What’s happened to Alexis Sanchez?

With a potential title challenge on the cards, it goes without saying that Arsenal must get the best out of their star players. However, one player who has not been up to his usual best of late is Alexis Sanchez. Since returning from a hamstring problem, the player simply has not been able to exert his influence on games.

We thought he would be ready to teach his old club Barcelona a lesson but it simply wasn’t to be. Even during the Gunners’ FA Cup draw against Hull City in the weekend, the Chilean, who was introduced as Arsene Wenger’s trump card, simply was not able to turn the game for his team. Despite being his usual energetic and hard-working self, Sanchez really seems to lack a bit of cutting-edge at the moment, and boy how Arsenal need him to find it!

Gooners worldwide can only hope that the Chilean is just finding his feet again after a spell on the sidelines due to a hamstring problem. On his day, Alexis can be a nightmare for any defence in world football and with the Gunners still alive and firing in two out of three competitions, it is really crucial for Alexis Sanchez to start finding form again.

Without a shadow of a doubt, this is a player who is capable of carrying a team on his shoulders, as we saw last season. Despite a poor run of form and injury issues, we know that a fully fit and focused Alexis Sanchez has the ability to fire Arsenal to the title. So here’s hoping that our star man finds some form ahead of a crucial run of fixtures that will determine the Gunners’ title credentials.

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  1. he got arsenal syndrom, great season and than lost it all, i remember ramsey few seasons ago, amazing, now not even shadow of that, superstars my ass, its all about $$$$$

    1. I call BS on this. Ramsey returned in style after his injury and ironically had a cracker of a game at Carrow. His form was still good until the end of the season.

    2. This is not a knock on Giroud but I noticed that Sanchez had his best spells in the past when Giroud was’t playing…Remember when Giroud was out injured last season, he was the one carrying the team…I personally feel the best Arsenal side I have seen from this squad was the one that played towards the end of last season which also then played in the fa cup final vs AV. Then we have Walcott playing in place of G, Ramsey on the right, and Cazorla dictating tempo in the middle. With the front 4 of Sanchez Walcott Ozil and Ramsey pressing from the front and Coquelin intercepting everything then, we won a lot of loose balls in the middle and was able to start our counter attack in the opponent half with speed, resulting in us scoring a lot of goals. If i am not mistaken…this front 6 also played in the 3 – 0 defeat of MU and 5 – 2 defeat of Leicester…With cazorla not available now, in my humble opinion elneny or arteta seems to be the best ball distributor in the squad to allow ramsey to move to the right now but but both players are not without issues. Elneny seems to have tidy ball distribution but at the moment i agree with wenger he seems to lack power and always look like he can be easily brush off in the physical english game, which was also the case with cazorla until he polish up on this apect a couple of seasons ago and he is irreplaceble in the middle now…Arteta….? I can’t even keep track of the time he was fit to play for us this season.

      1. Play Alexis Sanchez thru the middle. His trickery and instinct to shoot will benefit Arsenal. he can rotate with Walcott in the course of the game. Ramsey on the right while Elneny plays as CM. Giroud as substitute. That was what Wenger should have done against Barca. Sanchez is what we have close to Aguero and Suarez.

    3. Ramsey isn’t poor, he’s been forced to play the Cazorla role which isn’t his strength, when will you guys get this ?? The whole team is suffering because of Santi’s absence, and as long as the manager refuses to buy top quality back-up we will always struggle when one of our midfielders are injured. When Ramsey was injured, we got detroyed by Bayern even though we had Cazorla, Ozil and Coquelin in the side, that should tell you how important every starting midfielder is and how mistaken the manager has been for refusing to add more quality to the squad.

    4. Sanches is easy to read his game. All teams now no he can’t kick with his left and cuts inside. He would be better either right side or up front. But he would have to be A better than Wellbeck B better than Campbell, so for Wenger to play him he plays left side but contributes F::: k all. CB

  2. He’s not hit the heights of last season, but let’s not forget he hasn’t been back in the team for very long since his injury. I thought he played very well last night. Looked lively and dangerous.

    1. Off topic, first off , I want to state that I am not a fan of flamini, far from it, and this goes back a long while back when he had one good season, and then push for a move to AC Milan…where he rotted for many seasons until we pick him up last season when he could no longer run, and his best years are clearly behind him.. He evidently got decent wages too at Arsenal this time around judging from his refusal to move out early this season when a few club apparently showed interest. Anyhow I think he should move on next season even though his contributions in some big games this season is duly noted….

      Anyway I am sure everyone was wondering against Barca, why bring flamini for coq…It was a ‘what the fish’:) substitution and it bpuzzles me until i saw the replay of the 1st goal…. There were two cases of lack of discipline involving Coq that led to this particular goal. First mistake , wrong positioning, he was in a more advance position than Neymar when Neymar received the ball from iniesta ..Coq did make a token challenge but Neymar managed to release the ball to Suarez….the bigger mistake was what was about to follow, Suarez against all odd was able to pass the ball back to Neymar… and rather than being toe to toe with Neymar where was Coq at this point.?..yeah …he had stop running/ tracking Neymar after the first challenge….leaving Neymar one on one vs Mert:) and giving Monreal no choice except to go and assist him…which leave messi wide open ( and Coq no way near the action). While this can be atrributed to his lack of full match fitness, as i have no doubt Wenger will claim if queried on this matter, his substitution coming immediately after the goal made me wonder whether Arsene made the substitution out of frustration. Because for me i would still have a half fit Coq when we are down 1 nil and chasing the game …than have two players at the back Mert and Flame , who can’t run…

      1. You are talking rubbish! Which match were you watching? Mert singlehandedly caused the first goal and partialy contributed to the second. He defended high up field but when the ball was lost rather than run with Neymer he went for a sliding tackle hoping to push the ball over the line for a throw in. Bellerin couldn’t catch up and Monreal who was marking Messi had to run across field to cover for Bellerin leaving Messi free to score. In the Chelsea game when the ball was floated to Costa who was about to be free on goal rather than run with him Mert went for a similar tackle against Costa whjch earned him a deserved red card.
        A good defender wouldn’t go for a tackle when he was to supposed to run with the attacker. Mert lacks pace, Wenger and the whole world know this. which was rightly exploited by Barca. For the second goal Flamini was slow to react to the drop ball from Mert which was the only thing he could do in that circumstance considering the height of the ball. Flamini lacks anticipation that’s why he is always yellow carded for late tackles.

  3. He had the same thing in Spain and took him 4 months. But I have a feeling they don’t want to play for AW. The big stars won’t stay because he won’t spend simple as that and if he can’t see where our problems are then he has no place in football. He needs TH as his number 2 for two seasons then take over. He has passed it now and Steve bold well just sits there doing crap all. And what’s this with the next captain being peter? Sorry only been there 6 months and I would want to give it to a player who changes games like Ozill. He fits in now so well but Arsenal need to make sure they keep him. A S I think will go and I do fancy man city but they will need to splash the cash. Big changes needed and this is not because of last night it’s the lot. But AW taking FQ of with under 10 to go was just madness coz we could have gone Spain 0-1 down and you never no

    1. This is simply stupid. If there’s any coach in this world leaving to express your football that’s got to be Wenger. OK, he may not be the same Wenger as a decade ago but thinking players will not play for Wenger is borderline stupid. I rememeber people here said the same two seasons ago when we played Wigan at the Wembley. We went and win that one with a Wenger’s tactics masterclass in the second half and extra time. So, if you think we will do a Manure (although that’s also far fetched) you may want to take off your Daily Mail spectacles and have a beer. Because this is not for you mate.

        1. With huge profit. Wenger could have ruined RvP career if he was the same mould as Ferguson. And Arsenal was very lenient against Fabregas because I would have fined him until the end of his contract for refusing to play.

  4. Downside Form………..so much pressure….. No new world class signing to supplement them

    what really does boost this team spirit is a Top Top signing

    Remember OziL when he 1st joined…… And Sanchez after that

    Everyone was in full spirit…..

    1. Ozil had two good games when he came and got shocked by the EPL welcome for one season and a half. It is totaly the opposite.

  5. I’m not concerned about Alexis.He can not carry the team on his shoulders just for being WC player nor Ozil. Any top player would be frustrated when you got a bunch around you who do not even have the same fighting spirit when needed? Also, he was almost 2 months off and take 3 to 4 weeks again to regain your positional awareness , touch and finishing.. He and ozil were promised Quality additions which have not been delivered so GET OFF him and Question Our beloved coach for not delivering what evryone wants. Why paying 140k to Theo when isnt worth of it? and 150k to alexis? I hope he does not move to City with Pep and Ozil to Utd with Mou..we have been deceived all this years..200 millions in the bank for what? 4th place and last 16 UCL year in and year out?

    1. than how did Suarez carry liverpool? hahahahahaha Alexis is bad and thats reality worst his season, if you are good than you are good, no excuses, i wont even start about OG, who is first in EPL, how did they do it? no superstars, so how? why cant Wenger do that? becouse he cant period.

  6. You know what fires up the team/players the most? Competition… That feeling when someone is going to take over your starting position. Unfortunately, at Arsenal some players are simply guaranteed to be in the starting XI almost every single game for whatever reason. The likes of Ramsey, (recently) Ox, Giroud, and Sanchez (YES, Sanchez) all need to get a reality check. Put them on the bench for 2-3 games, give some playing time to guys like Campbell, Iwobi, Elneny (who does he have to kill to get some minutes?), and then you’ll be surprised with the result. I remember when Theo took over from Giroud for a few games. It was good for both of them, because both were trying extra hard, and it created for a very healthy competitive environment. That’s what we need game in and game out, and not some preferential treatment.

  7. Seems to be a familiar scenario at Arsenal, one and a half seasons and the edge disappears.
    Sanchez really did carry Arsenal on his shoulders, that`s not good management. The fans cried out for more class signings to support him. Ozil was too slow out of the blocks to make an impression last season we needed a Suarez type but we got Giroud, a good player but not of the class needed at this level. we need new blood. Will it happen? I don`t think so. Wenger is Kroenke`s accountant in Britain and he couldn`t give a damn about football or what the supporters think just so long as the money rolls in.

  8. Alexis and Ozil should be our best players, they are bought to do things that others cant, so why they cant do that? tired? just came from injury? truth they just dont care, in arsenal its ok to be loser, express yourself, Wenger told them, they are doing it really good.

    1. Alamir
      Ozil Is the PL assist leader who Is on the verge of breaking Henry’s PL assist record (without the help of WC CF ) He Is producing WC football.

      Alexis just needs a few more matches to get to his best.

      BTW Alexis Is the hardest worker we have . He cares big time. He wants to play every matcg even when injured. On holidays he trained hard. One of the reasons Ozil Is the beast he is today is because he built muscle in the weight room over the summer

      Both are dedicated as hell. Its unfair to attack their attitude

      1. Yes Ozil did all that, but he is brought in team cuz of that, his only skill is to make assists, while Sanchez work hard and loses his energy for stupid chasses and than cant run counter attacks when needed, and i am not attacking only them, they are all weak and passionless, in order to win they all need to preform, Ramsey is so bad now its not even funny, our defence is probably best thing this season.

    2. Maybe because it’s ok to be a loser in Arsenal Sanchez is under-performing, as in he is disappointed with the club and it’s obvious exclusive focus on revenue.

  9. I don’t know what’s up with Sanch but I wish he was stop giving the ball away by not knowing when to release it and instead going round in circles like a wind up robot who has one leg stuck in a crack.

  10. Going out of the ECL is good
    for Arsenal’s EPL aspirations.
    Sanchez like the whole
    team is almost back.
    Just how close we are we will find out Sunday when
    we play Man U who only have two full days
    to recover from their Thursday night game.
    Citeh won which is great news.
    They will fold under the weight of all their fixtures.
    Hopefully Spurs will beat Fiorentina and go deep into the
    Europa and also fold under the weight of too many games.
    I now see Leicester as our main opposition for the league.

  11. Give Alexis a little bit more time and he will be back to his usual self.
    At times during the Barca game, I think he held onto the ball a little bit too long. Not realising it quick enough. But having said that, Alexis worked his socks off in that game.

    This article should be saying…. WHATS HAPPENED TO THEO WALCOTT.
    I was hoping he would make some sort of impact when he came on from the bench. But you get the same thing from Theo all the time. I swear I’ve never seen him use any sort of skill to beat a player. He has his pace, but you hardly ever see him trying to take people on……

    Let’s just smash United at the weekend and get things back on track!!

  12. As The Sun reported a few weeks ago, he might have had a conversation with the higher powers of Arsenal FC, and he might have heard that the club doesn’t want to strengthen the squad for the following season in a way Sanchez sees fit. So he might have found himself feeling rather down realizing he plays for the greediest feeder club in the world with no title ambition whatsoever.
    I reckon he will be sold to Bayern.

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