Whatever Arsenal do, it’s never enough!

You would think that Arsene Wenger reads Justarsenal.com, as no-one knows better than us that there are a certain percentage of Arsenal fans that will call for Le Prof to be sacked unless we win every single game in every single competition we enter!

The criticism seems to increase year on year, and you can bet your life that the first time Arsenal drop points this season, the verbal attacks will resume once again, but the fact is that every single team in the Premiership is investing in players in that race for the title, and it is not getting any easier to win the League.

Wenger was after last nights game if it would simply be enough to finish in the Top Four in the coming season, and he replied: “It’s never enough. I personally believe that no matter what you do, it’s never enough. You have to give absolutely everything to take the best out of the team. I believe that we know what we have to do, because we were second last year, we had 18 teams behind us. It’s a big ask, because when you look at the Premier League, every club is hugely ambitious. You look at the cheques that everybody signs and it’s quite scary. That’s what the Premier League is about at the moment.”

It is not just money spent on players either. We have Jose Mourinho overat Man United and Pep Guardiola nowat Man City, two proven winners wherever they go,then we have Klopp settling in at Liverpool which will not make our opening match an easy one, and Ranieri’s Leicester side cannot be written off either, nor can West Ham, Tottenham and many other “weaker” sides will suddenly become be stronger too.

Let’s be honest here. Do you think that Wenger should be praised if he manages to finish in the Top Three in such a competitive season ahead?

Sam P


  1. Yes Mr. Wenger it is never enough you are right. You have won 5 CL and 10 PL and countless other trophies but still we fans are not satisfied. You have always bought right players where our team were required enforcement most like CF when RVP left and We (Arsenal fans) are stupid and doesn’t understand it.

    I urge all Arsenal fans to understand how difficult his job is and we should not moan any more. Whether we don’t win anything or don’t sign any other player. Please keep quite and support Mr. Wenger and our management.

    1. For years I forced myself to support WENGER because in some dimension he is/was a great Manager, he was a forward thinker 18 years ago and yes we owe him our greatest achievements….but a t some point he lost it, and is not because of his stinginess to buy players, our core is good and has been for sometime now, his biggest problem was adaptation, change to the new EPL, his philosophy dating back 20 years does not work anymore and he knows it, because of this his biggest flaw all others came out to light, lack of rotation of his players favoring some over others, stubbornness that applies to his transfer policy buying for the future just as he had 20 more years ahead, players playing out of their natural positions, ARSENAL FLOPS who knows under other Managers they could have been great, for some reason they were signed in the first place, they must had some talent, best example is Campbell….he done great for us when the time came, result he played no more when AW found a new favorite….we do not need to splash CASH like the others, we just need to build up on what we’ve got just as LEICESTER did

  2. Some interesting rumour from a twitter source: Arsenal working on personal agreement with Riyad Mahrez. Transfer fee with Leicester City already agreed. Mahrez-Ozil-Sanchez will be simply mesmerizing.

    1. Some logical facts for you Twig.

      1) These rumours are a mixture of old and stale ones.
      2) we are not the only club that’s supposedly chasing Mahrez.
      3) All the while that Mahrez is in the Leicester squad, during their pre-season games, would suggest that he is not going anywhere.

      If Mahrez is omitted from the Leicester team during their tour, then that will be the sign that would suggest that he is being sold…. But to who?… would be the next question.

      As much as Mahrez would give Arsenal a new dimension, don’t get your hopes up …. just yet. ?

      1. Plus Mahrez doesn’t rhyme with much which makes me believe that he is not Wenger”s choice because I am now a poet.

        On the other hand I could could to town on Callum as Wu Tang’s first Album has his surname as a defining moment.

        I am confused

        1. Oh dear ? The lack of transfer’s has effected many fan’s, in different ways! ? ?
          You my friend, are NOT a poet and you know it! ?
          Give it up man! ? and Take your medication, God damn you Wenger! ? It’s all your fault!

    1. @jamaican_gooner………Just how are u gonna achieve that?….walk all the way past them like they some sleepy hollow ghosts?

  3. Fans love transfer, media love transfer talk, and with games like FM and FIFA promoting transfer, which lead to the impression that transfer is the only proven way to improve a team. So unless Arsenal win the EPL or CPL, the blame for failure will be always on Wenger and the Board – for lack on investment.
    Credits to Wenger that all his big signing are absolutely spot on (Ozil, Sanchez, Cech) and Xhaka will too. The huge difference between him/the board and the fan is that the fans want instant success right at the next season and would love the the club to take more risk in transfer market to achieve that while they prefer a patient risk-free approach.
    Personally I think huge investment this window is a must for Arsenal football club to go forward. We are the only big club that has the stability coming to the new season (not count Spuds as big) and we have to grab that chance to go ahead of our rivals. Our top players Ozil, Sanchez are stalling on new contract and a big signing required to help them making up their mind. Failing to do so and all the good work of the last 3 years will be all gone.

  4. I slightly disagree about the “not getting any easier to win the league” statement. On one hand, the big boys have been going nuts in the transfer windows over the last few years, but the smaller clubs have become much more competitive as well, what with the ever growing finances, which has made the league a lot more open. If we look back over the last three seasons, Arsenal should have won two league titles, and this was possible because of the so called lesser clubs, not because Arsenal have been improving.

    We have some fantastic managers in the league next season, but all could take a while to adjust to the league, and to their new clubs, like with what we saw in the 13/14 season. It may take a while for these managers to really mould their teams into their image. So with the continuity we have at Arsenal, the fact that every player is a Wenger signing, and he’s worked with them for years, one could argue, that Wenger has the slight advantage again. Sadly though, every time our rivals open the door, Wenger falls flat on his face!

  5. ben fairthorne
    emanuele guilani
    kike marin

    itk’s who genuinely know nothing.

    1. @muff……….. Then add to that list the venezuelan Lizard (Jeinny Lizarazo)

      of the bunch Emanuele giulianelli annoys me most….. When he gets his fact 100% wrong, watch him change his entire tweets from English to Turkish

  6. Did Anyone hear or read why Aubameyang was missing from Dortmunds last friendly game, against City? ?

    Whats the odds that he was sharing a jacuzzi massage with uncle Wenger? ?

    1. @fatboy……hahaha……..can’t see why u getting thumbed down for wanting to know the odds

      well using a chi-square or william hill esq-type odds checker, i’d say its a “minus zero”

  7. heres a mad stat….

    zlatan has already made 76 million punds in t shirt sales for adidas

    1. @muff………76mil is money enough to have gotten mahrez and Lacazette

      ouch! Pardon me…. I forgot u dn’t Like the sound of lacazette

    2. 76 million? That’s must be on Yen. It’s about 7600 pounds. Ozil “sold” Arsenal jerseys much better than that. Hahaha…

  8. I would praise Mr Wenger for finishing in the top 3 or 4 if he brought the world class players that we all know we need in the right positions and made a sincere effort to win something… The reason why a large number of Arsenal fans and critics are on his back is because for many years now Mr Wenger has neglected to strengthen certain key positions that would of given us a much better chance of winning trophies. The end goal of playing football or any sport for that matter is to win trophies, and all participants should want to do the best that they can to do so including Arsenal. Ask yourself this, do you believe that Arsenal has made the best attempt of winning trophies over the past few years? All I hear is excuses each year for not strengthening our team when it has clearly been needed. If we did strengthen our team in those areas that require strengthening with the right players and made a very good effort of winning whatever is in front of us, and still came 2nd, 3rd, or 4th etc., I would be one of the first to congratulate the teams efforts.

  9. @ADMIN
    We don’t have to win every single game, just win the EPL, period.
    “Do you think that Wenger should be praised if he manages to finish in the Top Three in such a competitive season ahead?” That’s a funny question. We were finished 2nd last season and I can tell you, most of fans were unhappy. 12 years waiting is hell too long, we must win the league next season. Therefore AW must do everything necessary with all of his resources. The money, the scout, the coaches, everything. That point there, we feel he still lack of. Granit Xhaka, Takuma Asano and Rob Holding, that’s the story so far. We still ultimately need an upgrade of Giroud to converse plenty chances from midfielders specially Mesut Ozil.

  10. As many have said here, its about effort and ambition, not so much about results. If we had signed a top striker last season and came in 2nd or 3rd I would not have been upset.

    But being the only team in serious football not to sign an outfield player and then missing the title because our striker goes missing for a long stretch of games underlined the poor judgement and lack of ambition.

    We are among the most valuable clubs in football and we spend like a mid table team. We supposedly moved to a larger stadium to be able to compete with top teams and now we are told we can not compete with top teams. This club lies and manipulates fan opinion all the time and whenever it suits them, now fans are finally waking up to that and have had enough.

    This club is rotting from the owner down through the ranks and now fan passion is starting to erode as well. In the long run this will damage the club and its value a lot more than saving 5 or 10 million pounds by not paying more than 35 million for a Lacazette or other badly needed player.

  11. Just Arsenal. Com should be asking the right questions if Wenger finishes fourth would he be praised, don’t the fans have the right to complain EPL has become very competitive with every club in it boosting it’s defense, midfield and attack so should your own club be left out. If the necessary is done and Arsenal still comes out fourth because it seems that is their right position fans will feel ok that all was done but things did not just go right. So Just Arsenal.Com should expect the failure of a coach to take mediocres into the new season and fail and expect praises no sir.

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