What will our new ‘modern keeper’ Runarsson bring to the table?

What will Runar Runarsson bring to the Gunn(a)rs? (See what I did there) 😉

Actions will hopefully speak louder than words!

Our newest signing of the season is 25-year-old Icelandic goalkeeper Alex Runarsson (Runar Alex Runarsson) for those of you that wish to use his full name.

Coming in at £1m he is a bargain for a goalkeeper, although I have to admit I had never heard of him until the links were connecting him to us.

As I have never seen him in action it is hard to see how someone I have not heard of or seen play, before, will overtake Leno as being number one, seeing as Emi Martinez gave it a good enough go and was much better than Leno at times and still couldn’t overtake him as number one.

But speaking to the Arsenal website upon joining the club he has supported since his childhood Alex gave us a glimpse of what sort of player he is: “I would say I’m a modern goalkeeper. It is one of my best attributes that I’m comfortable with my feet, I can play with my right and left foot, I am not afraid to play as a sweeper, and I am good one against one.

“For goalkeepers, because we play a position where if we make a mistake, most of the time it will lead to [a goal] so you need to have a strong mindset. You need to have a mindset where you demand the best so you don’t make those mistakes too often. That’s why you need to work hard, you need to train hard to be able to perform in the matches.”

If his actions are as good as his words then it will only be a matter of time before we see him and Leno competing to the standard where he even breaks into the first team and overtakes Leno as number one! Gooners?


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  1. Have not seen a video of him aside 4rm saves, but there’re certain aspects I hope he has otherwise he’ll be another laboured buy….

    1. Sharpness; the ability to initiate quick counter-attacks with quick throws and balls over the top – something lacking in our current keepers

    2. Passing and playing out from the back; the goalkeeper IS NOT supposed to play a pass to the nearest defender all the time.

    3. Timing of crosses (especially corner kicks); I hope he has this b’se this is also significantly lacking currently.

    4. Recovery speed; ability to get into position again after facing say a shot.

  2. Exactly Herbs,

    Our No 1 fails in the 1-3 above.
    He may be a good shot stoper, but most goals are not hummered into goal in modern game.
    Can the couching staff work With Leno on his weakness?

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