What’s gone wrong with the Arsenal Womens Team?

Things are not getting any easier for our women!

The tests are not just off the pitch with our forever mounting injury list, but also with our competitions and the opponents we face.

With the squad we have at our disposal I thought we would be having a, not easy campaign, but one that wasn’t as troubled as what it seems to be right now.

Of course, injuries never help situations, but the ladies seem to be struggling even on days where they should be winners both on and off paper. I don’t understand what is going on right now, we just cannot seem to win comfortably or convincingly.

Is it, the tactics from Joe Montemurro are just not working, have teams worked out the Arsenal way and now know how to stop us, are the players just not fit enough? I don’t know, but whatever it is it needs to change and fast otherwise we will be knocked off of the top of the table and may just about make top four for this season.

Where cups are concerned, we have already lost out on the FA Cup from last season, as that couldn’t be completed due to the pandemic. So, we will go again in this seasons FA Cup and League Cup as well as try to maintain top spot in a very competitive and close Women’s Super League season.

To be on top of every game is going to be a challenge for the season, given how even the “smaller” teams if you can call them that, can give us a run for our money, I know all that matters at the end of games is the three points and the trophies but if you just about grind out the results and don’t showcase all the talent and strength you have at a comfortable level then questions will seriously be asked on the ability of the squad.

And we don’t want it to be a case of “oh Arsenal got lucky” we want it to be a case of “Arsenal are real threats and real challengers and EVERY club is scared to play against them.” Thoughts Gooners?

Shenal Osman

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