When a manager speaks you just know the Arsenal rumours are true

Every day now we are subjected to a ton of Arsenal transfer rumours and the biggest problem with all that gossip is what is true or what is simply fake news?

One of the ways to define if a particular piece of gossip is true is if it gets a response from a players club or representative, it gives weight to the speculation that would otherwise be nothing more than unfounded gossip.

That is exactly what has now happened with Charlton Athletic defender Joe Aribo.

We have been linked with the 22-year-old in recent weeks which has prompted a response from his manager, Lee Bowyer.

Speaking to the South London Press, Bowyer said: “If it’s true then it’s good on our behalf. It means the job we are doing with him is a good job.

“But I think it’s his agent, if I’m honest. I’m not reading too much into that.

“I spoke to Joe last week, I had a meeting with him. He wants to sign and I think it’s just trying to agree with his agent.

“Joe likes it here. He’s learning and improving – that’s all you can say.

“He knows this is a good place for him to be. The lad is improving lots.”

OK, let’s analyse that, Bowyer claims it is his agent, that alone is confirmation that there is something to the rumours and that they have not been made up.

It may well be just the agent pushing the rumours to get a better deal for his client in contract renegotiations and Arsenal may not actually know anything about any of this, but who knows, not even Bowyer knows, he is just guessing it is the agent playing games.

It is also noticeable how Bowyer, on one hand, says he thinks it is the agent but then goes on to say it shows they are doing a good job with the lad if the rumours are true.

For my part, I do believe there is substance to the rumours and while I would not be surprised if it was indeed just the agent doing what agents do when they are trying to get the best deals, I would also not be at all surprised if we do try and land the young midfielder, who will be available for free in the summer.

What is true, however, is that with this particular rumour it has more substance to it than what a hell of a lot of rumours generally have.


  1. It will be excellent if he turns out to be like Holding, good and cheap

    But if Arsenal want a proven box-to-box CM that stands out against PSG, they had better chase Tanguy Ndombele. I think he could link well Lacazette and Aubameyang

  2. I would have thought we have more than enough potential in our youth set up to not need another midfield player.While buying young English players is commendable I just cannot see this lad being an improvement on what we already have.We will miss Ramsey of that I’m sure.His performances this season are credit to him for staying focused and committed knowing he was not going to be here next season.But his position is covered in our existing squad with ESR ready to make an impact and other talent coming through.
    Emery will give young players a chance.If we do get CL Football next season we will likely be a third seed team in a group of four so not too much room to rotate and experiment as we have done in the Europa League.But that’s not to say they will not be introduced gradually.
    I read that Dan Crowley has had a Stella first season in Holland and both PSV and Feyenord are seriously looking at him.With both him and Gnarby going at the same time we could have genuinely lost two priceless talents.Lets trust the Club not to make the same mistake again

    1. Ismael Bennacer is the one which is painful because had he been patient he could’ve been starting for us.Theres a reason why Napi were in for him.He’s been very impressive since leaving and imo a better talent than Guendouzi and AMN.Kelechi Nwakali is also a youngster I rate very much and I just don’t get why he’s been sent to a pointless to Porto B where he doesn’t even play at times.That guy is a quality youngster and when he gets to play in the right team he will be one of the best African midfielders.

      1. Kev-I just don’t know too much about the lad other than he was very highly thought of but he seemed too impatient for first team football.Is that correct do you think?Got to say our youth development seems to have really progressed over the last few years.We have seen glimpses of them this season and I believe more will get the opportunity over the next couple of seasons.The problem seems to be keeping them grounded and not letting them all believe they can go abroad and be an instant success like the lad who left Citeh for Dortmund.
        Reiss Nelson has recently had a wake up call and seems to have come through.If he returns next season then he will no doubt get game time and start pressing.
        A good mate really follows the youth sides and he says the talent is unbelievable at all levels.So with BFG and Freddie overseeing them we could really start to see them break through in the Not too distant future.Im hoping to see a few youth team games from now until the end of the season (first team and golf course permitting) and will give you my thoughts when I do.But have to say I believe we will rue the day we let Serge Gnarby slip through our fingers.What on earth was Wenger thinking when he allowed him to go to WBA on loan and under Tony (short arsed bald headed twat) Pulis of all people? A prodigious talent like Gnarby being coached by that dinosaur of a Manager.No wonder the lad wanted out.Never got a look in.Hardly surprising as the boy is a proper footballer and Pulis is just an outdated moron who has never coached a decent player in his career.

      2. Totally agree with you on Kelechi…….too many pointless loans……..hopefully Arsenal gets his documentation for eligibility straightened out…….

  3. Phil’s points are well made, but having seen Aribo he is a very promising ball winning left footed powerhouse who is unlike the other talented youngsters on our books.To me he would put a lot of pressure on Xhaka to perform more consistently and could even take over from the slow moving Switz in the not too distant future.With Elneny also likely to be moving on the acquisition of Aribo makes a lot of sense.

    1. Have to admit I just don’t know anything about him Grandad so can only be guided by you.In regards Xhaka I can state he has improved vastly this season under Emery.He has gone from utter rubbish to very consistently average.Needs to do a lot more to convince Most that he is worth a squad place let alone a place in the first team.Perhaps this lad is the answer to replacing him but AMN and Willock play that role so just have to wait and see

      1. Agree completely on xhaka … Though by average I would mean an average mid table player .. If we are to progress to back where we were promised to be with the new stadium behind us we need to strengthen midfield with a top quality b2b player …would sell xhaka and elneny if it’s a question of financing

  4. Just going back to defenders and who we should purchase. McGuire and Umtiti would be fantastic but Tarkowski from burley would be a great buy especially if they are relegated. He would do well for us there’s no doubt.

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