What would Aouar bring to Arsenal’s team?

Arsenal have been strongly linked with a move for Houssem Aouar this summer, but what would he add to our options?

With less than one week to go before the transfer window shuts, speculation is as rife as ever about whether we will get Aouar or not, with daily updates from all outlets including the Mirror.

I know there have been lots of questions about; why is Houssem Aouar so sought after by Arsenal, but according to French Journalist Gael Berger, when speaking to Sky Sports; “Aouar is technically a very fine player, with an excellent vision of the game. He’s always been able to create chances and make good decisions on the ball, as well as provide goals and assists.”

The description of Aouar as a “creatively minded goal-scoring midfielder” is exactly what we are lacking in our team right now, so it is clear to see why Arteta and Arsenal are seeking him out so much! Although there has been criticism that he ‘has not always hit the heights expected at the Groupama Stadium’ in his time at Lyon, we all know the ability that Arteta has to be able to change the performance and attitude of players and turn it into a positive.

I have no doubt that if Aouar was to join us, although it may take him time to settle as it does with everyone, he will surely become a top player as he is only 22 years of age and has a lot more to learn. Under the right guidance he may even become a legend.

Berger added: “He has the level to play in big games – his contribution was decisive in the Champions League run last season, winning a penalty in the second leg against Juventus and playing excellently against Manchester City. The English league is faster than the French, so he may need some time to adapt, but I’m not worried that he would be a success. He has a lot of confidence in his talent,”

Although the Premier League is more intense then other leagues in Europe it has become clear that Aouar has already “spent time developing the physical side of his game – winning the ball back in the middle third of the pitch almost four times per 90 minutes in last season’s Ligue 1” and Berger added: “He understood that it was necessary to gain a little more power first, to manage more in the physical championships like in England.”

What will prove pivotal in the transfer of Aouar and will we finally get the creative player we have been looking for or will another team or Lyon spoil the fun? Gooners?


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      1. Kstix, while you are not in a position to make demands on this site,I am entirely satisfied that there was no malice in your intervention whatsoever and if I have caused you an upset, I regret doing so.As it is I think we are singing from the same hymn sheet as far as integrating Aouar into a more offensive 4-3-3 system.Would you match the Liverpool system tomorrow?

        1. I’m glad to hear it Grandad and I apologise on my part as well for being too swift to anger. I wasn’t trying to make any demands and sorry if it seemed I was.
          I would be seeing the Liverpool game tomorrow and I’m fairly certain we will win. I just don’t think Arteta is ready to give the 4-3-3 formation a trial just yet. It would be nice if he did but I’m guessing he doesn’t trust the midfield well enough to protect the defence which brings me to reiterate the need for both Aouar and Partey. Getting Aouar alone wouldn’t really make a difference and Arteta would probably just swap ceballos for Aouar in a 3-4-3, but getting Partey as well gives him freedom to use his preferred 4-3-3 formation. Goodluck to us tomorrow.

    1. He’s not suited to such formations.

      That formation only accommodates one of Aouar or Ceballos; yet both have to play.

      Those are formations for relegation fighting teams.

      1. Relegation fighting teams and ones that win the FA cup….. You can’t turn your nose up at the formation without recognizing the realistic limitations of the current squad and the success we have had despite this. If you play with 3 central midfielders you need to have the quality in those 3 position to boss the center of the pitch and we simply don’t have that right now making a 3 man midfield pointless. Why play 3 cms if your defense is still going to get bombarded? We unfortunately have had a plethora of mediocre, but at times serviceable, CBs.

        We are playing a “3-4-3” that in defense is more like a 5-4-1 but in attack often resembles a 4-3-3. In possession AMN, playing as a “wingback” on paper, actually tends to float into the center of the pitch creating space for Keiran to overlap and play like a tradition outside back. Credit where its due, AMN has shown the tactical awareness and athletic ability to play as a LWB who sometimes looks more like CDM. Alternatively, AMN at times keeps wide and pushes up the pitch to overload the opposing outside back and create space for Auba to exploit.

        My point is that Arteta is trying to build this team into one that plays a 4-3-3 and the current 3-4-3 setup isn’t as far off as it may appear. If we sign Aouar I believe the intent would be to play him as our #10 in a 4-3-3.

        With our limited budget, i doubt we are able to get both the Aouar and Partey deals over the line. If Aouar comes in then I suspect that Arteta trys to slowly build the team towards a literal 4-3-3 with Aouar as our 10 and Elnemy (notice how the transfer rumors have dried up on him), Cabellos, Xhaka, and the other younger squad CMs rotating through as the more withdrawn CMs. Admittingly, this is not the sexiest CM unit but so far Arteta has shown an ability to get the most out of players who are otherwise labeled as “limited” at best. Rome wasn’t built overnight and Arsenal aren’t even as rich as Rome.

        For me, I would be prioritizing Partey and would try to milk one more season out of Ozil as our #10 since it seems like we are stuck with him no matter what. But what do I know? Arteta has shown enough, at least to me, that he deserves time and support from the fans. We have to trust the process.

  1. Excuse me Kstix, my question was directed to the writer of the article.I don’t know how old or intelligent you are but please be mannerable.Had I not mentionedShenel I would be happy to delve back to your recent post and respond to you.

    1. This is uncalled for Grandad and I’m highly disappointed at your backlash at an innocent and unhostile reply to your comment which was just stating that I explained why I think Arteta would switch formations if we got Auoar when you asked if anyone could tell you how he fits in. Maybe the fact that you’re way too old for social media has made you misinterpret me so easily as I was not being hostile/”lacking manners” in any way. I demand an apology if you’re as old and mature as your moniker suggests. It’s quite shameful that you would come at me like that. Speaks volumes about your “intelligence”.

      1. Kstix, I am totally with Grandad on this and it is you who are being hugely disrespectful to a wise and long term fan. YOU ought to apologise but you are not man enough to do so. Your posts on this thread are a disgrace!

        1. CLASSIC Jon Fox, why am I not surprised? We can assume then that you know me in person and know exactly how old I am or how long I’ve been an Arsenal. It’s ridiculous to think Age however is always equal to wisdom, you could be 80 and still be dumber than a 20 year old. As in your case where you seem to lose touch with reality as often witnessed by your comments on here on how you’re the Lord and everyone else is your subject because for some ridiculous reasons, you seem to think your age automatically makes you wiser. News flash, it doesn’t.

              1. Kstix to be fair mate I didnt see anything disrespectful about your original response to grandad, all you said was that you explained his question in a previous post I dont see the big deal, especially compared to how others disrespect each other on here 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

                1. Thank you. I wasn’t trying at all to be disrespectful to grandad, he’s been one of the regular members on this site I really admire and love his level headed comments, and it came as a bit of a shock to me when he replied me that way. I was only trying to tell him of a recent reply I gave him because I felt he had not seen it and that was why he was asking the question again. In that post, I told him I think Arteta would revert to a 4-3-3 formation and Aouar would be in that midfield 3,that’s how he’d fit in.

                  1. Yeah that’s what I figured mate! That you were just alerting him to the fact you had given him a reply and he didnt know about it. No harm done anyway 👍

                  2. Kstix,
                    Have a clear the air chat with Grandad next time. I’m sure that it will make a difference. Both you and Grandad make great posts and it would be a shame to harbour ill feelings.

                  3. Thanks SueP, we already cleared the air in his first post above. On my part, I should have been more calm about asking him why he replied that way and I’ll do better next time.

          1. Age is immaterial . Your post was disrespectful and not called for. Nothing whatever to do with age , just wirh decency and manners. You, not I, brought up the age factor , To me it is irrelevant, as people of all ages are respectful and disrespectful, depending on their personal manners or lack of them.

    2. Couldnt agree more Grandad,

      Jorginho is a right footed Xhaka
      and brings NOTHING MORE to
      the midfield than what El Neny
      and the Swiss man already provide.

      Soumare, Diawarra, Diallo, Berge
      and Pulgar are all better options
      than the Chelsea man IMHO.

  2. Firstly, without Torreira and Guendouzi we have the worst midfield we have had in the Premiership…..ever. Aouar is a mobile creative player as opposed to say…Jorginho who is a typical midfield director. So Aouar is more Ramseyesque. He will constantly create but whilst being mobile. Up and down. At the moment Xhaka and Elneny are completely devoid of creativity so I would prefer a midfield director as opposed to Partey. So for me, Aouar and Jorginho would give us a viable midfield.

  3. And who wins the ball Sean, because neither of them are any good defensively.In fact Jorginho is a real liability as this season alone, I have seen numerous forwards sail past him with ease.The guy cannot run.

  4. I wish we can get both Aouar and Partey.

    And switch to a 433 formation

    Bellerin Gabriel Luiz Tierney

    Ceballos Partey Aouar

    Pepe Aubameyang Willian

    My dream line up

    1. That is the closest to my dream team except the difference is in defence;

      – Cedric for Bellerin and Mari for Gabriel
      Luiz and Mari are the best defenders at Arsenal. LIKE IT OR NOT. (You’ll realize it later)

      – And Ceballos is more suited to playing on the left of a midfield three.


      That team can beat Liverpool, Man City etc COMFORTABLY. Except only Chelsea whose midfield is far superior to all the other teams.

        1. The comments of his subscribers show he is not an attention seeker, rather an authentic itk. We shall find out few days.

  5. Waiting for puns like cometh the aouar cometh the man
    it partey time definitely worth it .
    I have only just watched his YouTube videos so not much I know about aouar but I trust mikel arteta

  6. completely agree Grandad . Partey is a MUST if we let 2 dm leave , he is a class act and i wore a huge grin when first linked with him. I am more sceptical about Aouar , not seen much of him but when i did i was thinking mmm french ozil, bit weak looking and running into trouble. MA can sort it out hopefully.Jorginho , no bloomin way thanks.
    i would also like to see AMN add the dm role to hs understudy repetoire , worth a try.

  7. Leno

    Bellerin Saliba Gabriel Tierney

    Xhaka (Partey) Auoar (10 role) Ceballos

    Pepe (must improve) Auba Saka

    Too much reliance on Auba for goals, but upsets balance bringing Lacca in.

    Inexperienced centre back pairing, but how many of us would like to see that, with Luiz “in the mix”.

    Need strengthening at right back urgently.

  8. Confirmed: Lyon have completed the signing of Brazilian midfielder Lucas Paqueta from AC Milan.

    This is the trigger!

    Good news over the next few days.

  9. I’ve watched some of his videos “moves and skills”, wasn’t impressed because Pepe was doing better in the French league. Not the kind of Playmaker that I was expected to see but I hope that I’m wrong.

    He reminds me of Toreirra playing style!

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