What the Kroenkes need to do to regain the trust of Arsenal fans

What KSE needs to do to regain trust among Arsenal fans? by Yash

When a team have one of the worst league campaigns in their history, the coach and the owners are bound to get scrutinized. That’s the case with Arsenal this year.

The Gunners are out of Europe after finishing eighth for the second successive season. Even the most optimistic Arsenal fans would we worried about the trajectory of their club.

First, they got out of Champions League. After being in Europa League for four years, they are out of Europe’s second tier competition too.

Their league standing means they failed to qualify for the brand-new UEFA Conference League too. But their slide down the pecking order in the Premier League can be arrested if shrewd business is done by the club in the upcoming months.

The club’s staff have a lot of work on their hands, who are reportedly looking at one of the biggest squad overhauls the supporters of the North London outfit have ever witnessed.

In a The Athletic poll, Arsenal fans were asked about the most important thing the Kroenkes must do if they continue to remain in charge of the Gunners. Almost 45% of respondents said they want the owners to “Hire Better Staff.” And almost 37% wanted them to spend big.

Seeing almost half of the fanbase wanting better staff at boardroom level was encouraging, because Arsenal indeed have not exactly been shy of spending money in the past few windows.

The problem has been the way the money has been spent. Having better people at boardroom level will only help the club in having a cutting edge in the transfer window.

Leicester City have unearthed hidden gems for a nominal fee and sold them for enormous fees.

But that might not be a clever way to do business this summer. Arsenal don’t have the time to develop young players with huge potential. They must spend big this summer.

The best way would be to follow the ‘Manchester City model’ in the upcoming shop window and then carrying on the project with the ‘Leicester City model.’

That doesn’t mean Arsenal should sign world-class players for exceptional fees. The best players available in the market won’t see the Emirates as an attractive destination this summer.

The club just need to look at those players who are capable of improving the current squad from the get-go next season. That means upgrading on players such as Hector Bellerin, Dani Ceballos, Willian, Rob Holding and many more.

Emi Buendia, Yves Bissouma and even the recently linked Raheem Sterling can all fall under that category.

But they must also strike a balance between giving minutes to the young players as well as the more experienced ones. Arsenal boast a number of talented, young players who have already shown that they are ready for the battle.

Thus, before every signing, Arsenal must weigh the pros and cons involved in acquiring those services.

Yash Bisht


  1. Stephen Sinclair says:

    Although I cannot see the Kroenke’s EVER being accepted as owners (look at Man Utd owners, still hated after all these years), what you say is the common sense route to take. I hope we don’t get shocked by strange signings….we will find out where Edu, Arteta are at. We don’t know whether they are a little crazy or totally crazy.

    1. gotanidea says:

      I hope the fans won’t be underwhelmed if we buy some unknown or very cheap players like Holding

      Liverpool bought Henderson from Sunderland, Robertson from Hull, Wijnaldum from Newcastle and Mane from Soton. Whereas Leicester bought the unknown Vardy, Kante and Mahrez with very low prices

      1. The-Real-Vieira-Lynn-4ever says:

        not a great example, as Holding is a bang average defender, who not only shouldn’t be starting ahead of Saliba or Mavro, he’s likewise a poor passer and header of the ball…although he has a great attitude and puts in a shift, he’s a cover defender at best, which is why we shouldn’t be looking to replicate that purchase as we need to identify proper starters now…the only reasons why some have a tendency to overvalue him is that he’s spent the season playing within a highly defensive structure, which has made him appear more serviceable, and the fact that he was a relatively cheap recruit…not to mention, those who still kneel at the Wenger altar love to prop-up those who are holdovers from his reign…your other examples are far superior players and are more reflective of the kinds of hidden gems we need to unearth…sourcing out more Holdings will never move the needle or allow us to turn the corner

        1. gotanidea says:

          I don’t think Holding is an average CB, because we’re the second best team in England for the results in 2021 alone and he was one of the main factors of that achievement

          1. The-Real-Vieira-Lynn-4ever says:

            firstly, average isn’t the level we’re aspiring to and secondly, those numbers are largely reflective of the horribly negative tactics we deployed for the better part of the season

            for a manager who seems unwilling to change his play out from the back course of action, regardless of the fact that our personnel doesn’t properly align with his plan, you can’t have regular starter, like Holding, who can’t pick a pass, minus the usual sideways drivel

            furthermore, he provides nothing going forward in the way of set pieces, even though he’s certainly tall enough to influence the game in those situations, as he’s an atrocious header of the ball

            please remember I only commented because you attempted to compare the likes of Mane, Vardy, Robertson, Kante and Mardy to this rather underwhelming starter

          2. The-Real-Vieira-Lynn-4ever says:

            have “a” regular

  2. Dan kit says:

    Maybe removing Arteta and replacing him with a proper manager would have gone along way in regaining abit of trust with the majority of Arsenal fans .
    We are seeing a merry Go round of top managers but it looks as though Stan wants to have his own personal puppet and not a manager who will want his own say .
    Personally I think any funds given to him will be throwing money down the drain .
    Had high hopes for him last summer but that as been completely drained from me now ,looks like another wasted season ahead ,cannot wait 🙄

    1. Sean Williams says:

      You are probably right. Mismanagement from the top down. Another wasted season likely.

      1. ThirdManJW says:

        Add that to all those other wasted seasons 2006 onwards I guess.

  3. gotanidea says:

    They just need to sell and buy players quickly, to make the new players better prepared for the new season. This only applies to non-national team players though

    If they want to purchase some high profile or expensive national team players, they’d better see the players’ performances in Euro first. Had we properly assessed Pepe’s performance in AFCON and Torreira’s in World Cup before purchasing them, we might’ve looked for better options

  4. Eddie says:

    I don’t know why people keep yapping about missing out on the conference league though.
    Jesus, I hope we never get to play in that competition ever.
    You think flying to some Europa league clubs on Wednesday is stressful enough? Wait till you see the frigging countries Spurs will have to fly to. Are we gonna act like a season out of Europe isn’t totally good for us?
    Like we won’t get to take the league games more seriously?
    Remember Emery benching players and starting Douzi & Elneny against Crystal palace when we needed an important 3 points to make top four because he chose to rest players for the EL? Remember how it turned out?

    Remember Arteta rotating and switching teams without allowing stability because of EL? How’d that turned out?
    I’m glad we’re sitting Europe out this time.
    Focus on the fvcking league games

    1. jon fox says:

      BRAVO EDDIE, A fellow realist and not some silly know nothing fans who are so in love with the false fantasy of being in Europe comps, that they will wet their pants even over this nothing, newly created comp for minnows.

      So well done Eddie, for being one of the relative few realists on JA.

      1. Eddie says:

        Jon for some reasons even I can’t fathom, I’m looking forward to next season more than ever.
        I should be low in spirits and doubtful, but I’m looking forward to it. We get to focus on our league position and actually growing in the league. I can’t help but feel we’ve been taking the league for granted too much, especially when it gets to the second half of the season and we’re in the Europa knockouts.
        With strengthening this summer, I can help but feel we’ll do better next season regardless of who we add as now the full club knows what we’ll be playing for and there won’t be any extra bailout for them

        1. jon fox says:

          I much agree Eddie. The Prem is always our most important comp. I watched Chelsea beat the Prem champions last night and deserve to. BUT it does not change the fact that City are the worthy Prem champions and by a distance. Chelsea are not the best team in Europe though , City or Bayern probably are!

          I like and value proper perspective in football and so many fans on here are so careless with perspective as to not value its worth at all, IMO.

          I always like your posts as you are so clearly a deeply and clear thinking fan.

        2. Adajim says:

          Even during Wenger time, when we are out of Europe and focus on league alone we perform better, maybe yes, maybe no, we have the opportunity to see us in local competitions alone next season

        3. The-Real-Vieira-Lynn-4ever says:

          Eddie, I so badly want to be on board with your rather positive outlook about the upcoming season, but it just appears to be a bridge too far for me, especially under our current management hierarchy and considering the arduous nature of the task at hand

          in order for us to truly take advantage of our abbreviated schedule much work must be done over the summer, with little margin for error…this task is further complicated by the fact that the Euros always seem to have a problematic impact on the transfer season, not to mention the obvious financial implications of covid, which will likely make it exceedingly difficult for us to make the amount of moves necessary to massively shrink our current roster while likewise bringing in a few crucial recruits

          I would be far more positive if we had stayed the course last summer, albeit it was a shortened off-season, and started the “process” following the FA…this would have allowed us to remove the deadwood earlier, buyouts or otherwise, move players before they entered their final contract year, loan out or sell those players with no functional future at the club, allow our youthful prospects to get valuable minutes instead of bringing Ceballos back or getting Ode in January and be more inventive and expansive with our tactics, so they would better reflect the strengths of our squad

          instead we seemed to waste a whole year, learning functionally nothing, except that we should never rely so heavily on whims of an inexperienced manager…at least if we had used this past season as the information gathering and developmental phase of the “rebuild” we would be better prepared to handle the logistical minefield that is this off-season…fingers-crossed, we get things right, but what we’ve witnessed so far doesn’t fill me with confidence in this regards

          1. jon fox says:

            TRVL, Please remember that the Covid financial effect will work both against us AND in our favour, when buying. The REAL problem is not Covid, nor even MA but Kroenke. That is reality!
            Surely you don’t suppose MA would keep such as Bellerin, Elneny, Xhaka and several others IF we had proper money to replace them with quality and an owner who cared!

            IF we had an owner who cared, we could then attract a world class name to replace MA but not otherwise!

          2. The-Real-Vieira-Lynn-4ever says:

            Jon, I realize that the inherent financial implications of covid will undoubtedly impact both the seller and buyer markets, but I’m still not convinced that our management team will find a way to manipulate that situation to our advantage…many of the rumours, accepting the fact that they’re rumours, still have us searching for “free” transfers, which usually lead to unnecessarily high wages and half-measure acquisitions…not to mention the fact that Arteta’s primarily negative tactics were largely centered around the regular usage of the underwhelming Xhaka, so he was going nowhere even if the funds were readily available

            as you’re well-aware, I’m by no means a Kroenke-apologist, thus the absentee landlord namesake I’ve bestowed upon him, but the more I uncover information, the more I believe that the self-sustaining model, we commonly attribute to Silent Stan, is in fact a financial imperative put forth by the Board, at behest of Wenger himself…even before 2014 Usmanov and Kroenke offered funds for the purposes of pursuing higher-end transfers, but the Board/Wenger rejected their advances…now this doesn’t excuse Kroenke for his relative indifference when it came to all matters Arsenal-related, but it does bring into question why Wenger refused this much-needed influx of cash

            I believe that it was Arsene’s inflated ego and inability to deal with or put up with the “new” superstar players that led to his short-sighted and largely selfish embracement of this fiscal policy…a fact supported by his utter avoidance of the kind of charismatic and vocal leaders that once wore the kit during our halcyon years, thus the revolving door armband and the removal of those who might usurp his increasingly fragile authority…I worryingly see some of the same traits within our current manager, but for differing reasons, as it’s not unusual for an inexperienced manager to clear the decks of any potentially problematic cliques or individuals as he attempts to place his stamp on the squad

          3. jon fox says:

            TRVL, An interesting and unexpected reply from you to my post. I cannot share your , to my mind, odd view of the supposed generosity you attribute to Kroenke.

            I agree about WENGER and I wanted him out for many years prior to him leaving. But I never believed and still don’t that he rejected the offer of serious transfer funds from Kroenke. THEY SIMPLY WERE NOT ON OFFER IMO.

            I agree completely that massive funds were wasted by both Wenger and Gazidis, also by UE and MA on inferior yet expensive players and ludicrous salaries given to many dross players.

            But this dreadful financial mismanagement does not remotely excuse the uninterest and out of touch ownership , which IMO is by far the biggest single reason for our current plight, even counting the many management mistakes from all managers since and including WENGER.


          4. The-Real-Vieira-Lynn-4ever says:

            Jon, like I’ve said on countless occasions, I believe that we will find it incredibly difficult to ever compete for things whilst Kroenke remains at the helm of this steadily sinking ship…that said, I’m not so obtuse as to not take into account any evidence that might arise regarding the particulars surrounding our financial constraints in the post-Dein era, which is why I drew the aforementioned conclusions after reading a few articles pertaining to said matters

            in an article from the winter of 2014 the following information was postulated, “It is common cause that the club pursues a self sustaining business model, aimed at ensuring that the club’s longevity is not dependent on one or some few individuals. This approach ensures that the club is able to survive beyond the interest, financial capacity, or life of the benefactor. While currently Arsenal’s two major shareholders are billionaires, the club management has been refusing donations from those shareholders to enable the club to compete on the transfer market at Chelsea and Man City levels. This underscores how the club management is so embedded in the self-sustaining model”

            of course, this doesn’t lessen my disdain for our absentee landlord whatsoever, as he’s been the ultimate enabler of all bad things that have transpired at this club since Dein’s removal from the room

      2. hans andersson says:

        Man United didn’t win that “minnow comp” either… Oh, how I love to watch that penalty shootout. I got it downloaded, and have already seen it thrice. Lovely to see Bruno, Marcus, Fred etc fighting for that small time cup. The only Man United player I really like is Cavani, but maybe it’s wrong to call him a United player. He was their best in the final.

      3. Highbury Hero says:

        You are not a realist Jon, far from one. With all your life experience it is puzzling to see you lying to yourself on a regular basis. You can deceive yourself but you can’t deceive the world.

        Reality is its own thing it doesn’t need any interpretation. Your opinion is just that, not reality.

        For example you cannot hate Kroenke and love Arteta when they are parts of the whole package. Arteta is sinking our club with the help of uncaring owner, and you are cheering for him! Congratulations Mr true fan.

        And this is not an insult, but you can interpret it so, as you usually do.

        1. jon fox says:

          Excuse the snort of derision at reading this fantasy nonsense from one of the most self deluded self foolers on this site.


          I SAID I WOULD SUPPORT WHILE HE STAYS, AS HE IS OUR MANAGER, TIL WE REPLACE HIM, NOT THAT I WANT HIM TO STAY. Those are different concepts, if only you had the intellect to understand it!


          1. Highbury Hero says:

            Yes keep supporting him and his mediocrity he has brought. If you were a realist (in your dreams you are) you would never ever cheer for Arteta. He has no business managing Arsenal!

            You are Arteta cheerleader that is obvious as the nose on my face. Because you are an avid Arteta supporter, you are indirectly supporting Kroenke. From now onwards you are Kroenke supporter to me!

            If Kroenke was serious about the ambition of this club he should have gone for Zidane already or any proper and real manager, not one in internship we currently have.

            But why should he when we have the Jon Foxes accepting, cheering and worst of all justifying and defending this excuse of a manager?

            And you call yourself a realist? I don’t know if I should laugh or cry. Heck I am doing both at the same time.

          2. jon fox says:

            HH You are now calling me a liar by refusing to accept a single word of my post . I regard you therefore as someone not worth my time or intelligence in debating with any more.You are a rogue fan, in effect!

    2. Andrew Elder says:

      Eddie, I totally agree, I’ve been saying this for the past 2 months. If we were in the ECL the scenario could be – fly to the Faroe Is. on Wednesday, fly back on Friday knackered and play an EPL game on the Sunday. Not to mention all the meaningless qualifying matches in July.

      It made my day when the Spuds finished 7th. they know they drew the short straw!!

      1. Eddie says:

        That final game, soon as I saw Spurs were losing. I wanted us to lose that game. This doesn’t make me less a fan, I just focused on the bigger picture and end term result. Europa Conference League will do us no good.
        Aside from the few number of teams participating from Europe’s big league. You have small, unknown but stubborn teams that’ll make the medium clubs work every 90 minutes.
        Spurs can win it and I won’t care about it

    3. Bluedabadee says:

      Trust the process. This was probably Arteta’s plan all along, lol.

      But on a serious note, too much focus was being paid to different competitions. At the moment, the team does not have the capacity to focus on more than one competition without hampering their progress in another. Being out of Europe is a blessing in disguise.

      1. zert says:

        Lol! No Europe means less money to spend. There’s a reason why a lot of clubs would rather Champions league place than a domestic cup trophy.

        The conference league might be an inconvenience but it gets some bucks into the coffers..coffers already decimated by the Corona virus pandemic.

    4. Break-on-through says:


    5. Michael Connelly says:

      Absolutely spot on best comment I’ve read on here for a while

  5. RW1 says:


  6. Wyoming says:

    Arsenal has a great owner who has been totally honest and reliable these past 12 years.
    Wenger stayed 3 years too long while Emery should have been given more time.
    Arteta so far in the league has failed abysmally seemingly clueless despite his world class squad.
    8th two years running despite massive spending on new players and huge salaries.
    Yet he is still at the helm.
    Ironically his predecessor returned and beat Arteta’s Arsenal in the EL semi.
    Emery then went on to topple Man Utd in the final in an incredible penalty shoot out his 4th EL victory.
    Now Chelsea has won their second Champions League after changing manager.
    And finally Arsensl has been five years in Spurs’ shadow.
    Mr Kroenke has been the only real positive at the club these past 5 years.
    Arsenal need an experienced manager with the ability to get the best out of our talented but underperforming squad.
    Stan who knows little or nothing about soccer could manage the Arsenal squad better than Arteta.

    1. Dan kit says:

      Yet Arteta won the FA cup with Emerys squad
      So hate to think what Emery is if your saying Arteta is clueless

    2. Phil says:

      @Wyoming- you state, and I quote, “Mr Kronke has been the only real positive at the club these past 5 years”.
      Now, bearing in mind we have, in the last 5 years, finished below the Spuds in each and every one of those seasons, seen our guaranteed Champions League qualifications disappear through the Europa League and now NOTHING,
      I am struggling to find any positives at all.
      So could I ask you to list these positives. I like every other supporter will be waiting to see what we have obviously missed.

      1. jon fox says:

        Phil This rogue fan Wyoming has listed lots of good reasons why Kroenke should go.

        But bizarrely, he then draws -and deliberately so IMO – totally the wrong conclusion from his own true reasons by praising, not condemning, Kroenke. Beyond weird !

        He is obviously just an apologist for the Kroenkes and not a true Gooner at all.

        1. Phil says:

          Jon- I seriously worry about his mental condition if he believes what he posted. But he dosent. He writes this rubbish to get a reaction that’s all. He is a very sad little person

    3. Sean Williams says:

      How much is Kroenke paying you or are you so lost that you are supporting him for free? Your delusional words about the Kroenke’s make me feel sick.

    4. Andrew Elder says:

      Wyoming, I think you are arguing against yourself in defending Kroenke’s role. Assuming you are right in all you say about AW, UE and the failings of MA, whose responsibility is it to appoint the right management for the club? That is exactly where the blame lies and the owner, Kroenke must own it.

      1. Malaysian gunner says:

        Man City have epl trophies.They have more debt than Arsenal.Do fans care?
        Arsenal with little outstanding debt.
        They have slipped down the league .Just ten years ago,they were among the top ten clubs im the world.
        If Arsenal are unable to challenge the elite,they will fade away

    5. Bluedabadee says:

      Thank you for brightening my day with your sarcasm.

  7. DaJuhi says:

    Well, Chelsea spent £200 million with Lampard in charge and the rookie manager got them to 8th, even lost to us.

    They fired him and brought in a manager with experience in top Bundesliga and Ligue 1 teams.

    More experienced manager took the same team and won the friggin Champions League. Also got them top 4 and FA final.

    Meanwhile we also have a rookie manager with less experience than aforementioned Lampard. Our manager actually finished the whole season 8th. He also has an expensive squad. He brought in useless players such as Willian and Runarsson. He cast off players who finished their seasons with top, top ratings (Mavropanos, Willock, Saliba).

    Question is, how many seasons can we sacrifice with this manager using Arsenal as his learning curve with his rookie mistakes, knowing he might or might not become a good manager? All meanwhile we sink in the table?

  8. hans andersson says:

    The only thing Old Krank can do to be liked by Arsenal fans is to follow the advice from our all time skipper Patrick Vieira: “Let The Club Go.”

  9. Junior says:

    Indeed experienced managers are good, look at what TT has done would’ve not if was FL. Simple, let MA go. Zidane is free

    1. Davi says:

      I’d actually love to see what Zidane would do to this squad. I don’t think he’d be much different in his approach to man management, compared to Arteta, but probably a bit more forceful – he seems like he doesn’t have time for players who aren’t committed.
      Never going to happen, though. Can’t see why he’d want to come here.

  10. jon fox says:

    There is no way that the Kroenkes can ever gain trust- not REgain though, as they never had any trust in the first place to REgain – with our fans.

    This is simple, factual, to the point and profoundly true. To even consider the fantasy possibility of our fans ever trusting the Kroenkes would be so unintelligent as to make it impossible for normal intelligent fans to even consider. REALITY!
    We need these two snakes to sell up and leave ASAP!

    1. ozziegunner says:

      jon, not snakes; they are lower than a snake’s duodenum.
      However second to selling up, I would be with the 45% who want them to employ better Board members and senior management, Lewis and Garlick hopefully being a start.

    2. Highbury Hero says:

      How can fans have any trust an owner who accepted the hiring of Arteta to rebuild the team? That is a mockery to Arsenal fans and to true realists, not play pretend realists such as one we have here on JA who is cheering for the play pretend manager who is sinking our club. The play pretend manager who defends the owner you so much dislike.

      When you cheer for Arteta you cheer for Kroenke, that is reality. If Kroenke cared he would’ve gone for a proper manager after sacking Emery. Arteta is Kroenkes choice not fans choice.

      Kroenkes accept Arteta’s mediocrity fans do not. You cheer for Arteta you and you lose the right to criticise Kroenke and his ownership.

      1. jon fox says:

        HH you need to read my reply to your earlier post above this one. Though it will not knock any sense into your empty and foolish head , I realise!

        1. Highbury Hero says:

          This empty and foolish head knows you are not a realist. You are wishing you were one but how will you be when you don’t even try?

          1. jon fox says:

            HH no more of my time will be wasted trying to converse, uselessly, with you. Goodbye!

          2. Sue says:

            Until the next time, hey HH?? 😉

          3. Highbury Hero says:

            I was expecting him to argue my point but he has pulled that again. But I am afraid this time is for real Sue.

  11. Ximplicity says:

    I remember MA before the concluded season, saying they already mapped out the transfer window along side Edu. I thought they would be making their move earlier esp when we are so slow when it comes to making deals, with Euro comp coming on soon. I did rooted for him to make Arsenal successful again, MA really raised my hope last season but it was completely dashed. Like most comments, he should be sacked already if we got a competent owner and since we reek of incompetence, we can only hope that MA gets his transfers right and tactics spot on because he has no place to hide any longer; no excuses. Seeing how Chelsea fans were celebrating and my friends calling and telling me they are superior than us and blah, blah, blah (which I believe is true) really got me sad and angry, and I wish our club could bring back smiles on our faces again.. But we can only hope for the better

    1. Bluedabadee says:

      The fans will be back next season.

      No European football.

      It can only become more progressive from here. If the owners and/or the board don’t put competent personnel in place to manage this club, the fans will turn and make life extremely difficult.

      Arteta has shown in a season and a half that he is incapable of managing his players. This means that should he not improve his coaching style, he’ll probably finish 8th again or even lower. Management will be forced to sack him.

      Should that scenario play out, management would then need to employ a more experienced manager, one less likely to identify as a “yes-man”. Failing to do so will most likely mean that the club fails to improve and remains out of Europe, which will lead to more pressure being placed on the leadership structure.

      Either way, not being in Europe next season is a blessing in disguise.

  12. Abdulaziz Albalushi says:

    Leave.. They will definitely regain my trust

  13. RSH says:

    The Kroenke’s need to match the ambition of Chelsea. Which they wont. If we aren’t spending well over 100mill this summer it’s a failure. Get serious or GET OUT Kroenke’s!

    1. Tas says:

      They will spend 100mill this summer they have to but with the funds of selling players and not putting in

      1. Tas says:

        Actually we are quite fortunate that we have a lot of potentially good young players for sale and one or two more seasoned players, if we manage to sell all the players that’s been reported for sale will bring in at least 150 mill

  14. Zoltan says:

    What the Kroenkes need to do is very simple – sell up and leave the Arsenal.

  15. Logic says:

    ….agree with all the ratings.

  16. Reggie says:

    The one thing the kronk could do to regain the trust of the fans is LEAVE.

    1. ozziegunner says:


  17. Joe.S says:

    Nothing more to say. Just seeing that face up a above fills me with a sense that nothing will change while they own the show.

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