What team will Arsenal pick to face Spurs – Youth or experience?

So here we are approaching our first Capital One Cup game of the season, but it seems to have a lot more importance than usual considering that it is against our North London rival Tottenham, and we are on a run of two defeats in a row.

As we are facing two games a week for the next month it is inevitable that Wenger will a lot of chances to the team. I wonder whether Wenger will think back to the first League Cup fixture last year which ended in a 2-1 home defeat to Southampton and ended our interest in the “Mickey Mouse Cup”.

The difference last year was that we were unbeaten in the League at that time, but had lost 2-0 in Dortmund in our first Champions League Group game. This is the team Le Prof put out that day:

Cazorla, The Ox, and Akpom came on as subs when we were chasing the game, but as you can see nearly the whole team was made up of out-of-favour or youth players. At the time, Sanchez and Chambers had just arrived, Bellerin was still a youth player, and Coquelin was a failed defender. This was also Ospina’s debut and was Diaby’s comeback game (how did that work out?). If I remember rightly (I was at the game), it was also Rosicky, Campbell and Podolski’s first start of the season.

So I guess there was little wonder that Arsenal lost, and we were not that bothered at the time, but with Tottenham being our opponents this time surely Wenger will pick a much stronger side.

I expect Giroud to be the centre-forward, and The Ox to start, Ospina certainly. Debuchy and Gibbs will probably be given another chance, and Arteta must surely improve on last weeks showing in Zagreb. Who else can Wenger pick to make sure we have a strong enough team to beat the Spuds?

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      1. His probably injured too…
        The youngsters are learning fast,
        What it takes to be an Arsenal player!
        (must show key attributes in bouncing back,
        on and off the pitch and must have good vocals for rally crys)

        Coquelin knee is swollen,
        so that means he will be keeping Jack company for a while
        And Wenger is too scared to say anything about it just yet,
        He is probably thinking of a good excuse!

  1. casillas
    alves stones hummels rahman
    kondogbia carvalho
    griezzman gotze reus
    OOPS sorry technical problems
    i meant
    debuchy chambers per gibbs
    flamini arteta
    campbell chamberlain iwobi

  2. Spurs never cheated against us the way Chelsea did using Costa as a battering bison, forget a ram.
    Hell, I will be rooting for them, ManUtd, ManCity, Liverpool and even Stoke against Chelsea anytime. Even Fabregas has turned out to be a disrespectful, disgraceful and ungrateful idiot.

    1. totally agree.
      But Fabegas…at least i saw it coming.
      The way he forced out of the club to go to his Little boy (i know its for rvp, but it applies) club…
      and then the way he came to Chelsea when he had said that …what was it? overhisdead body?
      The guy is a good player but in my book he never gave hos whole for the team as fo ex Alexis does. Hell even Girpud i rate higher in terms of his love for us.

  3. Wenger is in panic mode right now!
    He has messed up the team selection from the start of the season and the rotations since the champions league defeat!

    I bet that he is still undecided to which team he will select for this mickey mouse cup competition!
    I guess that he will probably end up putting out his strongest available 11.

    1. así es.
      He gambled too muchand lost his two last bets.
      His póker didnt work in the transfer window nor now.
      If I was him I d be trying something else tan the usual póker game.

  4. What’s the betting Arsenal put out a statement saying Coquelin will be out for 1 month then that will change to 3 months.
    This is what happens when you don’t freshen up the team Wenger you utter fool.

  5. Knowing that wenger is ??? himself right now!
    This is our Probable line up..against the spuds.

    Bellerin, per, kos, Monreal
    Flamini, Ramsey
    Ox, Ozil, Sanchez

  6. I’d like to see Adelaide, Bielik, Campbell at least on the bench if not in starting lineup

    Play Cazorla and Gabriel because they won’t play against Leicester

    Play Ospina, Chambers, Gibbs, Debuchy
    Play Arteta, Giroud, Campbell and Walcott

    Rest Alexis, Ramsey, OX, Monreal, Bellerin

        1. Thanks for that ?
          It’s easy to step back into the past and correct someone on here! ??
          its a shame we can’t do that in the real world ?

  7. 3-4-3 formation.

    kos, per, monreal
    Bellerin, Flamini, Ramsey, Gibbs
    OX, Walcott, Sanchez

    With Kos, per, Monreal all sitting deep in their CB position,
    Bellerin and Gibbs are natural wingers who can defend,
    Flamini has more aggression and Stamina than Arteta and he doesn’t shy away from giving his fellow teammate’s a moral boosting bollocking!
    Ramsey is best in his Box to Box position,
    as long as he sticks to his duties!
    Ox, Walcott and Sanchez all have pace to burn
    And are more than capable of scoring goals for fun.

    I would like to see this team and formation against the spuds,
    But unfortunately I will only see this on a Computer based simulation game! ???

  8. Ox doesn’t look like he wants to run. I would keep him on the bench. At the moment he isn’t even a 60 minute player.

    The problem with this team is that too many players specialize in one ability. They need to add goals to their game.


    * = to get game time
    # = to get in goal scoring form

    Test Bellerin in RW. We can get defensive and offensive power with him. Very good dribbler and an accurate dribbler (more accurate than Walcott, Ox or Welbeck in RW) and take players on. To put it straight he is the best dribbler at the club right now.

    Test Arteta back in AMF for one half. Remember he used to be AMF before Wenger converted him to DMF. Lets see if he has got his shooting ability. Ramsey can support him in attack.

    2nd half get Ox and some young players.

  9. Ospina
    Bielik-Arteta/Flamini (one sub in for the other later in game)

    My two cents.

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