When Tottenham visit, should Arteta make any changes from the Arsenal XI that beat PSV?

My predicted Line-up for the North London Derby

Arsenal faces off against cross town rivals Tottenham Hotspur in the first North London Derby of the season on Sunday afternoon at the Emirates. Tottenham, who last won at the Emirates in 2010, 13 years ago, look to have a real challenge on their hands if they’re looking to walk away with any points.

Tottenham who has recently appointed a new manager, Ange Postecoglou, are in fine form right now, sitting second on the table and haven’t lost a game yet this season. Arsenal will look to end their unbeaten run and hopefully walk away with all three points.

In goal I’d pick David Raya, after his performances in the games against Everton and PSV, he’s really impressed, walking away from both games with a clean sheet. Looking calm and collected whenever he’s got the ball at his feet, I think he brings something different to the team that Aaron Ramsdale just wasn’t bringing. After picking him to start the past two games, I think Arteta needs to back himself and stick with the same man in between the sticks.

In the backline I’d stick with the same back four that started against PSV and Everton, with Gabriel and Saliba as centre-backs and Zinchenko and Ben White on the flanks. All four have stayed strong so far and have been working well together. Zinchenko has become as master of the Inverted full-back role and looks to be a key part of Areta’s tactics and White has made that right back role his own.

In the middle of the pitch, I’d again stick with the same three we started with against PSV, Rice sitting in the lower midfield role, with Odegaard and Havertz in front of him. Odegaard will make his first appearance since signing a new long-term contract with the club, that will see him at Arsenal till 2028. Havertz, I think should keep his spot after an impressive match against PSV, he looks to have gained a bit more confidence and I think starting him in the London Derby will only increase that confidence.

My front three is again unchanged from the PSV game, with Gabriel Jesus up top and Leandro Trossard and Bukayo Saka on the wings. All three getting on the score sheet against PSV, I think it’s a no-brainer. With Arteta confirming that there a question mark over Martinelli’s return, I think Trossard starts. He’s been unbelievable since joining from Brighton in the summer, picking up a goal in both of his last two games and an assist against PSV. Jesus and Saka look to be in fine form and I’d be surprised to see a change up front after such a dominant performance on Wednesday.

Arteta was able to rotate and make some changes against PSV, so even though its been quite a quick turn-around, the lads should be ready and raring to go.

What’s your thoughts Gooners? Would you make any changes?

Daisy Mae

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  1. Ramsdale has to start in the Derby, he has done nothing wrong, Raya has gotten his warm up and his champions league games under way so now it has to be over back to the Englishman where he’s expected to continue cutting his teeth in the league.

    1. “He has done nothing wrong” sounds like a low standard for player selection,particularly for a team aiming to win the league. By that same logic,someone could argue that Raya too should start because he has done nothing wrong. For perspective,Holding never did much wrong but we know his presence weakened the team in the absence of Saliba-it was about what Saliba adds to the side that Holding couldn’t.I think a big team ought to consider what a player is adding to the team. Playing safe alone,not making mistakes,without being proactive sounds so midtable.

      1. Yes the young Englishman has not put a foot wrong to be abandoned like that.

        The gaffer has stated he has two top goalies and he has to play them, changing goal keepers between the sticks is not like replacing outfielder players.

        As it relates to Holding and Saliba, think you are comparing apples and oranges here, one could argue there is hardly any difference between the Englishman and the Spaniard

  2. Without wishing to get carried away with 4-0 over PSV it was the perfect preparation for Spurs at home this weekend. Both Everton and PSV were relatively easy matches in that we did not need to run ourselves in to the ground and neither were physical encounters – that along with the confidence and energy from our triumphant return to the Champions League could tempt tinkerman in to an unchanged XI.

    Unless someone is nursing a knock I did not see then only two positions with potential question mark;

    Raya vs Ramsdale
    Arteta has made it clear he will pick the GK with the profile that maximises our chance of winning on a game by game basis – and even intra-game. With that in mind who is a better suited for Spurs at home? The new Spurs are fundamentally different to last season, not just Kane leaving but Ange arriving. Without Kane and with Ange we could see less corner and break threat, and more Maddison inspired shots in front of goal. Raya untested in his first two matches, but arguably Ramsdale has the fast-off-his-line, shot-stopper record to stand on. Raya though has the distribution, particularly the trajectory and accuracy of his long ball, Spurs likely move up the pitch in numbers leaving space behind perfect for someone like Martinelli for Raya to pick out, unfortunately he’s not playing.

    Havertz vs Vieira
    Vieira has been electric this season and offers a lot in attack, that said unlocking Everton proved particularly difficult. Havertz has perhaps a more subtle impact on the game, but a decided [and surprising] defensive edge to his game. So who is best suited to Spurs? Starting fast was a feature of last seasons successes, but less seen so far this, could Vieira provide that extra creativity for our firing on all cylinders forwards. Or, perhaps, with Spurs perhaps a bit more space in behind than the ‘parking the bus’ low block seen in our first 4 PL games, with Martinelli missing could long flat balls to Havertz 6ft 4in head for Jesus and Saka to run off in to that space be a ploy? Vieira won’t be filling that role, and his defensive side as non-existent as his height.

    So who will it be?
    Arteta seems to find it impossible to not mix it up with a surprise or two – in fact I think it is a conscious strategy to disrupt opposition preparation. So if changes there must be I guess that is Ramsdale and Vieira in to the starting line up.


    My hope for the game is a fast start and early lead blowing Spurs away in the first half with Jorginho and Havertz coming on to in their calm controlled way they are gaining a reputation for. I wonder if we had that combination to protect our 2 goal lead at Liverpool and West Ham whether things could have turned out different…

    1. They say Raya performed well

      They will be the first to criticize him when he makes a mistake



      So where is He’s Performed Well Coming ?

      From passing the ball calmly to his teammates ?

      It’s the Derby
      Dem Spurs will ask our Keeper questions

      I think I’ll prefer Ramsdale

  3. Arteta should just pick the strongest team available to him. I’m just glad they don’t have Kane he just scored a hat trick plus two assists for Bayern!!!

    1. We should stop making it look like a life and death contest between Raya and Rams.We have 2 good goalkeepers which is great for the team.
      It’s now upon Arteta to give them an equal opportunity of appearances as the season goes by to keep them fresh.We can play them 5 succesive matches then rest on rotational basis irregardless of the fixture because either of them can be in goal for any match.

  4. If Martinelli is fit to play, I’d play Vieira and Jesus with him. The Portuguese-speaker connection on the left wing could make a lot of problems for Spuds:

    …….……..……….……. Raya
    ………. White .… Saliba …. Magalhaes
    ……………….. Rice ……..… Zinchenko
    Saka . Odegaard . Vieira . Martinelli
    …………………………. Jesus

    1. Your Ideas Are Close To Being Naive

      But It’s Good To Actually Hear Dem

      If you had Lukaku in your team as Guardiola you’ll bench Haaland for him cos u prefer dutch-speaking pair of DeBruyne and Lukaku ?

      You’re funny GAI
      I don’t think I can believe anything u say anymore

      If anytime your idea supports mine
      Then I’ll start believing I’ve said rubbish

  5. Raya
    White Saliba Gabriel Zinchenko
    Odegaard Rice Havertz
    Saka Jesus Trossand

    With Viera, The Smith and Nelson coming on for Havertz, Saka and Trossand respectively. 3 nil to the Arsenal…

  6. If he puts Ramsdale back in the goal then this strategy is a head-scratcher for me. I can see why he opted to give Raya a shot esp seeing as he wanted Raya before we got Ramsdale. But I do not understand mixing and matching for certain games unless it is just about keeping a number 2 content. This would not be that -this would be something I haven’t seen before -if we are to rotate in big encounters as well as the little ones I’d be confused

  7. A statistically backed fact is that Raya had a better season saving goals at Brentford than Ramsdale had at Arsenal last season. Add on the fact that he is more calm on the ball and has better short and long distribution, I would take him over Ramsdale for the NLD. The Everton and PSV games looked easy because we kept the ball and stifled the opposition’s attacking intent. Checkout yesterday’s Everton game against Brentford. Two of their goals came from corner routines. So keeping possession and restricting the concession of corners reduced their threat drastically. The teams we are playing are not toothless, we just make them look so. Do you think Ramsdale will get a game over Edison at Mancity? I’m also backing Viera to start over Kai. Anyway, I support whoever the gaffer chooses in any position as long as they come in and perform well. The most important thing is the win COYG

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