What’s the odds on Arsenal signing a top, top, top striker if Vardy declines?

The Arsenal transfer rumours are a little thin on the ground at the moment with Arsene Wenger over at the Euros as usual, so I thought I’d have a little peek at what the bookies are forecasting the chances of the Gunners landing any big name strikers if the Jamie Vardy saga fails to come to fruition.

And I must say it doesn’t look in the slightest bit promising to be honest! Regarding the rumours about Vardy’s teammate Riyad Mahrez, it would appear that he is our best chance of a star coming to the Emirates, and Unibet have him priced at 3/1 to be at Arsenal next season, but he is a very short priced 1/5 to remain with Ranieri at Leicester. So there is not much confidence there really.

For one of the top, top, top out-and-out strikers out there, it is little surprise that Karim Benzema is a 13/2 chance to be a Gunner, but again he is 2/13 on to still be at Real Madrid. What about the betting on Alexandre Lacazette, who we thought may be a viable option? Well we can forget it, the bookies don’t even list Arsenal in the betting!

Surprisingly we ARE in the betting for Antoine Griezmann but a rank outside at 33/1. Even for Christian Benteke we are out at 12/1 behind six other clubs. What about Ronaldo? We are only 40/1 to get him. Surely that should be 4000/1 in reality!

Is Daniel Sturridge a possibility? He is odds on to stay at Liverpool, but only 4/1 to join the Gunners. Perhaps he is our backup plan? Edison Cavani has been mentioned today as a possible, but the best price for him is 30/1.

Now the seriously top strikers. Lavezzi is a 17/1 shot. Higuain is surprisingly only 10/1 (do the bookies know something we don’t lol). We are 100/1 to get Neymar, but only 20/1 to get Lewandowski (drool….). Luis Suarez is only 10/1 to realise he made a mistake in choosing Barcelona and decides to join us instead!

For a couple of players that we thought were possibles, we have Mario Gotze priced at 16/1 and Romelu Lukaku is at 18/1, which is hardly going to fill us with confidence either.

So that about covers every top striker out there I think, and according to the betting we are nowhere near having a chance with any of them. Is it possible that Wenger has put all his eggs in one basket, and it’s Vardy or no-one?


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  1. ‘The seriously top strikers’ – Lavezzi?? Are you seriously putting him in that bracket? Madness…. He went with the money to PSG which always puts a warning sign for me..
    I remember seeing Arseblog post last week that we have other targets if Vardy falls through but he’s the only one we’re actively pursuing at the moment.

  2. its one thing to target a top class striker…its another for the striker to b willing to come…he’ll ask himself “what can they offer that I don’t have here”
    higuain-higher wages
    auba-higer wages
    lukaku-champions league, higher wages
    vardy-higher wages
    griezmann-higher wages
    dybala-higher wages….
    lewa and Benz r out, griezmann, lukaku, auba and dybala r young and will have d cash pits of Europe chasing them…which means astronomical transfer fees/wage(we’ll definitely lose in d bidding war)…huguain is a viable option but with a transfer fee of 55m and 200k wages for a 29 year old????…BONKERS!!!!! I don’t know about u but I feel we shld do everytin legal/illegal to get vardy…by 2-3 years time, others strikers will have surfaced but for now there’s a limited pool and d richest club r d sharks…i would like any of d young strikers but it doesn’t mean we shld pay 40m more than their market value like its an auction!!!!

  3. I don’t see us sign a top top striker as the odds you list confirm or suggest.

    The main reason I don’t believe we will sign one is that I am not convinced that Wenger believes or realizes that we desperately need one. Whether he is stubborn or delusional I believe he thinks Giroud can do the job.

    If Wenger was convinced he needed a top top striker he is smart and capable enough to sign one.
    Truth is, IMO, he simply is not convinced we need a top top striker. He probably, and at best, thinks we need to sign an other player to fill in for Welbeck, but he didn’t even rate Welbeck ahead of Giroud. If he signs a Janssen, don’t expect him to get a chance to dislodge Giroud.

  4. If Vardy does reject us, it sends a very negative message to the rest of the world about Arsenal’s pulling power. If we can’t sign a striker from Leicester, pushing 30, with an offer of a huge wage, then that’s worrying!

    Worse still, what if Giroud has a good tournament. It looks like he’s their main striker, so he’ll get plenty of game time, and scored in the opener. Would Wenger really spend big on top striker if Giroud keeps scoring?

    Any striker that plays well in the Copa America, and the Euros, will see their valuations sore, meaning it’s less likely Wenger will sign a top striker. Even less likely if Giroud plays well. This is why I was hoping Wenger would sign someone before these tournaments.

  5. A Top, Top, Top Striker? ? ? Hahaha! … Who? … Wenger? ? The failed attempt to sign Vardy, says it all.
    Personally, I would rather we signed nothing instead of signing him.

    And yes, wenger is delusional, if Welbeck wasn’t out for 9 months, he wouldn’t of even entertained the thought of trying to sign a striker and if Vardy was his main target in that department then we are doomed. ???

  6. Vardy would’ve joined Arsenal before the euros started. Arsenal know the backlash they will get if we don’t sign a top striker. There was definitely interest in Morata. Vardy was just a cheaper quicker option to appease fans. We’ve got all summer of this ?

  7. IF Vardy declines?…..whatever planet the writer is he really needs to come down back to earth because Vardy has most definitely declined, one has to be kind of delusional to still hold any hopes of him signing after leaving the club hanging…. Not as if am complaining tho, the guy has all the markings of a one season wonder and also a small team kind of player who is also one dimensional….am not sure whether to be angry at Wenger and the board for making overtures for such an average player like Vardy or at Vardy, for having the temerity to leave AFC hanging, more so after offering him 120k per week, a serious jump from.the 60k he was earning at LCFC…..at age 29, after just one outstanding season….Marcus Stewart, Michu, Kevin Phillips, Kevin Doyle, James Beattie…..just to mention a few one season wonders

  8. I watched the Wales match yesterday and all the comentaters (ex Pro’s) were very impressed by Ramsey. The ratings say much the same. The only people slating him were Arsenal fans on this site! Yesterday it looked like they were queuing up to attack him. Lots of you hate him and talk about him like he’s the enemy or captain of Spurs or something. I don’t get you going out of your way to find fault with him. Totally Biased against one of your own?!?!

    1. Perhaps he plays a different role with Wales? Perhaps Ramsey doesn’t get played on the right wing like he mostly does for Arsenal and which, to his own admittance, is not his strong suit?

      Perhaps Ramsey’s best position is in central midfield where he can direct and control play? Like Rosicky, Wilshire, Ozil, Cazorla, we have many players who’s best position is central midfield play maker. Only one player gets to play that role. Ozil mostly plays that role for us.

      This means that the other natural play-makers and central midfielders have been played out of their preferred position. Ramsey has been moved all over the pitch but mostly on the right wing, as had Wilshire, Santi has been moved back to DM. All these players have commented on being played out of their preferred position. Wilshire and Ramsey are definitely not natural wingers.

      To me this is the biggest reason Ramsey and others get criticized. Not for their ability but for the way they play their position. Let’s face it we can not disagree with Wenger that Ozil is a better play maker than Ramsey as is Santi IMO, but we can question Wenger for playing players out of position.

      How many of our players are often played out of their preferred position? To my liking too many. I know Theo has gotten a lot of stick, but give him regular game time and he is a better right wing player than Ramsey in my book. Theo has the pace to get to the by line and is a much better crosser than Ramsey. He was quite deadly with RVP to pit away his crosses.

      Problem with Theo IMHO, is that he was mismanaged. He wanted to be a central striker (I am not sure that his his best position) and Wenger wanted to keep him so promised him he would be.
      Then he never got a real chance to own the central striker role which blew his confidence, yet neither did he get put back on the right wing and told that this was his only chance to feature.

      I would not be at all surprised if Theo leaves for an other club and get told what is expected from him and gets regular games that we will see a very effective player.

      It seem to me we pay the prize for moving players around too often. Jack was an Ozil, then we tried him as DM and winger, Chambers came as a right back but was moved quickly to CD and then on to DM. Sanchez was originally sold to us a striker (to replace RVP?). Then he never really got a chance to be a central striker despite possibly be our best finisher, instead he was moved to the left wing. Then he was discovered by defenders for always cutting back to his right foot, so Wenger said he was more unpredictable on the right wing so he got some games on the right (where he played for Barca) etc etc etc.

      We move players around and away from their natural positions too often for my liking.

      1. I think that you have made a very valid point in regards to arsenal players, but we also must understand that all these players are going to want to play whether are not the position they are placed in is what their skill set is most suited for, you will never hear Ramsay say Walcott should be played over him, because he his a better winger.

        I think we will be having a lot of discontent among the squad this season, with so many players being healthy in the midfield and also incoming new midfielders

      2. You make sense BUT then, Ramsey had a chance to play a deep lying central role whilst Cazorla was out injured for most of last season and he made a complete and utter.mess of that chance and role…..and folks were always saying that should b his natural role…..i dou t if even he himself knows what role suits him best, but one thing is certain, he needs to cut out all the fancy step overs and flicks sooner rather.than later

  9. I wasn’t at all impressed by Ramsay for Wales. He didn’t look fit, he kept passing the ball backwards and when he had a chance to do something constructive he did a Wilshere and ran into a player or fell over. He plays better for Arsenal when he can get forward centrally. I see him as a rotation player, but AW clearly sees him as a starter.

  10. Don’t really get why people keep saying Vardy would be a one season wonder, it blows my mind. Some players are just late bloomers, for example Payet, he has been in the French league for some years now and he wasn’t seriously chased by any of the big clubs until Westham got him, but I bet now that his price tag will be double after the euros, so that’s just the funny thing about football. All the other one season wonders in the epl didn’t even score up to 20 goals in the season, the highest is Michu 19 goals, but Jamie V. Scored a rocking 24 goals!!! And gave his team the title with the help of his other team mates men that’s outstanding. Next season which ever team he plays for I believe he would get at least 15 goals. Vardy is fast, rugged and can score goals, he is also a winner that I mean is all the qualities we need in a striker. If we get him I will be over the moon but if we don’t no problem with that, then Mr. Arsene should just get a good striker.

  11. Basically, the odds are zero/zilch/nada/crap/nonexistent/billions-to-one that we will sign anything apporaching a top striker, or even a striker that scores goals.

    Vardy is the sum total of our risk averse managers ambitions. A player that scored 20+ goals last season in the EPL, so is seen as a ‘safe’ bet to score for Arsenal. He signs unknowns because there is no risk of criticism from fans or pundits..

    Wenger will sign an established name when the world is at peace and disease free – i.e the twelfth of never. As ever, I pray we’re all wrong….but…..

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