What the Arsenal fans are saying about Kieran Tierney

One of the highlights of the 5-0 win over Nottingham Forest in the Carabao Cup on Tuesday evening was the debut of Kieran Tierney.

The former Celtic left-back had a very positive start to first-team action with Arsenal and is now clearly in the frame for a start against Manchester United on Monday evening.

The 22-year-old brought assurance to the left flank that has been missing for a long time now and the excitement among the fans is palpable.

Arsenal supporters have taken to social media hailing the Scottish international’s performance reflecting on his pace and the fact that he can actually cross a ball.

Some perspective is required, of course, Tierney’s performance was against a Championship side and not a top-six team but that does not take anything away from how well he played and Forest are no muppets, they are one of the top Championship outfits and no one was predicting a 5-0 win. Tierney can only beat who is put in front of him and he did it with style.

The young left-back is going to be a huge presence for Arsenal for years to come and I am looking forward to him doing to the top teams what he did to Forest.


  1. I absolutely resent it when people echo the mainstream media narrative shoved down their throats, that Arsenal is a weak, frail team. The table says differently.

    When our boys do well (Tierney inclusive) it is because it was against ‘weak opposition’. It is a fashionable with some to disrespect and denigrate our team. No matter what we do, even a win, ANY win, must be questioned. We have a point to prove eternally.

    That boy is a top professional player, period. He will prove to be a bargain and I believe we have our left back nailed down for the next decade or so.

    1. Sorry but take your blinkers off.
      The media echoes exactly what most of us think, say and keep seeing in our teams since the invincibles.
      Only a sensitive / victim-mimded person in denial of reality would say otherwise.

      We have been such a weak club since the invincibles. Have not challenged for the Big trophies in over a decade.

      We are known as chokers (8-2, 6,-3, 6-1, 5-1, 10-2 on aggregate)) etc. Dropped out of the Top for the last couple of seasons and still struggling to make it back in.

      Our players keep frustrating us game after game.

      So the media also see the same games, they listen and read our comments as Arsenal fans, ArsenalTV circus show, Arsenal fans forums etc all suggest the same sentiments.
      We have been going at the Kroankes for more than a decade due to their lack of ambition and passion for our club etc.

      We have been a joke club for more than a decade.
      Those are the Facts and reality even if they are tough to swallow.

      Instead of deluding ourselves and playing sensitive victims, let’s put more pressure on our board, manager and players to man up and get us back to challenging for the EPL title and Champions league. And if that happens but the media continues to label us as weak then and only then will say they are biased against us. But for now they are absolutely correct as that is how I feel myself.

      1. @Goonster-That was a perfect reply to a post that implies everything is so Rosy in the garden.It isn’t.We all know this.Some hide away from what’s so obviously in front of them.
        More signings of the quality of Tierney will go a long way to sorting out our problems.Keep buying mediocre players and we end up where we are now.NOWHERE

        1. Have to wonder why they were haggling over Tierney’s price if these are the type of performances he was putting in in the scottish league! Can easily turn out to be as good as Wan Bissaka …if not better! It’s been years since I saw an Arsenal fullback make a proper cross! Even Mr. Reliable, Sagna, could never whip in such beauties. Now Tierney can do it, Chambers too can do it! But it’s AMN who will play on Monday..sigh.

    2. I can’t agree more with you. It is sad when our own supporters supply ammunition to the enemy by denigrating our team. Why do we find pleasure in being negative about our team and our players? This is a very sad state of affairs. When we came from behind to beat an Aston Villa team that had a one man advantage some commentators remarked that it was because the team had just been promoted! When we came from 2-0 to draw with Spurs some people criticised our team for the draw forgetting that the same team had forced a draw against Man City. When shall we ever have confidence in our team? Didn’t we see Spurs lose to a team far lower in ranking than Nottingham Forest? What will convince some people to trust our players? What must they do to be considered a good team? Let us learn to respect our team and discard feeble mindedness.

  2. Kolasinac made a great impression as well in his debut. Hence it’s better to lower our expectation on Tierney first, to see his consistency in big matches and to ease his burden

    Arsenal always have talented young players, whose developments are usually hindered by grave injuries. If Holding and Tierney can stay fit throughout this season, I think we can get at least one trophy

  3. Tierney’s cross is so good efficient, i expect Aubameyang to score more goals from those crosses.
    I just watched the Aston Villa match again and I see why Xhaka is always selected. His passes are so good and he kept releasing our wingers effortlessly. The problem he has isn’t defending, it’s defensive concentration and lack of speed both in mind and in action. I don’t know if this can still be coached as he’s a senior player although still has years ahead for him. Torriera or Luiz should take his place for sometime but I’m sure we’ll miss him. As for Mustafi he’s our best centre back by ability if he can cut out errors and concentrate for 90 minutes. I’m also not in on the Willock hype for now.. He’s got a good build, height and pace but he overruns the ball too often instead of releasing a pass, he doesn’t have a good long pass he rarely attempts them. At the moment if everyone is fit my preferred line up would be:

    Auba Laca Pepe


    Guendouzi Luiz/Torreira

    Tierney Holding Mustafi/luiz Bellerin


    Kolasinac (I love him)
    Leno (I still haven’t forgiven him for Spurs error)

    1. At least you saw what’s good with Xhaka. Last season and the season before, he didn’t look this calamitous because he had a central midfielder battling in front of him to steal the ball (Torreira last season, Ramsey before that) which gave him the liberty to mop up and use his passing .issue is, he’s not a ball winner and doesn’t seem to know how to play without a ball winning CM ahead of him.

    2. you have lots of sense, xhaka is not as bad as people say he is,he has height and pass,his issues is speed and errors.He also cannot mark.The coach setup is to blame.play xhaka with a proper DM and he will play well..I am also not on the willock hype..yet!!!..Saka impresses me a lot, with game time,he will come good

  4. Don’t be flattered by KT performance that night, he still have a long way to go, let him stay fit and see what he has in store. As for Xhaka, there’s nothing good bout the guy, to much of errors, the guy lack football brain, only good at sideways and pinpoint passess, No good team will come knocking for him, except from the Bundesliga, because average players look like world class over there.

  5. To be sincere, I don’t want Tierney and Bellarin to start the manutd game. It’s not they they are Rusty but the fact that we want to win this game doesn’t mean that we forget that they have just come from injury and should be eased back. Chambers
    and Holding can start . Holding has has played more games with the youth team. I really don’t us to risk with these players. I don’t want another ESM incident.

  6. Whether we played a championship side or not has nothing to do with a players individual performance rather the teams performance but come to think of it, except for torriera, Ozil ,mustafi( who is still in rebuild) the other players on the pitch are youth team with no massive first team experiences. So that goes a long way in telling me the performances on display by individuals and the team at large are good performances and how each play either against a league one or championship side.

    Take note that Norwich fc were a championship side until this season and a league two side knocked out the Totts so it doesn’t matter the league the team we played are from. This is football and the result could have gone the other way.

    Kiran is good no doubt about that.

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