What would backing Mikel Arteta in the next transfer window look like?

Arsenal has been asked by so many people to back Mikel Arteta in the next transfer window so that the Spaniard can continue his fine work at the club.

Since Arteta became our manager late last year, we have been a better team, and we have recorded some impressive results including beating Liverpool and Man City.

I can understand the clamour for the team to be upgraded with new signings in the next transfer window. However, we have to keep it in mind that recruitments can go wrong sometimes and that can undermine progress.

After all, we spent more than ยฃ100 million in the last transfer window to strengthen our team, yet we are in the mess in the Premier League still.

Teams like Aston Villa also spent a load of money in the last transfer window while Sheffield United spent relatively little, yet we can see their current position on the league table.

While we are asking for the club to make all the money in the world available for Mikel Arteta, can we trust him to buy the right players?

Remember that this would be his first summer transfer window as a football manager and we donโ€™t know exactly how he would spend money and the kind of players that he would sign.

I want us to strengthen our team, but we have to be careful how we spend money because lets be honest, our transfer dealings in recent seasons, apart from one or two, have not been brilliant.

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  1. I dont think MA job is to buy, he only need to give demands and request with specifications, the sorting of players that meet his specifications are Edu job and Raul negotiate.
    In the case where his first choice isn’t available or can’t be bought, there should be 2nd and probably 3rd options

    1. Hopefully, Mikel Arteta’s “demands and request with specification” will be followed by the gang of three, unlike the case with Unai Emery, where he asked for Thomas Partey and didn’t get a similar player.
      The available funds have to be spent wisely, unlike the money spent on Pepe. I am not saying that he will not one day appear a very good piece of business, but at the time his position was not critical, given the needs in defense and midfield.
      I would see success as retaining Aubameyang and AMN and the recruitment of quality players for DM (say Marc Roca), box to box CAM (Thomas Partey or similar) , CB (Lewis Dunk, Ake, Sarr, Upamencano) and if funds allow Max Aarons from Norwich at RB.

      1. I would like to think that having his say on transfers must have been one of his demands when negotiating his contract!

  2. Again itโ€™s not about the total money spent but spending it on 3/4 players who will improve

    By the way anyone know whatโ€™s happened to Martinelli

    1. At least the mancs won’t equal our 13 fa cups! Now to avenge Baku (& wipe that smirk off of Giroud’s face!)

  3. Arsenal are on the verge of signing Benzema as a replacement to auba

    #benzyfrenzy #lacalemar

    Remember me?

  4. Arsenal v Chelsea

    That’s a hard one to call!

    Last final we played against them didnt go so well… let’s hope we can give them abit of payback ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ‘Š

  5. We will not be able to bring in the 2/3 players we need unless we are able to unload a number of the mediocre members of our first team squad.That in a nutshell is where we are.

    1. ๐Ÿ‘ Hopefully we can get some sales Grandad, particularly people who don’t want to be at the Emirates – Torreira, Bellerin, Ozil (with subsidised wages).

  6. Enabling him to strengthen, at his discretion, at least least the top four positions in the team – and here I am assuming he has already presented a wish list to the Board. And a minimum commitment of at least 100M of transfer funds, before taking account of any incoming receipts for player sales. It could also include extending his contract with the club for an additional two years.

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