What will happen to Smith-Rowe if Arsenal sign another attacking midfielder?

Emile Smith Rowe’s Arsenal future is at risk; he was expected to be battling for his Arsenal career in the last few weeks with Martin Odegaard out, but that hasn’t been the case as he has also been out due to another injury for the last few weeks.

The hope is that he will return soon enough to show why he is still valuable to Arsenal.

Anyway, while he will be keen to force his way into Arteta’s starting lineup, the Mirror is reporting on a transfer move that might seal his fate at the Emirates. Apparently, Arsenal is interested in Borussia Dortmund’s attacking midfielder Julian Brandt.

Smith Rowe ought to be disappointed if Brandt joins. The German will be yet another stumbling block in his quest to make Arteta’s starting lineup.

Having said that, Brandt and Smith Rowe have similar roles. They are all versatile in that they can play on the wings as well as as attacking midfielders.

If a team recruits a player and he arrives and fills the job that another player was filling, the team may simply need to move on from the guy who was replaced. Brandt’s signing by Arsenal may be a good thing; he could not only be a reliable attacking option but also an additional move to get the best out of Kai Havertz.

It will be intriguing to see whether the deal happens, but Arsenal will reportedly need to outbid Newcastle for his services.

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  1. The question is, what will happen to Havertz, not ESR when an additional attacker is added? Smith-Rowe, currently and in history has more to offer than Havertz. We can’t keep masking the obvious truth in the hope a miracle happens.

    1. We can’t but Mikel can. Also, Havertz is consistently fit, ESR is not. So by default Havertz actually adds more to the team surprisingly.

  2. We’ve seen Havertz at his best, so let’s shift our focus. While I’m hopeful for ESR’s success at Arsenal, it could be advantageous for him to go on loan to a less demanding league. This would provide him with crucial playing time to regain full fitness. Using ESR as an impact player might be too physically demanding and could potentially aggravate previous injuries.

    1. Mikel was already ridiculously careful with him since he came back last season and he still picks up constant injuries. if there’s a good opportunity to sell Arsenal should take it.

  3. ESR’s future with us ended this season, and rightly so. If anyone is stupid enough to pay a good fee for him either in January or the summer, I would snap their hand’s off.

    We keep hearing about his potential, he’s one of our own, but what does that matter if he’s never available?

  4. Esr needs moving on anyway.
    He’s always injured and he isn’t good enough.
    If we can get decent money or a swap deal with him then go for it.

    My guess is it will be a struggle getting someone to take him because of his injury record.

  5. As fans we should be careful to be definite about the players quality, manners and other attributes. There is more than we know or can know about quality of players we constantly discuss. I sometimes see people going out of their ways to abuse Arteta or Edu. Easy dies it. ESR is a good lad but we are not professional enough to know. Look how Saka, Odegaard, Martinelli and the likes are dealt with immediately while some others take longer to deal with. I am avoiding some words that may offend.
    Another issue that annoy me is pretending to know as much as pros that Arteta and Edu are. There is a lot of you fans who think having a season ticket has upgraded you forgetting that you are the same old fan. Be polite and drop that demanding tone.

  6. Sadly, ESR’s days are up. Not sure what the obsession is. Plenty of people gave stick to Wilshere for his fitness issues and he certainly contributed more to Arsenal than ESR, to date. Arsenal needs a midfielder worthy of the ‘10’ jersey. Personally, I don’t want to hear about ESR anymore until he’s back playing and/or moving on. Tired of it.

  7. Arteta likes ESR, but very soon smith will be up for sale. Arsenal FC is no longer financially stressed to stick to players who are not offering anything. Injuries are a major concern for the young man. We’re now a title chasing club, pushing from all fronts, we’re in daer need of man power and fire power to proppell us to the top of every competition.

    If Smith Role can’t play then he can’t stay.

  8. Its now quite alomg time since ESR looked a really hot prospect and was scoring many goals His career has waned a lot since then. . Injuries and lackof being picked- presumably MA knows more than we on here do about the real reason he decide not to pick him exceprt as a late late sub.
    What matters though, is NOT whethr many of us want him to stay but WILL HE STAY OR WILL HE MOVE ON.

    I NOW believe , even though it saddens me, that he will be gone by next season.

    A player who hardly ever plays , who is injury prone and whose transfer value is surely falling ,is unlikely to be kept. REALITY!

  9. Sadly I have to agree with those who would rather sell ESR than watch him fade away. Given his injury record, it’s in his interest to go to a club that will start him when he’s fit. With us, he will probably end up on the bench when he returns from injury. Being below Havertz in the pecking order and he will probably be limited to cameos before picking up another injury

  10. ESR has the talent and the potential to make it big at Arsenal but his injuries keep coming in the way. I still think Arteta should give him the time and space and he will turn out to be a very valuable player for us. He is versatile in that he can play as an attacking midfielder or out wide. Even if we sign Brandt, in my opinion, we should keep ESR, after all, he is one of our very own, from the Academy. Also, he is definitely better than Havertz as an attacking midfielder.

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