Whatever the cost, would Arsenal fans want Mbappe in our team?

Would you want Mbappe at Arsenal?

According to The Independent’s writer Miguel Delaney, Arsenal and Liverpool have been weighing up the possibility of signing PSG’s 25-year-old superstar Kylian Mbappe this summer but due to his high salary and expectations, it’s apparently been ruled out.

Mbappe is currently the highest paid player in Europe, and for a long time was expected to go to Real Madrid this summer on a free transfer. Obviously, a lot of clubs would be sniffing around the talented striker as he has quickly become one of the best players in the modern era and with his contract running out in June this year, there’s a lot of questions on where he will end up.

Being the highest paid player in Europe gives you somewhat limited options though and his wages are seen to be the big problem. Even with Real Madrid at this current moment, even though they could pay him what he apparently wants, the wage gap between what they’re willing to pay and what he’s getting now is too big of a gap.

Delaney has come out and said that Arsenal were one of the clubs really interested in bringing the striker to London, with the attraction of following in Thiery Henry’s footsteps being attractive to Mbappe but Arsenal have now apparently ruled it out due to not being able to pay his wages.

Of course, anything can happen and if Mbappe really wanted to join Arsenal we could find  ways around it ,but he would have to take a massive wage cut that I don’t think at this point he is willing to take. But if he would take a wage cut, would it be a good idea to sign the striker? I think it’s a no brainer really, we are talking about one of the best talents in football and to see another Frenchman lead the line would be a thing of dreams for many Arsenal fans and would leave a lasting legacy of brilliant memories.

Mbappe also would have a lot of interest from Saudi Arabia, and they would be more than willing to page whatever wage he asked for but for me, that is a massive downgrade and would probably be a huge waste of his career. PSG will no doubt want to keep him and would be willing to continue to pay his massive wages, but it does seem like he wants to move on from the French club and build a legacy elsewhere.

For me, if we can get him, I say we go for it, but obviously he would have to take a big wage cut. I think he would be perfect at a side like Arsenal and in a team that’s slowly becoming a dominant force, he would be the cherry on top of the cake, making us a formidable force when going forward, and could be the puzzle piece we’ve been missing. Do I think it will happen? Probably not, but if we can and get the chance, I think we would be stupid not to try sign the striker in the summer.

What’s your thoughts Gooners?

Daisy Mae

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  1. Doesn’t get much bigger than the France international, has pace to burn and a mentality the size of a macka breadfruit, but so too is his ego, the question is would the juice worth the squeeze.

    1. Absolutely no way ! He would ruin the atmosphere and he is a complete egotist !!!….and he hasn’t helped PSG win the Champions League

      Get a team player who will stay for next 4 or 5 years …Mbappe only has eyes for REALMADRID…just they can’t afford him as they’re bankrupt

    2. Madrid not sure about him because he wants silly money. If he has realistic demands than we might consider it, but not give him two times or more our top earners. So on that ground alone he wouldn’t come.
      Next there is the issue of ego amd he would probably be destructive in our dressing room. Would prefer to olay LW, so won’t be happy if he wouldn’t, and if he will, is he that netter than Martinelli to warrant so much disruption and money?
      Third, not sure his qualities are what we need. He he a great player, but he is based on pace, not a quality that would help us break low blocks and would encourage more teams to play low block against us.

  2. with the present financial struggles, this is just paper talk.
    It’s not realistic.
    The journalist who writes this is aware that if Real is scared of the move because of the financial implications, then Arsenal can’t dare

  3. asked to put the financials to one side…

    …then of course I would take Mbappe

    he is the only guaranteed 30 goal a season striker on the list of Arsenal possibilities this summer

    the likes of Ivan Toney are nowhere near, the gap is quality

    Mbappe is also all over the pitch, able to pick up the ball deep and dribble past defenders, the king of one-on-ones, the intimidation factor alone – sorry Toney et al there is no comparison

    about the only thing they do have in common is ego concerns, and a genuine concern here, could he to us what Ronaldo did to Man U, I don’t think so but a risk nonetheless

    Mbappe is out of contract this summer, but if Real balk at his wages then he will just stay at PSG who seem to be able to pay anything

    so it gonna happen, and thoughts he would take a big wage cut for a dream move to Arsenal is for the birds

    1. An argument on ifs..
      If we hadn’t bought Havertz meaning we had £65M and £300k+ weekly wage to spare, then we manage to sell Partey and free up 250k+ weekly wage plus some £25M+ fee, plus one or all of Cedric, Elneny, & Nketiah, won’t we have a decent amount for sign on fee (about £80M) and weekly wages of about £600k? That would be enough for the financials. Unfortunately we have Havertz, 😔

  4. Mbappe would likely play the inverted-LW role ahead of Martinelli, Trossard and Nelson, because he said that he is not a CF and would prefer to play from the left wing

    Mbappe would likely force Martinelli work harder, but Trossard and Nelson might have to be shipped out

    If Arsenal can afford Mbappe, I’d be very happy since he’s very pacey, skilled, tricky and productive

    1. 👌 Yea you are right.
      Also with time he may come to realisation that he can play as a very productive false9.
      I am sorry but I would rather have Mbape than Nelson & Trossard.

  5. There is no doubt that Mbappe has great ability and would guarantee goals at Arsenal. My question would be, has he the character to contribute to the team ethos at Arsenal? It should always be remembered that a champion team will always beat a team of champions.
    My view is that the money Mbappe would cost, can be better spent elsewhere to strengthen the team.

  6. Of course, Kylian Mpabbe will be good for Arsenal. He will win us trophies. After that it’s important. He will personally sabotage the Kronkes and let Qataris take over Arsenal. He will shame captain Odegaard into quitting the club. He will make life so hard for the management that Arteta will be sacked. He will personally revamp the current squad and bring in his pals from France and Africa. And he will bring the club into its financial knees. But the fans will be happy cause there is ambition and progress.

  7. No. I don’t think that what he does in Lique 1 can transfer successfully to the EPL. Yeah, he’s quick. But EPL defenders would look to do damage to him as soon as possible to put an end to that. Jus sayin…

  8. Mbappe has to choose whether he wants silly money from PSG or whether he wants to join a serious team.

    If he gets for the latter it will probably be Real Madrid

  9. No, not really. Martinelli does more for the team, is younger, and can be almost as good, if not just as good one day.

  10. He’s currently on £1.2m PER WEEK at PSG, even if he takes a 50% wage cut to join us we will be paying him £510k per week. My question is, why would he do that? This Thierry Henry theory is a non-starter he actually rejected us a few years back when PSG took out their cheque book. Oh! I forgot to mention the signing on fee he would require. Not doubting his ability a truly world class player who will enhance any team he joins but I just can’t see him at AFC.

  11. I think some of our fans have had a loss of memory!

    One of the major problems MA inherited, and Emery for that matter, was player power, and one of the major reasons we’re performing so much better, is because MA dismantled player power.

    Why chuck all that hard work down the drain for one player?

    Yes, Mbappe would offer us so much on the pitch, but at a huge risk, and I haven’t even mentioned the financial cost of signing him.

    He’ll be a Real Madrid player soon anyway.

  12. Absolutely not! Not even if he rakes a paycut and accept to earn 250k weekly.

    Mbampe may be a highly talented player, he doesn’t fit into what Arteta us currently building at Arsenal.

    We’re too far gone in the process to have a prima donna player come mess it up.

    And, he couldn’t help PSG win the CL even with the presence of Messi and Neymar and others, so he definitely wouldn’t help us either.

  13. World love to see him in an Arsenal shirt, pressing, tracking back and sticking two fingers up at everyone who ever said he had a bad attitude because he changed when he joined Arsenal and knuckled down, worked hard and became the greatest player in the world. Alas, it’s not gonna happen and he will never be a great player as his attitude lets him down. Turning his back to play when the ball wasn’t passed to him was disgusting and for that alone, he would need to make humongous amends to be ever called great. There are billions of people on this planet and odds are mathematically, that there are better players than him out there, that are undiscovered. For me Martinelli is 10 times better than him after seeing him on the Arsenal documentary and hearing how humble he and his family is. Martinelli plays football because he loves it and isn’t concerned about the money, he’s already changed his family’s life completely and is utterly grateful for that. Then you have the petulant Mbappe on the other hand who had probably earned a legacy for his family, in the first year of professional football alone, acting like football is a solo game and all about him. He’s probably played too much playstation and needs to wake up to the fact that football is a team sport and teamwork means harmony with those around you, getting on and being nice to each other, not throwing your toys out the pram just because Messi passed the ball to Neymar instead of you and walking to the edge of the pitch to sulk. So yes would like to see him at Arsenal but only after medical science creates a personality transplant machine. You never know… Elon?

  14. A great player no doubt but the details about him makes it mission impossible. I’ve always been against the exergerated signing fees levied on some players and the wages they command.Its as if you are buying the whole world when in real sense these are normal humans who can have an off day or even get injured just like the rest.I hope to see a rule on the maximum amount a player should cost in the transfer market.
    If we need a left winger we just cross over to Brighton, either of Adingra or Mitoma will fit in well with us.

  15. NO! As mentioned before, his group mentality is toxic. He’s only thinking about personal stardom. When it comes to French players, I will choose our Saliba a million times over Mbappé, or any other massively over-payed superstar for that matter.

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