What’s best for Arsenal from tonight’s Champions League clash?

Of course it would be much better for Arsenal fans if we were still involved in the Champions League, but unfortunately for us we got arguably the toughest draw in the first knockout phase and when we faced Barcelona in that double header they were at the peak of their powers and had not hit the poor run of form that has seen their nine point lead of La Liga cut to nothing and their own UCL exit at the quarter-final stage.

And let’s be honest Gooners, even if Arsenal had got past the holders we would probably have not gone any further judging by the way we’ve been playing. However, as well as a place in next season’s competition now being our only realistic target for the rest of the current season, the Champions League could still hold an interest for Arsenal fans.

The reason for this is the continued involvement of EPL rivals Man City. Not only is Arsene Wenger embroiled in a tussle with Manuel Pellegrini over a top three or top four finish, we still have to play them away next weekend. So what Arsenal really want is for the semi-final against Real Madrid to be a distraction for City and to have a negative effect on their league form.

There is a good chance of that really, especially as Pellegrini is off in the summer and so not all that bothered about whether they finish third or fourth or even fifth. He and the players are surely desperate to win the European cup and that could work in our favour, first of all if they drop points in the league away to Southampton on Sunday and then against us the following Sunday, when they will have played in Madrid on the Wednesday night.

What Arsenal want, in my opinion, is a tight and hard fought game tonight and then extra time next week. I am not really sure whether it would be better for us if they go out because as well as hitting their confidence it could inspire them to focus on the league.

Meanwhile, getting to the final could boost their morale but also distract them. What do you think would be the best result for Arsenal?

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  1. Yeah I expect hart to be their motm today.
    Real madrid are becoming too predictable.

    It can be as you predict that the game goes to extra time and eats up the energy levels of the mancs.

    1. I’m pretty sure that whatever happens tonight, we won’t see extra time today.

      I hope Real Madrid wins the whole thing, but it would also be fun with Pellegrini winning the CL the season he’s being fired. But from an arsenal supporters point of view? Real Madrid, Real Madrid and Real Madrid are the options we should hope for.

  2. I think the best result for Arsenal would be for Wenger to leave or be sacked.
    Seriously I can see your point but you are right , even if we had got past Barca would we really have done anything. I am tired trying to figure out fixtures and results just so see if we can get into the PLAYOFFS to see if we can get into a comp that we get thumped in again. Does any one remember the 3 teams above us the the sh@t easy group with 3 or 4 games to go ?
    Does anyone really even care ?
    Arsenal are crap and need to focus on ourselves and not the results and performances of others. Sounds idealistic ? Maybe but I am happy to delight in a red card suspension to the top striker of the top team when we are breathing down their necks for the title but otherwise please leave me to snooze while watching Coronation St re runs.

    The answer is simple…get rid of Wenger , yesterday. Don’t even let him finish the season.

  3. Here we go again the author of this article is relaying on others to do the job for Arsenal. If we can’t beat City of our own accord don’t try and get others to do it for us. A load of cra.p

  4. Arsenal should make a summer bid for Varane, a big one. Under Zidane he isn’t first team. Pepe and Ramos make the CB again today.

    1. Varane is the future. Only Wenger would be dumb enough to sell him. Better option would be someone who’s almost as good, playing for a team that actually needs the money from the sale (Laporte). I would also recommend Umtiti, since we’re on the topic of young frenchies at CB.

      1. Anyone who listened to Varane speak about his future and his willingness to fight at a big club, knows that boy ain’t going nowhere.

  5. Last season we screwed up against Monaco, a team we should have beaten. We didn’t even get the last laugh by signing Kondogbia

    This season we screwed up in the group stage, by losing to dynamo and olympiakos early. It wasn’t impossible to finish ahead of Bayern had we won those matches but we got Barca and they ran riot over us.

    Getting a top striker will help us win the PL but to win the CL you need a top defense and top attack.

    To win CL we need to get a Top CB, Top DM, Top winger and CF in my opinion ie Howedes, Waynama, Mahrez and Lukaku or Hummels, Krychowiak, Aubemeyang, Lewandowski or Verane, Busquets, Reus, Morata

  6. I read that if Arsenal come fourth and liverpool won Europa we would still have qualification. Also says even if city won the CL we would still have qualification as five teams from any country are aloud. It says the only way of us finishing in the top four and missing out, is if both city and pool win cups while both of them finish outside the top four. Is this true. I thought if liv won they would take fourth place position from us. Or if city finished fifth and won they would take the fourth place position.

  7. I read many times the Name Benni Höwedes. Have you ever seen him? He runs like frankenstein and his ball control is not better. Forget him!!! He has the worst technic in the whole bundesliga. No joke!

  8. Cities league form has improved since KDB returned from injury and I don’t think that it would make any difference to that form even if they get knocked out by Real Madrid.

    It’s Liverpooh who we need to get knocked out of the Europa league ?? So Wenger can sleep easy regarding 4th. ?
    Bless him ??

    1. Liverpool winning the europa will not affect us… they will be the 5th english side in the champions league…..like sevilla last season

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