When Gary Neville called Arsenal “the best team in the League”

Can we know that Agree Arteta has transformed Arsenal into a model PL team?

Everything seems to indicate that on May 28th, after Arsenal hopefully defeats Wolves, there will be a celebration at the Emirates as Arsenal will be lifting the Premier League title after an 18-year drought. Arsenal don’t know how to lose in the Premier League right now, as evidenced by their 13-game unbeaten streak. So, what has made Arsenal such a monster? Personally, I believe Arteta has found a way to make a good team out of the players he has, as well as the right balance in his squad selection.

About a good team: Mikel Arteta has worked harder during his time at Arsenal to build one of the best teams. So far, Arsenal’s team has outperformed many others in the Premier League. Quality and talented players make up the team. Consider the likes of Bukayo Saka and Eddie Nketiah, as well as the entire squad, which embodies Arsenal’s fighting spirit and winning mentality. When they play, they have no fear of any team.

“But what they’re demonstrating at this moment in time is that they’re the best team in the league, the most consistent team in the league, and from where they were at the end of last season, well done to Mikel Arteta; it’s a brilliant job that he’s done,” Gary Neville said back in November, referring to Arsenal on Sky Sports.

Even though he said it, he STILL said Man City would win the title!

Mikel Arteta is a young coach, but he looks good when selecting his team. Aside from that, Arteta is a coach who never sits back and watches his players be punished by their opponents but instead keeps motivating and correcting his players, giving them moral support. Gary Neville will come around again when he watches us win the title…..

Sam P

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  1. Everybody knows Gary Neville is choking on it. That Arsenal are the best team in the EPL at the moment must be haunting him. He was a good footballer…..but now he is opinionated and up his own you know what.

  2. Even when Neville praises Arsenal, which he has done a lot of recently, there are people on here calling him out just because he says City could win the league, which we all know is true. Yes Arsenal could win the league, as could City, United, Newcastle, even spurs (unlikely I know 😊) but there are some people who just can’t accept others have opinions, especially when they don’t align with theirs.

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