What will Arsenal do with Lacazette? Supersub and Europa League?

It seems clear that Arsenal’s determination in signing Aubameyang from Borussia Dortmund means that Arsene Wenger is not at all happy with the goalscoring contribution we have received from our (then) record signing Alexandre Lacazette, who has hardly completed a full 90 minutes for Arsenal all season. And when he has been replaced by Olivier Giroud he hasn’t looked very happy about it, with Wenger saying that he needs more time to adjust to the pace of the Premier League…

So what can we do with our 52million superstriker? He did score loads of goals in his first couple of months and has scored so far, which isn’t bad for someone who only plays 2/3 of every Premier League game. Thierry Henry thinks that the only way he can fit in is if he reverts to a 4-4-2 system alongside PEA, although he doesn’t think that is very likely. “In my day we played a rigid, flat 4-4-2 and that was it,” Henry said.

“I don’t think Arsene will go back to that but why not?

“Sometimes when Giroud came on as a sub, Lacazette moved out to play on the right or left.

“I don’t think he’ll do it at the beginning of a game but why not going back to two up front?

“The only thing I’m thinking is we always talk about supporting cast and it’s better to have two strikers and three and four guys that can help, but where does Lacazette fit into that?

“He was like the next best thing and came with a big transfer fee like Aubameyang too, so hopefully they can play at times together up front.”

So what do you think the outcome will be? Maybe he will replace Giroud in the Europa League games, and come on for the last 20 minutes of our Premier League games when we are trying to scrape our way back into the game? Or is Wenger seriously thinking of playing with two strikers?

I’m wondering how Lacazette is feeling after seeing Arsenal pursue Aubameyang for the whole of January….



  1. rotation is the key…

    isnt what fans always wanted?

    rotation to provide competition?

    now some are complaining

    1. Who is complaining? You are so defensive. Typical AKB. No one’s complaining, but if you spend 110Million on two strikers within 4 months people are going to ask questions about your intentions.
      Are you going to play them together? Are they going to rotate? Is one going to the wings? Are they going to split winger/striker duties?
      Since you must know what Arsene is thinking share it with us.

      1. The intention is to use both… we just sent a couple of forwards away, and another wanted a big pay packed.

    1. Agreed sue.Lacazette has not had the service he needs to be effective.Too much sideways and backwards passing.Monotanously slow build up play.Never and drive and commitment toget round the back.Very few crosses into the box.A striker needs the service and he has been let down by the outdated system we play.
      This is a very very good footballer we have and it is up to the manager and coaching staff to play to his strengths.His work rate is good and he makes the runs when he is able but the balls must be played into him and this has rarely happened.
      Sanchez demanded any type of service.The ball had to be played into him.This is not a criticism of Sanchez but the standing he had earned within the game and more specifically the team illustrated everything that proved he was proving himself to be a problem rather than a solution for our attacking intent.Now he is gone the pressure and responsibility will now pass to Auba and Laca to share between them.we simply MUST play them as our two strikers in tandem in a 442 system.Good players CAN play together-Henry/Bergkamp prove this.
      We should be exited at the prospect of these two playing together and not demoting a player to the second string because of Auba arriving.Over to YOU Wenger(hopefully till the end of this season only)

      1. Agreed.

        Lacazette has better skills than Auba, but his physique is within average unlike the pacey Gabonese.

        So if the 2 play, I’m sure it’ll be Auba through the middle, and Laca either behind him or on the flank (kind of like the Sterling’s role at City)

  2. PEA will play on right flank with flexibility, he has a great left foot so can come inside, and he is super fast

    Laz will stay as our 1 striker

    Should be a dream for Ozil to work with

  3. What to do with two strikers?
    Celebrate? 🙂
    The team plays 50+
    games a season so rotation is essential.
    One or both could get injured.
    Perez sell in Summer.
    Wellbroke 3rd striker/winger/sell?

  4. Agree with comments above re Lacazette; he has performed very well for his first season and the minutes Wenger has elected to play him. I would rather keep Perez rather than Welbeck, if he is prepared to return from Spain, as Welbeck can’t hit the proverbial barn door.
    Looking forward to Aubameyang and Lacazette running off the passes of Ozil and Miki.
    More importantly Wenger has to allow Steve Bould to earn his money and coach Arsenal’s defense!

  5. I am completely taken aback by this debate. All along most of us were yearning for good strikers and now that we have them it has become an issue for debate! What kind of perverted logic is this? Any system can accommodate these two great strikers. One can play central and another one on the wing or both can play in 442. Where is the big problem there? I tend to suspect that the people who are propagating this kind of argument are not genuine Arsenal critics. The main reason Giroud had been relegated to the bench was because of his slow pace as he wouldn’t cope well in a counter attacking game. Now we have players who can move with pace. What’s wrong with that? Don’t we all remember in 2015 when we tore Man U apart with Ozil, Sanchez and Walcott in the opening 20 minutes of the game because of good pace and passes? Even the defensive problems which people keep hinting about come because of poor threat upfront. If we were keeping teams under sustained pressure they wouldn’t be attacking us at will.

      1. Right on!

        (There is a veritable industry of anti-Arsenal comments.)

        There is a chance to make the top four still with something like a 3-5-2 with Laca playing a bit behind Auba. Ozil and Mkhi interchanging, and Welbeck tracking back to use his speed to harass counter-attacks against Arsenal.


  6. It’s just more fake news from the AKBs … If barca can do alright with 3 strikers we should be able to manage with 2 … Though Watching them play Valencia last night also tells me about wenger’s failure to get best out of players … Gabriel and coquellin both looked good

  7. Lacaz and PEA will thrive off each other and thrive off the service from Miki and Ozil – far as i see it we’re in a really good place following the latest transfer window – #COYG

  8. For a club with our budget, we can not afford to spend in excess on 100 million on two players and not start them both. Why spend 52 million on a player to turn him into a super sub??? That would be foolish. We should have used that 52 on a DM or any other starter if that was the case.

    1. You all know nothing….if you follow Arsenal closely, the purchase of Aubameyang isnt Wengers work, Wenger also would never sell his son aka Giroud.., Walcott etc.

      Wenger is loosing a large chunk of control of things at the club,the New back room saff from Barcelona and Dortmund are the ones pulling all the strings..I can bet their looking at Wenger like” keep playing rubbsh formations,we will soon swap you”

      I won’t get to excited with Aubameyang…As Wengers work for now is to kill players creativity, starting from arshavin, who was good shooter but was made redundant by Wenger.. unless Wenger changes where the new Everton

  9. My best 11 ATM “4-1-3-2” or “4-4-2”


  10. Not sure why everyone feels we have to sacrifice Lacazette to fit Aubameyang into the team. From what I have seen with Lacazette he is good in tight spaces, has a decent first touch and the passing/creative part of his game is not too bad so could be the ideal foil for someone like Auba.

    I also think that with the two of them have excellent movement and the ability to find pockets of space in behind and we all know that we have the creative players to find them in Jack, Mkhi and Mesut. This will be a nightmare for opposing defenders and should hopefully help us unlock teams when they are sitting 10 men behind the ball. Nonsense that all of these lazy commentators and fans are already writing the two of them off saying they can not play together – as far as I am aware this is the first time they’ll be combining in their careers so what the hell are they all basing this on!!?? haha

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