What would be your dream Arsenal midfield trio next season?

Things do change. The thought of Arsenal being without the services of Thomas Partey in the last few seasons left many Gooners worried.
In his own way, the Ghanaian made himself the most important part of the team. The way he linked the attack and defence, disrupted opponents’ play, and won possession back for the team was incredible. No one could engineer things in the Arsenal engine room like him. The team struggled whenever he missed games due to injuries, but that could now be a thing of the past.
All talk is on Arteta strengthening his midfield this summer with two marquee midfield deals. Thus, after this summer’s transfer window, Arteta is tipped to unleash his dream midfield line-up next season. But interestingly, that best midfield could be without Thomas Partey.
At best, Arsenal’s best midfield could be one with Odegaard, Rice, and Caicedo.
As per reports, the Ghanaian international has two Italian sides interested in his services. Arsenal are inclined to sell him and get a premium from his sale, considering he has two years remaining on his deal. The choice to let Partey go will no doubt leave many baffled.
But what is certain is that if he’s leaving, Moises Caicedo is joining. The gap Partey could leave will be too big, and of the players’ Arsenal are linked with, Caicedo could be the one to fill it.
What would be your dream Arsenal midfield for next season?
Darren N

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  1. The day for Partey is coming nearer. The closest he’ll come to kicking a football, will be kicking a ball a on chain in a prison cell unfortunately

    1. It’s pathetic that you already condemn an Arsenal player who hasn’t been proven guilty of an offense you do not have any evidence of.
      Is that as a result of your dislike for the player or what?
      You cannot even support your own until they are found guilty. That rather is unfortunate!

        1. That ain’t funny Admin Pat, and nothing to joke about here.
          It a worrying distraction that I pray passes with Partey unscathed.

        2. @ Admin Pat,,, that was a joke. Unfortunately some people take themselves way too seriously. I never said Partey was guilty. On previous posts I’ve defended the man. Some people need to go out and do themselves a huge favour and smell the roses, instead of kneeling down smelling their own 💩. Anyway Admin Pat, Witchcraft folklore history says,,, if you are deported to the remote Crocodile Island 🏝, you have two choices. ONE,,, You can stay there for eternity. OR TWO,,,, You can swim 🏊 back to the main land. If you are taken by a Crocodile you are Guilty,,, if you make it to the mainland you are Not Guilty. Bare in mind not only are there Crocodiles to contend with, the waters are infested with Great White Sharks 🦈, Tiger Sharks 🦈, and Bull Sharks 🦈. The moral to this story is,,, never turn down a marriage proposal. And to Jo-Gunz, Jax (Whacko Jaxo) and to those that take themselves way too seriously, Google it up. Happy Googling Toogling. Kind regards PJENNINGS

          1. A comic who has to explain his jokes? Classic😜.
            For a humourist, you’d make an effing good undertaker.

            1. @Jax,,,,, Sorry to disappointment you. Wasn’t my joke. It actually originated from Ron Fuhes(actor/troll). But I’ll gladly be your undertaker. I’ll dress you up like a clown 🤡

  2. I’m not sure whether Caicedo would play as good as Partey did or not in the CDM position, but I trust Arteta’s and Edu’s decisions

    Maybe it’d be better for Partey to stay away from England after the police reports and he just had his 30th birthday

    Ideally, we sign at least two experienced EPL players, but West Ham just rejected our £80m bid:

    …….………….….. Ramsdale
    ………. White .… Saliba …. Magalhaes
    ……………….… Rice …….… Caicedo
    Saka . Odegaard . Havertz . Martinelli
    …………….…….…. Vlahovic

    1. This team gods enough to win any game but to win PL you need add at least half of the quality on bench as well..
      I would Choose En-Neysri instead of Vlahovic..

      1. Yeah. I don’t think we’d have the budget to sign Vlahovic after buying Rice, Caicedo or Havertz, but En-Neysri’s price tag would likely within our financial power

        The hold-up play of that Nicolas Jackson boy Chelsea are after also looks very good

  3. @gotanidea,,,, latest reports say that Partey has been deported and remanded to Crocodile Island 🏝

    1. LOL. Romano just said Chelsea are the front-runners of Caicedo’s bidding war, so Arsenal would likely try to keep Partey until they get Lavia

  4. Caicedo would play at rightback and drop into central midfield when we have the ball. I don’t think Westham and Arsenal can agree on a realistic price for Rice and Arsenal will enquire with Fulham for the premier best rated defensive midfielder and bid £40 million for him. Then hopefully bid £54 million for arguably the world’s best central defender in Kim Min-iae, and then offer Balogan plus £60 million for Victor Osimhen. Simple!

  5. Dream midfield. Emphasis on “Dream”.






    Midfield Subs:
    Jorginho, Vitinha, Smith-Rowe, (Onana or Neves)

    Anyone that feels like making a counter argument, remember it’s just a dream.

    1. @BangBang,,, All you need to do is research Thomas Partey court case. Every medi outlet gives at the same version of events of what happened while on holidays. Arsenal Football Club would have been briefed by the authorities in the seriousness of the the alleged crime committed if any. As you can see Partey is still fully active with Arsenal and is still allowed to travel overseas. He hasn’t been ordered to surrender his Passport. As for Partey sun bathing out on remote Crocodile Island 🏝, is not exactly true. That was a send up in a sports paper in Australia

  6. Assuming that we get the players we are reported to be hoping to recruit, my ideal starting midfield three (if they are fit & in good form) would be Rice, Odegaard & Smith Rowe.

  7. Not sure what is happening to our only world class player.

    Caicedo Ben white- Saliba- Magalhaes

    Odegaard – Rice – Zubimendi

    Saka- Vlohovic – Martinelli

  8. Here we go again glibly suggesting that Arsenal are looking to buy 3 players with a reported total price tag in the region of £270m (Rice, Havertz & Caicedo). Then we critisise Man City of buying their success but we should look at the recent facts that over the past 5 years our NET spend was DOUBLE that of the cityzens!!! I accept that they did overspend in the early years but look at their results compared to the other big spenders like Man U and Chelsea.
    We don’t know the severity of rule breaking they are charged with by the PFA and that will take it’s course over the next 2 to 3 years (over a hundred of them) and if they are upheld punishment will be meted out.
    I fear for the present and future financial state of football and for our club when these sort of sums of money are bandied about not to mention the relatively vast sums spent over the last few years and are perhaps forgetting the long contracts and salaries these players will demand.

    Money doesn’t always guarantee success ask Chelsea and Man U? Lastly if we are really prepared the pay over a hundred million for Declan Rice a holding midfielder, that is a huge gamble (he’ll probably looking for a salary of in excess of £250k p w WHU offered £200k). – £52m for Haaland was not!!!!!

    1. Andrew,I totally agree, At last someone talking sense. If anyone has seen the film ” my left foot” where he is in goal and he accidentally saves the ball, by it bouncing off his head. Thats what reminds me of this website. They should call it my left foot”

  9. Talk of City wanting Rice ..and Manu and Che are said to be ahead of us in the queue for Caicedo

  10. Not time to dream the real windows open and what I’m hearing already making me feel no title next season…Looks like Caicedo going Chelsea, I don’t want Havert anywhere near our club and Rice not worth so much…Already pieed off

    1. Mr Wolf, all we can do is “klingon” to the players we got and hopefully they “Will” improve. Then just wait for “The next generation” of players to be promoted into the side. That should be our” number one” priority to help us win the starship, sorry I meant premiership!

      1. dave I guess you are a fan of science fiction, but I have not a clue what those “incrowd” references are supposed to mean
        I always prefer reading posts that are easily understood by EVERYONE.
        Just as I ALWAYS TRY TO MAKE my posts easily understandable, at least to ALL those who can read English properly.

  11. This is how Edu and co will be showing interest in almost every other player until the end of the transfer window without any done deal. I urge them to check their transfer fund and see how many players it will get. Instead of buying quantity paper weight players, it’s better they utilize the fun on two quality players that will improve our team. I think they should concentrate on Conceido and Onana of Everton in the DM and use the remaining fund for a +20 goal striker. The person may not be that popular. So, instead waisting their time on Rice, let them get the above named players.

  12. There is one important fact armchair managers seems to be ignoring, it’s the player choice of club.

    The reports that Rice has long made it clear that Arsenal is his choice of clubs has legs.

    Now if Edu is arm with such information, why on earth would Arsenal be in any rush to pay over £90 mill?

    1. Gunsmoke, my feeling is that we WONT be in any such rush and may well not go higher than our first bid already made.

      Unless there is another club actually making a firm offer for Rice, which I doubt would happen and certainly will not exceed our own bid already submitted, then there is no rush. And our club is well aware of that too.

  13. The way our transfer efforts seem to be going,

    We will be lucky to have a midfield of

    Elneny, Lakonga and Jorginho

    Edu has known what West Ham want for Rice, and he starts by low-balling them.

    If we bloody well want him, why can’t we just pay their price!!!

    Use all of our Transfer Kitty if need be and buy make sure we buy Rice and Caicedo.

    Even if it means including ESR in the Rice deal

    Everything else that happens after getting these two will be gravy

    But NO, Arteta wants everything in one window, and we could just end up with nothing, or worse players we have to offload later!!!

    1. Wow JW – such positive comments for a few days into the transfer window! By your logic we would have paid £100m+ for Mudrik. We are NOT Chelsea and neither would most Arsenal fans want us to be, even if we were owned by Todd Boehly. That is why our opening offers do not have “cash cow” stamped on them. That is why even Chelsea are now having ffp issues. Caicedo’s fee and wage demands are it seems becoming more extreme by the day. But very easy for a fan who claims to know the amount of our “transfer kitty” to advocate paying every asking price and screw the future solvency of our club…

  14. I’d gladly take Zubimendi from R. Sociedad. The dude had a better partnership with our Captain, M. Odegaard.

    Preferred midfield trio:
    Zubimendi Camavinga

  15. Edu and Arteta successfully got a lot of their deal done under a smokescreen. Getting thru player preference and demands, greedy agents, erratic club owners and fans backlash play a part in football transfers. So hope this window can favour Arsenal too. In contract negotiations, we either break the player, break the club or break the fans. I choose my club any day.

  16. Odegaard, ESR/Rice and Partey or Odegaard, ESR, and Rice

    I want to see a more attack minded CM on the left to create those triangles with Martinelli and Jesus or whomever our No. 9 will be. I think that would create a more dynamic attack overall and free up Saka and Odegaard more on the right. Would also, hopefully, keep Zenchenco in a more deep lying midfield role when we are in attack.

    If it isn’t ESR and we get Rice, I think he has the ability to be more of a threat going forward, it just wasn’t what West Ham wanted him to do in their system. I think MA can get more out of Rice than what we’ve seen from in England and West Ham while still taking advantage of his defensive capabilities.

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