What would Mourinho have to say about Arsenal’s current situation!

Will Jose Mourinho have another dig at Arsene Wenger? By Sylvester Kwentua

When Jose Mourinho called Arsene Wenger a “specialist in failure” in 2014 in response to a remark made about him being scared of failing by Wenger, I was among those who personally felt Mr Mourinho had over stepped his boundary! I felt he had totally lost it as a young manager. I am a Nigerian, and in Nigeria where I come from, it is believed that an old person is one who has matured in age, wisdom and experience; therefore, an old person must never be insulted by a younger person, no matter the level of provocation.

Three years later, I can’t just help it but to imagine what will be going through Mourinho’s mind, most especially as daddy Wenger has done nothing to shake off that tag. Yes, he won two FA cups since that Mourinho’s saga but we know Mourinho’s nickname for Wenger would not ease off after just two FA cup trophies since 2014! Maybe if he had won the Premier league or UEFA champions’ league trophy, the nickname would have become obsolete!

Let me see if I can take a ride through Mourinho’s mind and probably feel what he is currently thinking concerning a possible trophy-less end of the season for Arsenal. Take a ride with me mates.

Concerning the proper thrashing by Bayern Munich, this may be the thoughts on his mind: “This man would never change! How can he be losing shamelessly to fellow big teams? He calls himself a big coach, yet he finds it difficult winning big games! What a pity!! Well, I keep my peace”.

On the debate going on regarding the future of Wenger, “What are the board members of Arsenal FC waiting for? Are they scared of sacking this man? If it were to be me, I probably would have been sacked four years ago! I guess they enjoy failure more than success”

Manchester united had a difficult start to the season but right now, they have gotten their groove back and if Arsenal is not careful, they will clinch the top four spot at the end of the season at the expense of Arsenal,unless Wenger sits up! The best way to shut Mourinho up from saying things that will hurt Arsenal fans at the end of the season is for Arsenal to end the season in the top four!



  1. dragunov762mm says:

    Top four finish above ManUre might be enough to shut up the Special Mou(th) for another season, but it’ll be not good enough for the us. Inside this so called never ending miseries, if this gonna be Arsene last season, I’ll respect all the good things he brought to this club and try not to remember the sad stories too much. We need change so so badly. Let this club rebuilt again, start from the scratch.

  2. Jansen says:

    I remember the comment and it made me lose all respect for Mourinho as a human being, not as a manager.

    However, not unlike Trump’s ability to make a comment stick, like when Trump called Jeb Bush “a low energy guy” and ended Bush’s candidacy with that comment, the same goes with the “specialist in failure” comment. It stuck because it had an element of truth to it.

    It is hard for me now to look at Wenger and not think he is a bit of a specialist in failure. Look at last season when all the big teams were failing for various reasons, it was Leicester who stepped up and capitalized and was Wenger who found a way to give the PL title away. Yes, last season we lost the title, it was ours to have, all we had to do was to show up. But that is our problem we consistently fail to show up when it matters.

    Wenger finds ways to lose, whether it is by poor tactics, by poor team selection by dubious substitutions or by blaming. Losers come up with excuses, I have heard too much about referees, offside goals, physical opposition, poor pitches and bad luck to not believe Wenger is at least partially to blame for turning his team into losers. If the manager doesn’t own defeat, why would the players?

    You want to know the definition of a loser’s mentality? An Arsenal player saying how proud he was of the team’s effort after having been eliminated by Barca in the CL. That told me everything of what Wenger instilled into his players. You can not imagine a Mourinho or SAF player daring to say that immediately after a CL elimination.

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      Just goes to show how easily the weak are manipulated…

    2. ThirdManJW says:


      Couldn’t agree more with what you’ve said. Wenger does his best to make life harder for himself all the time.

      One area that really annoys me, is the team selection, as you have already pointed out. It is very rare that Wenger picks his best line-up, which means we start most games in a negative position. Players out of form start, out of position, not even suited to the system, not good enough to play at this level, struggling with fitness. One can find so many errors within almost every line-up!

      The starting XI for our opening game of the season against Liverpool, was an absolute joke! Liverpool is a tough game, and the line-up was disrespectful towards our fans, Liverpool, and Klopp. We lost our first encounter of the season against one of the big boys, in embarrasing fashion, and that just set the tone for the rest of season.

  3. Bolly from Borehamwood says:

    Sod’s law says we will finish 4th and ManU 5th but will win the spursday league and take the 4th Champs league place off us!
    I also see Cazorla is out for season with another major setback.

  4. Wayne Barker says:

    It doesn’t matter what jose says now ,point is what he said 3 years ago has been proven to be true. We can laugh at Manchester united all we want but they are competing in many trophies this season. I bet he will win couple too and that is why he is a successful manager . Wenger have to do well.

  5. PRINCE AFZ says:

    As much as I am not happy with the current form of the team and how I felt so bad that night Bayern beat us 5-1. I still feel sad for Arsene. I remember the comments many of us made about players like RVP, Nasri and Fabregas when they left us to hunt for trophies. We named them traitors, gold diggers etc. Arsene got a lot of opportunities to go to other clubs with better monetary offers, he elected to remain with us especially as we were managing the cost of moving to a new stadium.

    Currently he gets the sticks as a manager no doubt. But let us look at our actual problems and think of possible ways to solve them. Injuries have always affected our players more than any other club in top Euro league. Our team capitulated the moment Koscieny got injured in that game v Bayern.

    Purchases and adding of new players will always be a gamble of itself. We added some quality players at the summer. Injury to Carzola hasn’t helped Xhaka’s integration as Carzola is the type of midfielder that takes pressure of other midfielders, Ozil inclusive. Some say why are we not starting Perez. We cannot bench Sanchez in the center role for Perez as he is not a winger. Mustafi need koscieny to perform. Holding is a prospect.

  6. Hafiz Rahman says:


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