What will the Arsenal defence look like against Brighton on Thursday?

There has to be a change in the Arsenal defence against Brighton.

There was a slight improvement from Arsenal when they drew 2-2 with Norwich City on Sunday. But the Arsenal defence remains the weak link.

Freddie did himself no favours pairing David Luiz and Shkodran Mustafi in the centre. He also let himself down playing Chambers out of position on the right.

Also, playing Sead Kolasinac instead of Kieran Tierney was baffling. The Scottish international could not have been injured otherwise why was he on the bench?

The brutal truth was that the defence was shambolic and so surely you would expect changes against Brighton. Well, I do but not wholesale.

I suspect that if Hector Bellerin is passed fit he will be selected to play on the right. Otherwise, we may see an out of position Calum Chambers there yet again.

I reckon that Freddie will stick with David Luiz in the middle. Why? I simply do not have an answer for that. The question is, who will partner Luiz in the centre? Sadly I see him plumping for Sokratis.

I feel that he will stick with Kolasinac on the left, again, I have no idea why he would but that is the feeling I have.

So the backline I think Freddie will go with is Kolasinac, Luiz, Sokratis and Bellerin. How depressing is that?

That is not even close to what I would like to see. Personally, I would like to see a back four of Tierney, Holding, Chambers and Bellerin but I accept that is very unlikely.

We just have to trust in Freddie and hope that he knows what he is doing.


  1. I also would like to see Bellerin Chambers Holding and Tierney in the back four, they surely can’t do any worse than the other clowns that have been playing there.

      1. I also agree with that back four and hope that mertesaker might have some influence on the defensive selection and playing style.

        Otherwise, what’s the point of him being there?

        1. I see no difference among mustafi,Socratics and Luiz, we have all watched them playing. Our youth defensive players Bellerin, holding and Tieney are also struggling. Our defensive problem can only be corrected by the general team playing style n tactics. Meanwhile, Our midfield is also part of the defence problem, the manager needs to look into the entire team structure and look for the suitable system.

          1. @Ade you are very correct.
            None is really good among our defenders at the moment. I have seen what all of them can offer. No one is quick enough as a modern day defender
            It’s now up to the tactics the coach adapts to make them a bit effective. Our lack of physical and technically good defensive midfielders would make the job of any Arsenal coach defficult. Midfielders are meant to make the job of defenders easier.

    1. I think we all want the same back 4, but Freddie is there and has been all season. If he cannot see it working then there must be good reason. Injuries? Inexperience? Whatever it is I simply don’t know. Also Mavropanos and how about considering Swanson for a debut or Harry Clarke. Chambers whilst having played right back for us more times than any other position, like AMN is clearly uncomfortable at RB, sad fact is there is no ready made right back and Bellerin like Holding and Tierney is obviously still struggling with injury. It’s a shame Ballard is injured, I like him.

      Personally I would sign 4 new defenders and a proper DM in January if we can find the quality. If that means selling luiz, sokratis, mustafi kolasinac, xhaka and ozil then let’s do it. If we needed more money send ceballos back and even consider selling chambers and torreira.

      1. Sorry cant agree selling Chambers hes our best defensive player the rest I agree no 1 OZIL get him gone once was Good but now useless overpaid crap Just see what he does mentioned two times on tv in the norwich game We need a strong guy in chrge who can command authority and drop players or fine them for bad play , getting booked or non performance stop the rot and lets get back to winning , But first cut the DROSS

  2. Bellerin chambers luiz Tierney . Although I’d still like to see chambers and Sokratis play again. That new castle game was probably the best defensive performance we have had 😂

    I think we will beat Brighton , I think another week for Freddy would’ve allowed him to really start to get his playing style and tactics across and hopefully this means a stronger line up than the Norich game.

  3. I know I’ve said it multiple times since the weekend, but I truly believe that either Freddie is simply a puppet or he’s been given the impression that he actually is in the running so he doesn’t want to ruffle too many feathers…this is why you don’t have interim managers, let alone one’s with little to any experience, especially this early in the season…that lineup Sunday looked like the lineup of someone trying to avoid relegation, not someone searching for new answers to old problems…talk about beating a dead horse

  4. Defensively, Chambers is better than Bellerin. Even AMN is better defensively than Bellerin. Bellerin is good going forward because of his pace, but that’s not an attribute we require right now.

    I don’t think we can do better defensively than starting Chambers as RB.

  5. while i also want a bellerin, chambers, holding, tierney back four i think they will be too inexperienced and also injury prone. since holding has not yet found his form i think replacing with one of sokratis, luiz and mustafi depending on their compatibility. chambers-sokratis partnership did good vs newcastle maybe they deserve another chance.

  6. At the back, I would prefer Belarin-Louis-Chambers-Tierney. Holding is still recovering and can be on the bench. Whatever said, Louis’s experience is important. Also, I believe defence starts from the front, so everyone should be involved in defending and tracking back. The presence of Torreira as DM is essential.

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