What will the Arsenal defence look like against Southampton?

Will Unai Emery stick with his normal defensive line up against Southampton on Saturday?

The international break is now over and we can start looking forward to Arsenal’s upcoming game against Southampton.

As usual, it is almost impossible to second guess Unai Emery and what team he will put out. You can ignore logic and common sense, the Spaniard always drops a surprise in the lineup that is bewildering.

One cannot even predict what formation he will go with. However, that does mean that we cannot have a go at predicting what team Emery will send out.

I am going to focus on the defence in this article and I am of the opinion he will go with a back four. The reason is simple, Arsenal is at home and there really is no need to go all defensive with three at the back complemented with two wing-backs.

I would love him to drop both David Luiz and Sokratis and instead play two out of Rob Holding, Calum Chambers and Shkodran Mustafi, but that is not going to happen. I am fairly convinced that Luiz and Sokratis will be the central defensive pairing.

If he is match fit I would like him to start with Kieran Tierney but my fear is that Sead Kolasinac will be given the nod.

I would be stunned if Hector Bellerin is not started on the right.

So, the back four I predict Emery will go with will be Kolasinac, Luiz, Sokratis and Bellerin. I would like to see Tierney, Holding, Chambers, Bellerin but we don’t always get what we want, do we?

Let me know what defence you think he will go with, not what you want but what players you think Emery will actually select.


  1. towny254 says:

    Holding doe’s nothing but pass the ball most of the time to the goalkeeper Luiz brings the ball out and is on whole a good passer so my back 4 would be Bellerin, Chambers, Luiz, Tierney

  2. gotanidea says:

    I believe Sokratis is not trusted anymore, so my prediction:

    …………… Leno
    Bellerin . Holding . Luiz . Tierney
    …….. Guendouzi ….. Willock
    Pepe ………. Ceballos …… Martinelli
    …………… Aubameyang

  3. The back 4 should be: Belarin-Louis-Holding-KT. And I prefer Laca, Torreira and Ozil also start. Southampton should not be taken lightly because they are wounded after their recent results. We should attack them but be careful and be ready for their counters.

  4. Declan says:

    “What will the Arsenal defence look like against Southampton?” Very likely inept chumps.
    Seriously though, I hope he plays both Bellerin and Tierney from the start and as full backs in a back four rather than wing backs in a five.
    I’d like to see Chambers at DM and Ozil in central midfield. Hopefully Ceballos won’t start, far too slow and almost no creativity.

  5. Uzi Ozil says:

    My prediction : I don’t know, Emery knows better. I can’t predict his defense and line up at all…

  6. mas says:

    so now after many months of talking about holding been our best cb, some even thinking that he is our vandijk, you knew he is not and for those thinking that poch could be our new coach , i guess you should remember what he said b⁴ about never coaching arsenal or barca just bcos he coached espanyol and the 7pur2

  7. Sue says:

    Hopefully not shaking their heads and waving their arms in the air as they’ve just conceded a penalty!!!

    I’d love to see Bellerin and Tierney start… it’ll be Sok and Luiz surely!

  8. Daulat says:

    Our defense will look as it has always done, shaky and outnumbered, because they know our midfielders play in an alternate sandbox dimension that Emery has created just so that he could train them while playing the actual tournament matches. Emery is a that genius.

  9. Mogunna says:

    Unless Chambers is not played as DM infront of CBs, we will be Swiss cheese. Or have Luiz instead and Chambers as CB would also work best.

  10. SAGooner says:

    Q: What defence will Emery pick vs Saints?
    A: 1. One that nobody predicts
    2. One that will concede goals
    3. One that is certainly not the best available

  11. Grandad says:

    His Chambers,Socratis,Luis,Tierney.. Mine Bellerin,Chambers, Holding, Tierney.On the defence theme, what has happened to Mavroponas?Is he still injured?If not will he be going out in n loan in January?

  12. Gunner23 says:


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