What the Spanish media had to say about Dani Ceballos brilliant performance

Dani Ceballos home debut for Arsenal on Saturday has been universally acclaimed in the British media but what about the Spanish media? What did they think of the midfielder’s performance against Burnley?

The young Spaniard was the stand out performer for Arsenal in an electric home debut and it has not gone unnoticed in his home country.

AS reported that the 22-year-old’s sizzled on his magnificent full Arsenal debut and proclaimed that as far as full Premier League debuts go, Dani Ceballos’ first start for Arsenal will take some beating.

MundoSportivo splashed an image of the Spanish international across their report while their match report concentrated on the contribution of Ceballos without going over the top, though his assists were called luxury according to Google translate

Sport.es called the performance by Ceballos great and despite having to use Google translate it was clear to me that they were impressed with the young man.

Marca basically stated the facts of the game running the headline “Dani Ceballos named Man of the Match in Emirates Stadium debut” without really elaborating.

The plaudits in Spain are obviously not as lavish as in England but he did catch the headlines and his first home game in an Arsenal shirt was definitely acknowledged in a very positive manner.


  1. Real is thin in the middle. If Dani does not force, he will go back. And he has said always he wants to play for Real, thats why he wanted a loan. Enjoy him while he is with us

    1. There must be other young midfielders who are as talented as Ceballos

      That Aouar guy stood out last season and he did it again at the beginning of this season

    2. Hopefully zidane remains at the helm (he doesn’t really rate him) and Real Madrid will Use money from cellabos sale to buy Paul pogba and ruin man united! Thank you don Raul ???

      1. How will Man U get ruined when they will be receiving £100M+ for Pogba? They will reinvest that money and maybe emerge even better like Liverpool did after selling Coutinho and Suarez for big money. The only way Man U could be ruined is if they lost Pobga on a free like we do with most of our top players.

          1. If Zidane remains, they will definitely try to buy his compatriot Pogba who is more of Real-type star player than Ceballos.

            And don’t forget, while Ceballos was currently 4th choice for the 2 CM spots, even if Modric leaves next year, Kroos and Isco will still be ahead of him in Zidane’s eyes.

            I see us signing Dani permanently if Zidane stays. But let’s wait at least half a season to see if Ceballos’s performances can be somewhat consistent. Still early days.

  2. Luiz is great signing.
    Donald Duck would be better than Mustafi but luiz is a class player,great work by Arsenal to get him.

    1. Can we use marketing language for a while please. Who do you think can buy a rotten mango when you want to sell by advertising that please customers come and by this rotten mango. May be we can EPL environment is not good for Mustafi may be we encourage him to try else where it can sound well.

  3. I fear that he will go back next year.

    We need to take advantage of him this season and finish in the Top 4. So that we can sign as good of a replacement and more top players.

  4. This is your mission should you choose accept to accept it.

    Infiltrate the Spanish Media and leak that Ceballos is completely useless, has 2 left feet, plays like he has never seen a football before and should be sold by Madrid immediately !

    This post will self-destruct in 1 minute.

    P.S. SIGN DANI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. If we do great things this season and with the possible great show of love from fans to Ceballos plus assurance of regular starts I think he will want to stay beyond the summer.

  6. The English media has perhaps gone overboard in praising this Spanish talent. IMO its just too early to raise all thi noise. Lets see how he handles himself against the big boys in the big games. Lets talk after Pool and Spuds

  7. We all know how infamous the Spanish medias are about football they all got it,Real,Barca, Ronaldo,Messi and so many in the past so I would take it as a compliment,if only he could keep it up and the club and the fans could make him change his mind by supporting him and showing love and how important he is to us, surely he would rather be a big fish at arsenal than a small one at Madrid where he wouldn’t be a starter, barely playing, not a difficult chance but first we need to get Bach in the CL first!!

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