What to expect from Premier League meeting today

Many fans across the globe have had their football taken away from them recently in light of COVID-19, and while UEFA instructed leagues to aim to have the domestic fixtures completed by June 30, that did not give us a return date for action.

The June 30 date makes sense when you think about the fact that player contracts usually end on July 1, which would mean that no clubs or players had to consider any temporary or added measures to end the season with their current quota.

The Premier League panel are now set to sit down today to talk about a plan moving forwards, and the likelihood is that the league will return to action behind closed doors, although April 4 may still come too soon if the country isn’t put into lockdown like a number of others have been.

Should the lockdown be in place from Monday for 15 days, that would mean that the league may have to ask the powers that be if they would be allowed to play during lockdown. In Spain for instance, you are allowed to go to work, should your job be needed or a service to the people, and one could argue that entertainment is necessary at such a time.

Liverpool will be the most eager to return to action, as they close on their first ever Premier League title, while our club will also be keen to get back to it sooner rather than later after an upturn in fortunes, including the most recent win over West Ham.

The Gunners won their last three Premier League matches, a feat they have failed to do in the rest of the campaign, and will be keen to continue that ASAP.

Am I alone in thinking there is hope for the Premier League to return on April 4?



  1. Most likely they will put forward some kind of plan and schedule. Whether it can actually be fulfilled is an entirely different matter.
    There are two large interests:
    1) To conclude the season in as fair a manner as possible

    2) The commercial interest

    Now, I would suggest, their biggest challenge actually lies in no. 2.
    If the season can’t be completed, there will be huge losses on TV contracts etc. And those losses might not be limited to payments for this season, because many TV stations round the world may use the situation to force a renegotiation of the price in the coming seasons.
    So I would expect them to outline a plan for a conclusion of the season, and an expectancy to return to normal from August/September.
    But, as mentioned, whether that can actually happen, is very doubtful.

  2. Yes, you are alone Patrick! The whole country is on the verge of a lockdown, for how long I have no idea!! No chance will the football return next month!

  3. No Patrick, you are not QUITE alone. There will always be a few others, beside yourself, who are divorced from the reality of life. If I were given odds of 100 to 1 against the Prem restarting on April 4TH , I WOULD NOT WASTE A PENNY BACKING SUCH AN IMPOSSIBILITY. But then again, I choose to live on Planet Reality!

  4. The only way that we would see a restart of football, could be summed up in one word – Greed.

    Klopp has himself said fooball is secondry in this pandemic we find ourselves in (well said sir), so let’s just listen to the experts in both fields.

    The likes of Sue and others, such as checkout staff at supermarkets, are expected to carry on regardless -time for sport to take a back seat and take them into consideration.

    We can still enjoy ourselves on “jusrarsenal” discussing and baiting each other eh Jon?
    What odds was it you were prepared to give me regarding “that” new contract?

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