What would happen to the Premier League if a team is decimated with coronavirus is revealed

The Premier League is set to return next month after teams voted to restart the campaign on the 17th of next month with the rescheduled games starting first.

It hasn’t been easy for the Premier League to convince teams to return for the completion of this season.

The organisers have had to hold several meetings before reaching the level that they have reached now, and more meetings are planned as they iron out all the details involved in the restart.

One big question on the minds of fans and even footballers would be “ What if a team has most of their players infected with the coronavirus, what would happen?”

It seems that the teams have also discussed that possibility according to West Ham’s Karren Brady per the Sun.

She revealed that a team would be required to carry on playing as long as they have up to 15 players that can be fielded for their game.

Brady said: ‘There was a long discussion about squad management, or put simply, what constitutes, having a team fit enough to compete in the games left to play.

‘There are obvious and genuine concerns about what happens to your match results if your club has a number of players testing positive for coronavirus, or in self-isolation.

‘Well as long as you have 15 fit players, including one goalkeeper, made up from either your 25-man squad list or from your under-21’s, you will be deemed to have a team fit enough to fulfil the fixture.

‘I guess that puts an end to the suggestion of having five subs, because if only 15 are needed you can’t have five subs.’

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