What the new Watford manager says about Unai Emery

Watford new manager Quique Sánchez Flores has been talking about the upcoming game against Arsenal and what he thinks of Arsenal coach Unai Emery.

Flores calls Emery a very clever guy who is always looking to take advantage of different situations and that he will be looking to surprise his opposite number.

Speaking to the official Watford website Flores said,

“I know Unai, he is a very clever guy, he is always thinking about how he can take advantage in different situations, he is very good in set-pieces, he is always very hard in the work, very constant. We know each other so of course we will try to surprise each other.”

Flores and Emery have faced off against each other eight times with Flores coming out on top with three wins to Emery’s one, however, he believes that statistics are not important and is expecting a tough game.

“When you are competing against a manager, this is not our goal, because we are competing against teams,” said Sánchez Flores. “If you have better players than the other coach, usually you are going to win more.”

Flores knows the sort of players that Arsenal have and the dangers they will pose for the Hornets tomorrow,

“The characteristics of a player of course define how the teams play, but it’s not just Aubameyang,” he said. “It’s Aubameyang, Lacazette, Pepe, the midfielders, the way they defend and the way we can attack, it’s many things. We try to get a good result to give to the players right now three key points to help us.”

Sensible words from the Watford manager, he is wise enough to show respect and heap praise on his opponents, he knows there is nothing to gain playing the big man and he will certainly be sending out his Watford side with a specific game plan to neuter Arsenal.


  1. Tomorrow will tell. All I want is 3 points and a wide score. Go level with Man City and move on fast.
    Support the boys.

    1. Even if Mustafi and Xhaka play, support. They are playing for the team. When they do well, fans will be happy.

  2. This is EPL where you expect the unexpected… Man city losing to Norwich Now Arsenal must win tomorrow . I just love EPL. Simply the best.

  3. The EPL is an unpredictable league. No one would expect norwich to pull a suprise wind mci.

    I do hope arsenal fc will take advantage of this game and level poonts with mci tomorrow.

  4. It’s going to take a very long time before anyone can match our invincible record. I expect Liverpool to be beaten soon, it’s just a matter of when, but definitely before the season end.

    1. I hope you’re right, Luckyville! As from where I’m standing, they don’t look like losing anytime soon.. lady luck is well and truly on their side

      1. Sue, u sound like you don’t know how hard EPL is. I expect Man City to beat Liverpool at the Etihad. If they don’t, an unexpected team will definitely do. Am sure you also thought Man City can’t be beaten either, but see what happened today.

        1. Being a gooner, i know exactly how hard the league is! I did say the other day that City would struggle after losing Sane & Laporte for such a long time.. and yes, they all had a well under par performance today.
          Liverpool only have Alisson out right now.. are unstoppable at home and always seem to grind out results..i will be praying they lose at the Etihad… and tbf they have to come to the Emirates too… we seem to play better against them at home… so we shall see…

  5. Have you imagine what will happen should either of Van Dirjk, Salah Mane or Firmino get injured? I expect them to get exhausted, it’s been a long time coming, they are humans afterall.

    1. I said this today, the squad isn’t that strong, only really Origi as back up (now injured). If the front three get injured at the same time I reckon they would free fall.

  6. i think Emery should revert to the Chambers-Socratis fulback. Neither Luiz nor Socratis are willing to sucumb to the other. The former pair looks telepathic

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