“When I speak about it, it’s a utopia” Henry opens up on his Arsenal dream

Thierry Henry has reiterated his desire to return to Arsenal one day even if it means being their kit man or cutting grass.

The Frenchman is their record scorer and he is an idol to most of the club’s fans.

In 8 seasons at Highbury, then the Emirates, he scored 226 goals before moving to Barcelona in 2007.

He remains the best player in the club’s history for some of their fans and has now embarked on a managerial journey.

The Gunners are currently being managed by a former player, Mikel Arteta, and Henry dreams of being in that position.

He spoke to FourFourTwo recently and he claimed that just like most Arsenal fans, he would jump at the chance of taking any position at the club.

Being a manager, he would love to be at the helm. However, he doesn’t mind if they give him the position of the kit man as long as it takes him back to his beloved team.

Henry said: “Listen, if you ask an Arsenal fan if they’d like to coach Arsenal one day, they’ll say yes.

“If you ask an Arsenal fan if they’d like to score a goal for Arsenal, they’ll say yes. When I speak about it, it’s a utopia.

“People get carried away whenever I say that it’s my club, but I have it in my blood – I’m an Arsenal fan.

“Arsenal is part of me and always will be – half of my heart belongs to Arsenal, and the other half to my family.

“The understanding I have with Arsenal fans is something I cannot describe – it’s something I’m always going to miss.

“So if you’re asking me if one day I’d like to coach Arsenal, then yes.

“If you ask if one day I’d like to be Arsenal’s kit man, then yes. I

“f you ask if one day I’d like to cut the grass at the Emirates Stadium, then yes.”

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  1. As a player Thierry Henry was the king and I loved him. But what he is talking now are just lies and fake dream / utopia. I dont trust him even 1%. He HAD the chance to work for Arsenal as an Academy Manager but didn’t want to miss on the millions he would be paid as a pundit.. He didn’t deem the position as worthy of a full-time job.. so he didn’t get the job. So it annoys me how he is blatantly lying.. he would cut the grass at the emirates stadium? Sure as long as Sky sports or BT or some other club does not pay him more to do something else, which is not wrong but he should be honest

  2. Huge fan of Henry, but what I’ve seen from him so far, from a managerial perspective, has been incredibly underwhelming…the only time I thought I saw a glimmer of what could be, managerial-wise, was when he was a player/coach in MLS about half a dozen years ago or so…I just don’t think he’s been away from the game long enough to gain the necessary perspective required to be a successful managerial candidate at a big club under the bright lights

  3. Be careful what you wish for Mr Henry, the Arsenal you left behind may have been a Utopia, but the present mood and club culture will not suit your style st all.

  4. A little unfair Krish. I will never accept that type of criticism of our gretest ever player, and a fantastic fan and ambassador. He has every right to earn a good living. I would say the same thing, but would I do it? Not the pitch mowing – I even hate cutting my own grass. Its a way of showing his love for the club and I for one am glad to read it. Please there is a big difference between illustrating his affection for the club and lying.
    Doubtful he will make it here as a manager though!

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