‘When rather than if’ – Ornstein on Unai Emery being sacked as Arsenal manager

On the latest episode of the David Ornstein and Mark Chapman podcast, Ornstein has revealed that he believes that Unai Emery’s potential sacking has now become a matter of “when rather than if”.

The pressure will be mounting at Arsenal following a dismal run of form, the Gunners have failed to win any of their last five Premier League games – which have seriously dented the club’s hopes of securing a top four finish.

The north London outfit were largely outplayed by nailed-on relegation candidates Southampton on the weekend and had a last-minute equaliser from Alexandre Lacazette to thank for coming away with a point.

It’s clear that Arsenal have struggled to progress since Emery took the reins from the legendary Arsene Wenger last summer.

Here’s what Ornstein had to say on the Spaniard’s future:

“It looks like a matter of when rather than if, and it will come down to results.”

“They could have been clear and said it’s not going to be a matter of results and we’re going to stick by him (Emery) until the end of the season, those aren’t the messages now coming out of the club.”

Ornstein’s suggestion that Arsenal may be talking to candidates to replace Emery was recently backed up on the Transfer Window Podcast, with Ian McGarry revealing the Gunners have contacted Massimiliano Allegri.

With Ornstein’s latest comments suggesting that Emery will be relieved of his duties if results don’t improve quickly, which manager should Arsenal look towards to reignite their fight for the top four?

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  1. Le Coq Monster says:

    Pornstein !!!

  2. Declan says:

    Ornstein has been wrong more times than right So why do we Trust him?

  3. Innit says:

    I believe Weinstein over Ornstein. He isn’t right that often

  4. jon fox says:

    Not a question of who do the club WANT but more WHO can they get, given Kroenkes legendary meanness, the sheer scale of the job in hand to totally change the whole culture of entitlement and lack of effort at the club(with just a few notable exceptions) and the almost impossibility of getting our club anywhere even near into top four contention, given the large gap above us already, which looks certain to increase weekly. Oh, they MAY try for Allegri and who could blame them, but unless he has a brainstorm, why on earth would HE want to damage his existing fine pedigree by risking all at a club who he knows will NEVER financially back him with the countess millions it will need to clear out the junk and bring in real talent. An entire outfield defence is needed, just for a start, with only Tierney and Holding worth keeping. In the real world we are likely to end up with either FREDDIE OR POSSIBLY ARTETA.I would take Arteta in a heartbeat, all things being as they currently are, rather than where they ought to be!

    1. Truth says:

      John, looking from Allegri’s point of view, Series A is out of the question, in the PL only Man U would be a better destination than Arsenal. Liverpool, City, Spurs, and Chelsea look of the market at the moment. Bayern would be a long shot because of his style and the language issue. So unless he is sure he will get the Man U job there are not many jobs in Europe at the moment that he could be sure of that would be better than Arsenal in standing.

      Differently sad only Man U, Real, and Bayern would be better jobs at the moment in Europe
      and I don’t believe Bayern are an option. Real and Man U might or might not be an option.

    2. Durand says:

      I fear you’re right Jon. The club will HAVE to sack Emery because we are going nowhere except in reverse. They will come out with the usual list of managers (which they have no intention of hiring) to placate the fan base and ease tensions. I believe we will settle for a lesser manager again, and continue to repeat the cycle.

      Restricted budget, Raul and Edu run transfers, paycheck players to clear out and no commitment by ownership to upgrade, and lastly, vague quotes and comments from ownership about ambition and competitiveness.

      1. Uchman says:

        Well emery wasn’t a lesser manager when he was hired,it’s just that the job exposed his real ability, will allegri represent a less manager if hired and he fail to live up to expectations? Well the only time allegri faced this kind of challenge as AC MILAN manager ,he was so confused and bereft of ideas till he was sacked,I don’t know how people think he will be the messiah, as juventus manager he has little or no competition in Italy and it will be very dangerous to use that as a yardstick to his real ability!

  5. Declan says:

    Arteta or Nuno for me.

  6. Le Coq Monster says:

    Captain Black (Arteta) for me.

  7. Grandad says:

    Arteta ,assisted by Ljumberg appeals to me.Between them they have youth,great playing careers,empathy with players, young and old,an insight into the traditions of this Club ,and last but not least, they have the respect of the fans .The fact that they have not been involved in the acquisition of the mediocre players in our squad means that they will not be influenced by their price tags but will base their selections on playing ability, not past reputations.

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