What would a win over Man United mean to Arsenal?

What will a win over Manchester United mean? By Sylvester Kwentua

Good day friends. As the game against Manchester United draws near, my instincts keep telling me to expect a victory for Arsenal. Pardon me if I sound like confident; but I am not underrating the Red Devils here, I am only being positive as a die hard Arsenal fan, that Manchester United may not be as difficult as we think. I am allowed to dream right?

So if Arsenal manages to record a win over Manchester United, what would it mean?

A win over Manchester United will mean Arsenal finally beating a direct rival for the European competitions spot. Psychologically speaking, Arsenal would have won a battle against a direct rival for the qualifying spots too.

A win over Manchester United tonight, also will be a good way for Arsenal to make huge statements, heading into the ever busy festive games. Fine, we have done exceedingly well in the past three months or so, but a victory over Manchester United will prove to a lot of people that Arsenal is truly on course to ending the season on a high note.

Guys, we lost to Liverpool because we have not yet gotten to their level, but against Manchester United, Arsenal will be playing a team that more or less has the same status as them.

Manchester united however may be bouyed by the presence of a new manager, but I don’t think they have what it takes to make things extremely difficult for Arsenal. If Arsenal win, they will be 9 points above the Red Devils, and that will be a huge advantage over a top 4 or top 6 opponent, as we head into the ever busy festive periods.

So Gooners, what do you think a win over Manchester United will mean for Arsenal? Please be tender in your comments, I am on a honeymoon.

We are Arsenal and proud.



  1. 4th place … which should be motivation enough to give 150 per cent … anything less will be hugely disappointing whatever the result

  2. It would mean nothing. We’ve beaten them severally in recent meetings. I honestly do not fear them one bit

  3. I would not say a win is an absolute necessity at OT, we have always struggles there and I would be happy with a draw to be honest.

    At the end of the season we should be no lower than 5th. Out of the top 8 currently we have a game in hand(tonight) and are already 5th so even a loss will leave us 5th still.

    We’ve finished 8th twice and if we can get 5th this season that will show real progress in recent years.

    MA has started to show some good signs but if we end 6th or lower he should go.

  4. It would mean 3 unexpected points and big celebrations. Arsenal would become genuine top 4 contenders.
    BTW I think Man U bad as they are will somehow find a way to win 2-1.
    But with 24 games still to go anything can happen between now and May.

  5. It would mean additional confidence going into the hectic festive season, it would mean strengthening our quest for a top 4 finish, it would mean exacting some sort of revenge over United as we have done badly at OT over the years, it would mean the team is on the right path in defeating a direct rival for the no.4 position and Arteta is doing a great job and finally it would mean that Arsenal means business this season and we are heading for something special.

  6. FYI If we draw and Spuds win their 2 games in hand they go above us, obv depending on the next couple results but looking at it as is.

  7. In terms of increasing the self belief and hardening the mentality of our young team, a win at Old Trafford would be a significant result.As others have shown, this is not the premier team in Manchester , not has it been for some time despite spending a fortune on players and Managers.

  8. United will probably recover and get 4th. As good as Conte is I think he has a tough job with the weakling Spurs. They lost to Mura ranked 356th in Europe. Westham drew at home to Brighton and like Spurs and Leicester look to have got tired playing in Europe. I think Arsenal are nailed on 5th whatever the result at Old Triffords 🙂

  9. Sometimes we fans needs to do better. For example, Tavares played against Liverpool and he was poor in that game along with lokonga. But truth be told these are kids in today’s game and also their first season in the Epl and first time facing the mammoth of anfield faithful. If he had dropped these players against Newcastle, 1 or 2 things will happen, especially for Tavares who had a direct hand in their second goal at anfield. His confidence would have been dented and for someone so young that will be a disaster. We need to give these young lads a chance, yes they will make mistakes but also they will learn. For so long, this is the first time in well over 5 years I’m seeing players actually playing for the shirt regardless of the outcome of a game. Do you see their celebration? Or the way Gabriel and white hug each other after a match or during match were there was a saving tackle or Ramadale makes a save? Now that is the passion and guile we lacked. I’m happy these young players are bringing that vibe back. Let’s not forget we are the youngest team in epl and for our team a good number is playing together for the first time. Let us try to be subjective, Mikel is doing a good job with the current squad. Tomiyasu was unknown but I tell you what, if we are to sell him today, he’s current price will be doubled. That is a shrewed signing and he’s what? 22? Give credit when due please, I know we all want our dearly beloved Arsenal to do well but let’s try not to castigate whoever that is trying to improve us. My gut feeling says tierny will start today and rightly so. I think Arteta was smart to play Tavares against Newcastle.

    My team would be

    Tomiyasu white Gabriel tierny

    Partey sambi

    Martinelli(if no Saka) Esr Aubameyang


  10. It would mean Arsenal are good enough to beat almost any EPL team, apart from Chelsea, Liverpool and Man City

  11. A win should boost us to fight for 2nd position, reinforce our lines in January, I’m certain the Red Devils see tonight’s game as a fight of their lives, they’ll come at us with every available Red Devils in them, hopefully we stand with our new well equipped guns, pierce them silly.

    I’m hoping Martinelli plays, got some good feelings about him.

  12. 4th place, draw or a loss stay in 5th place, so just looking forward to watching it to be honest

    Enjoy the game

  13. If Arsenal beat Man Utd tonight, it will mean they have climb to the top-four place for real but not temporarily for the first time this season.

    And I expect them to climb to the top-four tonight by beating Man Utd at home. Otherwise, for Arsenal to climb to the top-four for real before the halfway into the season if they miss the chance tonight could become a very though struggle they will really have to contend with in the 2nd half of the season if they are going to climb to the top-tour this season.

    With 4 matches left to play after their tonight match against Man Utd before the halfway mark of the season. Arsenal are looking to be at a T-junction road to turn to the right to win. Or turn to left to draw. Or God’s forbid turn back to lose the match.

    Nevertheless, I think and believe the Gunners who will be selected to play the match will turn to the right side of the T-junction road to win the match and will win it by binding the Red Devils and cast them out of the game. Irresponsible of how many arch Red Devils there are in their ranks will not deter the Gunners from beating them.

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