When Bernd Leno Speaks, Arsenal Fans Must All Listen

When Bernd Leno Speaks, We Must All Listen by AI

The soft-spoken German opened up recently about the state of the Arsenal squad under Mikel Arteta and the picture he painted is exactly what we all suspected back then. Here’s what the shotstopper said: “He has, in this short time made a big impact,” Leno said. “You can see the intensity we play, also the structure in the team and the mentality [away] from the pitch.”

“Before I don’t want to say it was a mess it was a little bit confusing, everyone was doing different things.”

“We were not a team! Not in the dressing room, not on the pitch and you could see this. I think with Mikel its changed completely.”

“The first day he came he wasn’t talking too much about tactics, he was talking about how we behave in the dressing room, when we go to the games we have to be more professional and more like a team.”

Pretty damning and encouraging comments. And this was the team that Bernd Leno had to literally cover up for with incredible save after save. Yet we did not heard a word of complaint from the goalkeeper, no hint of a transfer agitation. For him, this was his job and duty: to look after Baby Arsenal’s ass and prevent him from making too much of a mess.

We must appreciate Bernd Leno more than we already do. Right from his first day at the club, he’s been an example and model of a consummate professional, a man who’d walk through hell and pick up the litter if that was his job. The exact type of dedicated professional that ought to be playing for The Arsenal. Gratefully, it seems that the board recognizes this and as of recent, the players that are been targeted are not far from the dedication and professionalism of Bernd Leno: Tierney, Martinelli, Torreira etc. These people come in and provide admirable performances, avoiding drama and toxicity. They just want to win, make tackles, score goals and keep cleansheets. We can’t ask for much more than that. In fact, that is all we ask for.

Bernd Leno is therefore deserving of our deepest respects and our attention when he makes a statement. That is the very least such consummate professionals deserve.

Agboola Israel


  1. jon fox says:

    Good , moderated and well argued article, Agboola. I applaud you and it!

    1. Abedi says:

      True. Leno deserves respect for how he has been dedicated and void of lamentations. We hope now that he’s been given better cover and players that can terrorize their opponents we shall not be conceding like before.

    2. Ozzy says:

      I dontknow generally comment on these articles, but this is one of the best I’ve read in a while. Good job.

  2. Ackshay says:

    Since Arteta’s first match at Bournemouth, Arsenal have conceded just one shot after losing possession in their defensive third — the best record in the league. Under Emery and Ljungberg, they conceded 22 shots from these “high turnovers”.

    Under Emery our positioning when playing from the back was too rigid while arteta adopts a more fluid approach.

    1. Bobs says:

      And yet some people will keep saying Emery was not giving the player he wants and that’s why he didn’t perform.

      Are this players Arteta type of player before he change there momentum and attitudes?

      A good coach always manage a team thrown at him well and not make them worst.

      Good post Askshay👍

  3. ken1945 says:

    Great article, well written and explained.
    The only thing that scared me . was the way UE insisted he played out every single time to our defence, putting him under enormous pressure – MA sorted that out in a week!!!

    I dislike pigeon holing people etc etc but when one looks at BGF and how he conducted himself on and off the pitch, along with Lehman (yes, a nutter at times but fully committed) and Podolski, isn’t it strange how the German way of structured thinking and 100% effort, marks our German players as model professionals and the type of players that one thinks of when talking about The Arsenal?

    1. Jah son says:

      Please don’t poke the bear too much it will only result in another article on you know who.

      1. ken1945 says:

        Jah Son, of course, I forgot to mention mustafi and ozil – thanks for reminding me of what Leno actually said when he joined The Arsenal:

        Source: Turkish Football 3/10/18.

        The new arrival tweeted that Ozil and Mustafi played an important role in him joining the north london based outfit this season…”before I made my decision, I talked to Musti and Mesut about it a lot…they both said that Arsenal is a big club and that I would love it here…it was clear I had to sign for Arsenal.”

        The title of this great post “When Bernd Leno Speaks, Arsenal Fans Must All Listen” could never have been truer!!!

        Thanks Musti and Mesut, your sound professional advice got us a brilliant goalkeeper!!!

    2. jon fox says:

      100% effort? For ALL our German players? Easy to spot the clear mistake in THAT sentence!

  4. baba sagna says:

    thank God we now appreciate wat this guy brings to the team,,,I’ve always championed the fact that he’s too underrated,,maybe because he’s not a media poster boy… remember my hashtag### campaign for Leno,,….let’s show this guy some love

  5. Jo-Gunz says:

    Leno is a leader on and off the pitch and likely to be our next captain. Keep it up ma guy.

  6. Wole says:

    Thoughtful peice! But how in the world did Arsenal miss out on Hakim Ziyech to Chelsea?

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