What’s going on with Arsenal’s goalkeeper issues?

Raya on the move?


Brentford beat Premier League side Southampton 2-0 in the Carabao Cup second round fixture last night at St Mary’s Stadium, but there was one notable absentee- their keeper David Raya was nowhere to be seen amongst the team sheet.


Now I am never one to speculate, and although today it has been announced that we are close to signing Runar Alex Runarsson for £1.6m from Dijon, there have also been reports on Sky Sports that our very own Matt Macey is deciding on his own future, so if he left we would again be left with just two goalkeepers, and if rumours are to be believed we could be in the running to sign Raya and then loan him back to Brentford for the season, while Runarsson gets himself familiar with Arsenal.


Wouldn’t that be the ideal situation having just lost Martinez. Although I would have much rather kept Martinez!


As Raya was absent even from the bench, could it be that he is in talks to join us despite us being seemingly close to getting Runarsson?


A position in which we were finishing the season with strong competitive talents, has gone from world class standard to just Leno, his back up of Macey and now a keeper who we don’t really know enough about, but seems to be coming in on the cheap so will give us the funds we need to sign Aouar and Partey, we hope.


I for once hope all of our keepers prove me wrong, especially Leno because we have worked so hard to get the team building up to where it needs to be, to then lose points, league positions, trophy and structure because of our goalkeepers, would really bring a downer on what looks set to be a pretty decent team for Arsenal.


Gooners what do you make of the GK rumours and issues we now face?


Shenel Osman

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  1. I really don’t see why we need a new goalie, we have macey and Dejan Iliev, we are very strong in that department, besides what message will this send to the academy keepers. Why pay 10million for for a 25 years goalie and loan him back for another season, he will be 26 by the time he get back to us, I really don’t understand arsenal sometimes.

    1. The rumour is Macey wants to leave too if Arsenal bring in another keeper? Spitting his dummy out? Buying a keeper and loaning him out for the rest of the season is not an option!

  2. We have to try and keep the family we know better and if the family demand for leaving us, that will be little problem but we’ll overcome it. And trust the new man who want to be part of the Gunners family ok.. they will have to do their best to get us going as well..man leaving Man coming.. not the lazy man.

  3. I don’t think we have any keeper issues. Why would we pay £10 + million for Raya? If (and a big if) we sign anyone it will be Runarsson.

  4. Please, do everything to keep Macey!!! Even if it entails still getting the other two
    We cannot keep losing goalkeepers. How has Leno guaranteed the new Arsenal of best performance? He has to work harder to justify why he was preferred to a winner of our two trophies recently. God bless us

  5. Leno doesn’t have much to prove, he is the best keeper and if not for injury he would have been at the post for both fa cup final and community shield. He knows Arteta’s pattern well that’s why he was preferred to martinez. Leno is the future of Germany national team. I hope he gets better and not let us regret letting martinez go because martinez did a lot but we can’t keep him because he wants to be number 1 and start every game

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