WHEN Cech joins Arsenal he can make Mourinho suffer from the off!

Can Cech help us break the Mourinho voodoo? by SB

Now this is one story that will refuse to die till the transfer is complete. The papers were abuzz with the news that Petr Cech has already signed for Arsenal. The Czech Republic goal keeper is reportedly open to joining the Gunners. But, the Chelsea goal keeper insists that he is yet to sign the dotted line.

It is general knowledge that Cech is looking for a way out of Stamford Bridge. He is also swayed by the idea of moving to Arsenal and stay in London. After all, moving to the Gunners will tick all the boxes for him…be the first choice, be able to win titles and play regularly.

However, right after the reports that he signed for Arsenal, Cech took the unusual step of sharing the message posted by his management company on his Twitter account.

This of course, doesn’t mean that Cech is not closer to an Arsenal switch. On the contrary, Cech is ever closer to being at Arsenal that his team mates at Chelsea feel they could be up against him in the first match of next season.

Yes, that’s true. If all goes fine, Cech will line up in Arsenal colours for the first time against his soon-to-be-old club Chelsea in the Community Shield at Wembley. The curtain-raiser for the season could prove to Jose Mourinho what a loss it will be. A win for the Gunners will finally break the Mourinho voodoo and stamp us as real challengers for next years title. Cech’s current captain John Terry believes that he is worth ’15 to 20 points’ a season. Terry believes that Cech will improve Arsenal to the extent that we are set to become serious contenders.

So, what will Cech bring to Arsenal?

Cech will reportedly be brought in on a £100,000 a week deal. This would not only make him the highest paid goalkeeper in the history of the club but also one of the highest paid in the Premier League.

To face the truth, Arsenal has not had a reliable goalkeeper for the past seven years. Wenger had to shuffle his cards and always had to settle for butter fingers in the goal while competitors marched ahead. Manchester United had David De Gea to thank for many points this season. Joe Hart is one of the best young keepers in England while Thibaut Courtois has practically made Chelsea’s goal keeping position his own.

So, this inevitable transfer puts Arsenal back in the mix and after many years, the Gunners fans will be happy to have a world-class keeper. Terry may not be far away from his assessment that Cech is worth up to 15 points a season. May be more; we are not far off from finding out.


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  1. Will be a great addition……Cech is WC, just add a 20+ goal/season striker….then we can go all out next season!

    1. When Wenger decided to kick sentiments aside and play Theo instead of G-rod, it’s worked greatly. If only he can always do that, becuz it wud be useless geTting a worldclass striker and leave him on the bench or playing him out of position just to accommodate ur favourite French fry.

      1. Then get another “French Fry” – anyway Arsenal was at its greatest with a French core.

  2. As the master of coward football, we all know that Mourinho stands against Petr Cech saga to Arsenal. The real special one at Chelsea, Abramovic however doesn’t care, and show truly respect at Petr dedication for Chelsea. They can move on now by searching other bench warmer goalie, and I’m sure they won’t get any of Petr’s quality. Good for them, hahaha…
    At Arsenal, Petr will get his dignity back, will make his family happy, and still rich a footballer by any means. As for Jose, he will get VERY BIG SMILES from our happy faces, hahaha…. LOL to you Jose!!

  3. The longer the delay gets the less confident I get about this deal! Getting cech would mean years of stability at gk department and more importantly he will set the standards high at arsenal like ozil and Alexis did.

    1. #optimisticgooner, my concern is that of late Cech has been letting in many goals. He might not be what our fans are expecting him to be. I am really uneasy about this transfer! In other words am I allowed to be pessimistic gooner?

      1. I cant recall him makin any goal bound error, infact he managed clean sheets in most the games he played this season. Some fans may feel uneasy about this transfer but we can alll agree to the fact that cech has more experience and quality then both our keepers. Cech’s career speaks for himself. The times to be a pessmist are gone mate ! These are good times now.

  4. Terry said 12 to 15 points.
    But the point still stands, Arsenal finally have a keeper that will save us points.
    Ospina did well but i cannot recall one save that was unexpected, whereas cech is capable of saving many chances you expect to find the net.
    For those wondering if he has still got it check his games against newcastle and everton last year…. he still has it and will do for another 4-5 years.

    First Ozil……
    Then Sanchez……
    Now Cech…….

    We are coming.
    The premiership best look out

    1. You cannot recall one save by Ospina that was unexpected. Son, that’s terrible a thing to say.

  5. We have now 5 world class players
    Cech, Koschielmy , Cazorla, Ozil and Sanchez.
    5 WC players can win you the PL

    1. And Ramsey knocking on the door to be world class.

      Other potentials: Coquelin, Bellerin

  6. Cech would give us 5 wc players in my opinion
    Cech, Koscielny, Cazorla, Ozil and Alexis. In addition to very talented players like Walcott, Oxlade, Ramsey, etc. This team looks better and better every year. I love it.

    We have been wanting a top, top goalkeeper for a decade now. Hopefully, the time has finally come.

    It’s funny that we will have BOTH joint Golden Gloves winners from 2013-2014 season (Cech and Szczesny), if the deal goes through

    So since 2013, Ozil, Alexis and Cech (hopefully) and two back2back FA Cups. After nearly a decade in the wilderness, we are Back!!! 🙂

    1. Yeah, I may have seen this movie before: The Higuan Saga__________
      Starring: Higuan as himself.

    2. relax man..skysports and the mirror are reporting it as a done deal..only personal details remaining..i dont see wjy he would ask abramovich to allow the transfer then later not be able to agree personal terms.

      1. Personal terms have been sorted out. Its the transfer fees that needs to be agreed upon. Also Chelsea maybe stalling because they want to buy a replacement first before letting go of cech, just like we wil let go of ospina only after cech deal is official.

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