“What tickled me was the way he spoke about the Arsenal players” Ferdinand on Maupay comments

Neal Maupay became Arsenal’s nemesis yesterday after the Frenchman injured Bernd Leno and scoring the winning goal as the Gunners were beaten 2-1 by Brighton.

Leno pointed to Maupay clearly blaming him for his injury while he was being stretched off and it did not stop there. Matteo Guendouzi got in a scrap with the Brighton striker after the Arsenal youngster grabbed him by the neck at the end of the match.

Maupay apparently tried to apologize to the Arsenal goalkeeper at half time and tried to assure the Gunners that he didn’t mean to injure the German stopper.

However, after the game, he claimed that Arsenal’s players needed to show some humility (BT Sports) and former England defender Rio Ferdinand seemed to enjoy his post-match comments.

The former Red Devil claimed that the striker was being honest and that it was refreshing to hear that much honesty from a player and backed him for looking for a “little advantage”.

‘I think it was an open and honest comment from him there,’ Ferdinand told BT Sport as quoted by the Metro

‘I think he didn’t sound like or look like he was intentionally trying to hurt the goalkeeper at all. 

‘He was looking for a little advantage, as you do throughout the 90 minutes always no matter where you are on the park.

‘What tickled me was the way he spoke about the Arsenal players, being a bit smug. 

‘Talking when they were up and then obviously when they [Brighton] pulled it back and won, he asking for a bit of humility. 

‘And that’s a big, nice, refreshing difference to what you normally see. You normally see like a really plain, played-down kind of response in these interviews after a game. That’s just a refreshing difference.’

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  1. Thereby lies the problem. Smug after being a goal up. Be smug when you are 4-0 up but not before. What a dreadful mentality our team has. They should be fighting from the first whistle to the end. Finish off a team first.

  2. Maupay did not intend to injure Leno who got hurt when falling, not hit. Of course it was terrible but if he did not fall on his foot, he would not be injured..

    Now, indeed, he was ridiculous faking to be hurt by Gendouzi…

    1. Yeah 😂
      That was a blatant fake from Maupay and now there are rumors that we’re trying to offload Guendouzi. Believe me, he’s not leaving the Emirates on MY watch!!🇫🇷🇲🇦👀👀👀👀👀👀

  3. you knew a Maupay goal was coming the second Leno got injured. It’s not like the rest of the Arsenal squad cares enough to at least stop the guy who injured our best players from humiliating us. Arsenal is the type of club where the players will run dirt in your wound. You can’t write this scrpit.

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