When is the best time to cash in on injury prone Hector Bellerin?

Will Arsenal ever get a fit enough Hector Bellerin and when would be the best time to cash in?

Hector Belllerin has been one of Arsenal’s most important players after breaking into the team.

He has remained the club’s first-choice right-back under their different managers and Mikel Arteta has continued to trust him.

However, he has struggled with injuries in recent seasons and it seems to me that he may never be fully fit again.

A recent report claimed that he had to take injections to be able to play for the team and that he is still nursing an injury even though he has just returned from a long injury layoff.

As a fan, I am concerned that his best years may be behind him and this could be the best time for the club to consider selling him.

There was a time that all the top sides wanted to sign Bellerin and a return to Barcelona was even muted.

However, the world seems to have moved past him and Arsenal would probably be stuck with him if his injury struggles persist.

Unfortunately, the Gunners don’t have a player coming through the academy who could replace him at the moment, I still think we should be thinking about selling him next summer and signing a replacement.

I am hopeful that Cedric Soares will come good, if the Portugal star becomes a regular and performs to the required standard, I think Arsenal should consider selling Bellerin now that he can still command a reasonable fee.


  1. Soares is not the answer, but Aarons of Norwich or Nathan Ferguson of WBA could be.Two talented young right backs.As for Bellerin, now is not the time to try and sell him as he will have to prove his fitness before attracting interest .

  2. I completely agree with the article,I also think Bellerin might be past his best and this summer is the time to sell him regardless of the fee,next season I’d love to see a younger,better RB than Hector, vying for the spot with Soares who will be a good, experienced player for us,like MA said last week, ideally we should have 2 good players competing for each position.

  3. This summer should be the time we wave good bye to Hector, he isn’t up to the prem anymore and hasn’t been for a few seasons. He is weak and not that good, grossly over rated.

    1. @Reggie, that’s a bit harsh,it may no longer be the case now but he had his moments, remember few seasons back Barca were willing to pay 40M for him,if he were to be sold,I would remember him as a good servant of the club!

      1. Siamois, that is exactly what i said and you may not know this, i said at that time, we should have bitten their hands off, if the offer was genuine and not paper talk, i have been told they wanted him for 25mil and i would have still bitten their hands off.

  4. Every good player is not good for Arsenal. The less performing are considered great players.
    Why dont you ask when is the right time to cash on Xhaka, Mustafi, and Ozil?

  5. Bellerin is just no good at all and never has been as a defender. I would get him sold at the optimum time but sooner rather than later and definitely this summer. If we are EVER going to get a defence once again worthy of Arsenal Football Club after this last disastrous decade and even longer now, we need to clear out ALL the so called defenders who cannot defend at all and bring in replecements who CAN defend. THINK what a lovely throwback to “ancient Arsenal times” that will be!

    A whole generation of Gooners have been born and grown up who have no idea how good a defence and a proper one we once had, back in the good old days! Some of them, ludicrously and naively, actually think we NOW have defenders who can defend,. We oldies know that we do NOT!

    1. “ A whole generation of Gooners have been born and grown up who have no idea how good a defence and a proper one we once had, back in the good old days! Some of them, ludicrously and naively, actually think we NOW have defenders who can defend,. We oldies know that we do NOT!”

      One of the best paragraphs I have ever read on any “Just Arsenal” thread.

      And I think of the thousands of words discussing players who are now considered the future bearers of the famous canon crested Red & White.

      Yes, the game certainly has changed over the years !

  6. Why do Arsenal sell young players so that they can buy strangers?
    Please sell the old horses that are tired, and they’ve got no room for improvement

    1. Can someone PLEASE explain to me how simply being ”young”, automatically qualifies you as be good enough to play for Arsenal Football Club.

      It’s becoming an obsession on here, almost at the cost realism.

      Make no mistake, to attain the level that SHOULD be required at our place ability at a “young age” should be very, very evident.

      And before it’s pointed out it’s not the youngsters who have let us down of late… I agree. I just happen to support refreshing the current SQUAD as extensively as reasonably possible.

      A scoop for you. We’re debuting 2 new centre backs against Citeh tomorrow night – my 2 grandkids …………they’re 4 apiece !

  7. I’d scout the Championship for fullbacks. There’s a few good young ones that Arsenal might be able to get for a price that isn’t too absurd. I think the Bellerin train has run its race and I’d take any decent offer on him, though he’s not nearly as prized after as he used to be. A lot of people saying Max Aarons who I also like, but do we have the 30mill to spend for him? I highly doubt it.

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