When all hope is gone, what are Arsenal fans to do?

When all hope is gone….. by Lagos Gooner

It was not easy for me picking up my pen to write this; but if I don’t then I may not totally heal, emotionally, from the shocking defeat of yesterday. How heavy my heart has been since the defeat, is simply incomprehensible. Oh my Arsenal; which way to go?

It is not news that we lost at home to Brighton by 2 goals to 1! It is not news that our highly-paid footballers didn’t turn up for the game; even though our coach believes we played just for 20 minutes. It is not news that a lot of Arsenal fans are actually devastated again, after feeling exactly the same way since the start of the season. What is news, however, is that we don’t seem to know how to win games again.

After yesterday’s game, I must confess that it may take an angel of God to show optimism. After yesterday’s game, I won’t be surprised if a lot of fans will decide to suspend their supporter-ship of Arsenal, just like I am contemplating to do. If I don’t ever get to watch an Arsenal game until further notice, nobody should blame me. I love Arsenal with all of my heart, but when Arsenal seems to be breaking my heart constantly, then I need to step on the brake for a while.

The last time I wore the Arsenal jersey, was when we won our last FA cup; ever since then, I have been looking for that special moment to wear my club’s jersey with pride, but unfortunately I have not found the moment yet. Will my Arsenal ever make me proud again? Will my Arsenal ever give me bragging rights? Will I ever watch Arsenal win a trophy again? When will the fans ever smile again?

Hope is the easiest thing a man can cling onto when all seems to be working badly for you; but even the hope is difficult to come by at this critical and troublesome period of our season. When all hope seems to be lost, where are the fans expected to run too?

Sports is entertainment; sports is relaxing; sports is a form of relief. But when sport becomes the very thing that increases your stress and emotional tension, then all hope is gone.

Sylvester (Lagos Gooner)


  1. That was my daughter’s first time at the Emirates last night.
    It’s sad that on the way home, I wished we hadn’t bothered going!

    1. Chin up Sue!! I have had similar moments and felt exactly the same. But you get up the next morning and you are still a supporter. We have had a lot of low points of late let’s just hope for some highs.

    2. Steady on. When the performances are this bad, all we fans have left is hope. Hope that the Board nail this next managerial appointment. Hope that our young players develop. Hope that our older players find a bit of pride. All is not lost my friend.

  2. I get you and my expectations are low but I stay hopeful that surely we have to be able to sort this out now after all can it get much worse?
    I hear the likes of keown, dixon and Adams talking about the basics of defending cant we get one or all of them in there? Per isn’t the man to coach defending as hes too fresh out of playing. Get your shirt on fella and where it with love but for now low expectation. What broke ne the other day was laca sulking auba popping at willock and ozil ranting as he left the pitch. I think the players know the media and fans will be looking for another scapegoat so ozil was pre empting this by trying to look frustrated and shift blame.
    Xhaka, ozil enery mustafi it seems they’ve all taken their turn at being got at and now its aubas turn?
    And as for running to the toilet what the hell was he meant to do? You could see he couldn’t track back or run at all then he bailed and came back and at least tries to run.
    Wouldn’t surprise me if the pressure is causing belly upsets across the board. Stepping out onto that pitch with the crowd like a library jot xheering much unless to put down can you blame them feeling anxious.
    We need a big drum and a tannoy and start screaming our players names as they are what we have at the.moment and berating and booing diesnt seems to be working so let’s try and support as best as we can.

    1. Arsenal problem is Kroenke! Get him out and see arsenal becomes a great club again, that is if they aren’t relegated by then, how can A serious club sack a manager without a replacement immediately like most top clubs

  3. ———–leno———–

    1. Yep that’s exactly the team/formation we should be playing.i love the Arsenal but it’s just sole destroying watching them play atm ….is this really the team that got to the europa league final slaughtering Athletico Madrid on they way???I’ll never stop supporting them but its painfully right now

      1. The fans may as well give up because the players. The problems are at the top. Players contracts running down and not getting sorted. If they don’t want to sign then sell them. We kept Wenger for too long and why did they let Ramsey go. We are in a relegation fight this season and have Leeds in the FA cup. mother season over and it’s only December. No passion, no clue, no defence and sorry no way back now

    2. Why do you want to remove Xhaka to accommodate Luiz in a position where Xhaka has not performed badly so far?

  4. Sylvester, take it from another Nigerian gunner, “I FEEL YOUR PAIN” (please pardon my uppercase letters). However bruf, we can’t just lose hope. Even though right now our season may now seem to be heading towards one which would have victories very few and far between, we still cant lose hope. Though right now i have doubts we are going to hit EUROPA league positions on the table but we must remember, though i abhor the feel of using them as examples, even our blue neighbors were once there too but now they have more happy grins than us so please hang on to that hope, we may drink champagne any time soon.

  5. Sylvester (Lagos Gooner) let me encourage you not to loose hope and confidence on Arsenal this season’s campaign in three competitions that is remaining to the club to compete to win laurels for Arsenal. But keep hoping on them to see Arsenal return to the good to enabled the club to be winning matches at the Ems and at away grounds in the PL to once again return to the winning ways winning matches in the Premier League to get a top-four table finish this season. And also win the Europa League Cup too as well this season also. Another win of the FA Cup by Arsenal this season is a possibility that shouldn’t be ruled out by us Gooners. For, it can happen for us again to our jubilations jubilating at North London. So, Lagos Gooner be encouraged always to see Arsenal win matches in the PL from their very next match away to the West Hammers at the London Stadium in the PL on Monday night. And I think I am done for now.

  6. I think the greatest disappointment has been Freddie Ljunberg! He flattered to deceive and raised fans expectations only to fail on two occasions. His last game was really pathetic! He vowed to put smiles on fans’faces but has now brought tears! His bark has become worse than his bite! Which manager can salvage Arsenal?: I agree with those who suggest Rafa Benitez because he has a history of taking teams out of serious trouble and winning cups. Besides he has enough EPL experience. He can be given a short term contract as we examine his performance.

  7. No hope is not lost. Just our imagination is lost as fans do not really understand this game well enough in 3D (hence silly attacks against Ozil, Wenger, etc., for example). Bring back Wenger… here is why.

    Arsenal should use three forms of attack: tiki-taka, aerial and long range. Wenger used the first two a great deal, but did not have the players to use the third form of attack, until the arrival of Xhaka and Kolasanic. Wenger did not take the time to stay on get the VanDyke like player to accompany Koz, and the fans humiliated their own #1 manager. Us older fans who have seen this game for generations understand and appreciate Wenger and how he was looking to re-build.


    For the best of tiki-taka type variant see City.
    For the best of the long range see L’pool.
    For the best aerial, see Arsenal with Giroud.

    We need a hybrid of this and it is now possible with the personnel we have and Wenger was heading there with the arrival of Auba, Xhaka, Kolasnic, Laca to add to Ozil, who was also re-bought for the high salary he has (Ozil pocketed his own transfer fee). We just need a manager to implement it: Wenger.

    We also need two speedy young towers in defense in January that Wenger was looking for.

    For more on the hybrid attack/defense see my post below in a previous thread.

    1. Lagos gooner..you can’t lose hope at all…in my village there is no tv or Wi-Fi ..so I walk for 25km to watch arsenal hoping there is a win in thre..I’ll do the same thing another 50yrs winning or loosing bcuz ima a gunner for life..it’s quite unfortunate to suggest that we suspend supporter-ship*.i have no unkind words for you buh ill tell you this once a gooner always gunner.things ill be great again. Jah love all di time.

  8. Arsenal will never be a top team anymore, the primary reasons Kroenke got involved with the arsenal is to have source for fund when needed, he will never let go unless fans completely stay away, he forgets that, as the club continues sliding down the table so is funds going down as well, the club will become less and less attractive for investors and endorsements money will drastically reduce until it eventually get relegated out of the premier league, do not say it will never happen!!

    1. I don’t think Kroenke is daft; he is a shrewd businessman who knows that if your franchise performs poorly it can’t attract sponsorships and other investments. Of course he may not invest heavily like Sheik Mansoor and Abramovich but he has spent some money in the last two seasons. Perhaps the money was not put where there was urgent need of reinforcement. What happened to promising youngsters Mavropanos, Holding and Maitland Niles?

  9. This emotional low will only serve to make our next high feel all the better. We will rise again. And our next big win will be the best feeling ever. We must ride this tough time together as a club. We all share this pain and there are thousands of us so at least in your suffering know that you are not alone.

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