, such as Dani Ceballos are back to full fitness.

This is not a predicted line up, that will come later in the week once injury updates have been announced by the club and this is just the team I would like to see Arteta go with and one that I do believe will be very close to the team the Spaniard puts out.

Bernd Leno, nothing else to say on this. Only an injury keeps him out.

I am not convinced that Arteta will start Mari, the defence has actually improved and I am not sure he will make any real changes and do see Saka, Luiz, Mustafi and Bellerin starting. I personally would drop Luiz, I have zero time for him and would prefer to see Mari replace him but I just do not see it happening.

Lucas Torreira and Granit Xhaka should both start, I doubt that Arteta will drop Torreira again. Unfortunately, I suspect that Ozil will start again, I would go with Dani Ceballos instead. I would also start Willock, but again, I cannot see the boss doing that.

I would start Aubameyang and Martinelli, drop Lacazette and keep Pepe on the bench. Chances of Arteta doing that has to be close to zero. I am convinced he will start Alexandre Lacazette alongside Martinelli and Aubameyang.

So, this is the team I would like to see start.


And this is probably the team or very close to it that Arteta will start with


I look forward to comparing these line ups with what Arteta finally goes with.


  1. Best says:

    I think I will go with mari. Once a player is ready, he’s ready. No point keeping him out. It’s even better to play him now than when our defense goes into crisis again and he will use it as an excuse for non performance. In the midfield, I will like to see how pepe cope playing behind the striker. I still think he lacks the pace for the wings but he can cause real problems from the middle to our opponents and give us good free kicks around the opposition’s 18 yard area. Santi cazorla didn’t strive for us on the wings but was incredibly brilliant from the middle. That’s the key areas in our team selection.

    1. Ddog says:

      How can you rationally make that call? You haven’t seen Mari play yet. It’s the idea of Mari rather than Mari himself that your basing your judgement on. It’s hopeful not rational. I would say it’s a big call to throw a player straight in like that especially when you have a defense thats started doing a half reasonable job. probably needs a substitution appearance or FA/Uefa game first.

    2. Bobs says:

      You must be watching another player if you say Pepe lack pace.

      Pepe might not be producing or consistence but lacking pace is not his thing.

      He must even be the fastest winger in our squad.

  2. Kedrick Mulenga Mwape says:

    This is a must win game, its time we started inflicting pain on other teams. I go for a 3:0 bashing in favor of Arsenal.

  3. ThirdManJW says:

    If we want to win, Ozil and Laca HAVE to be dropped!

    No Ozil means we won’t be a man down, and Laca can be replaced by arguably the best striker in the league.

    Time for Arteta to start making some big, but obvious calls.

    1. TH14atl says:

      Disagree on Laca, team balance not helping him or getting the best out of Auba (not a winger), nor pepe for that matter. Can’t lump Laca in with Mesut who should still be banished (beginning of the end for Emery bringing him back in the squad).

      Play the 2 together in a front two, with Laca coming underneath to get it and Auba stretching things – but both freely moving from a central starting position, and watch what happens. (Martinelli sub for one of the two for rotation/freshness/competition).

      Diamond or flat 4 across the midfield:
      LM- Pepe/Saka, not inverted to encourage service into the front two, and for him to provide 3rd run into box on far side.

      RM – Pepe/Nelson

      CMS – Dani & Lucas

      Watch how the attack would take off. I don’t believe Arteta is comfortable educating from this shape (or he would’ve tried it already), but likely has seen it with El Kun and Jesus. Benz and CR7 lifted multiple trophies in a front 2 as cristiano shifted centrally, so he must know it can work.

  4. Grandad says:

    This will be a very interesting selection in that ,for the first time since he took over, Arteta has had the quality time to fully assess and evaluate his squad.I suspect Lacazette and Ozil may be given one last chance to prove themselves against Newcastle , a game which is likely to be played in cold, wet and windy conditions .I do not feel Pepe nor Ceballos will start the game which we really need to win to justify the Dubai experience.

  5. jon fox says:

    I pray that Mari plays this weekend. Why else have him on loan, with a view to a permanent transfer? He can scarcely be even half as bad as any of our regular three CB clowns and all reports seem to indicate he is a far better standard than any of them. I will , obviously, accept MA’s decision but IMO he MUST play.

  6. AUBA_14 says:

    I don’t know why people are still protecting Laca. I think he’s the first to be dropped, before Ozil.
    My lineup:

    1. Bobs says:

      First to be dropped before Ozil?

      Ozil’s job is to provide assist and score sometimes but never did any.

      Laca’s job is to score goals and assist sometimes but he did 1 of those 2 which is assist(and he even defend as well)

      That been said, none of them deserve to leave the squad, cos I see changes in Ozil’s game(he now mark a runner and steals ball off the opponent, so his Laca)

      I think both players needs there last chance again Newcastle and maybe Everton to see if Dubai training works magic on them.
      If after then, both can still not produce anything, then I think the bench calls.

  7. Franko says:

    This my line-up for the Newcastle game is much better and stronger for now. Arteta should make proper changes in midfield to avoid stuggling to win or more draws.






  8. Glorious says:

    Thank God, all of you picking the team that you’re not the coach.

  9. S.J says:


    Martinelli, Ceballos, Saka…

    Xhaka, Torreira…

    Niles, Mari, Mustafi, Bellerin…


  10. gunnerforlife says:

    Laca and Ozil have to be dropped. Play a front 3 of Martinelli-Auba-Pepe, Ceballos-Torreira-Xhaka in the midfield, Belarin-Mustafi-Mari-Kola at the back with the unquestionable Lenno in goal. Up the Gunners!

    1. Sean M says:

      I can dig it

    2. Bobs says:

      Still a good line-up
      I give you that

  11. Allstas abs says:

    Thank God none of you guys is our coach by now we would have been dreaming of playing in championship already

  12. Mogunna says:

    My line up would onky include 1 DM, seems that Kolas recovered and fit… Can’t really tell on Mari, never saw him play…

    Bellerin Mustafi Holding Kolas
    Nelson Saka
    Auba Laca Martineli

    We need all players to work hard and play fast going forward., attacking football is our DNA and should be that. Pepe is too lazy as Ozil… Why play Luiz when we have Holding?

  13. JustJoy says:

    all i need is 3pts

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