When we defend together, Arsenal always win! Easy!

I know it sounds like a cliche (not to mention that it also implies that sometimes Arsenal DO NOT always defend together), but our little Spaniard Santi Cazorla thinks that he has found the secret to Arsenal’s winning run – particularly when talking about our spectacular success over Liverpool this weekend.

Santi told the official Arsenal website last night: “It’s a very important win for us because Liverpool are with us fighting for the Champions League,”

“Liverpool have very good players with Raheem Sterling, Daniel Sturridge and Philippe Coutinho but the team played very compact and played together, which is very important for us. When we defend together, we always win.”

“The confidence is high for everyone and we need to play the same. Now we have a week of rest, and then we need to prepare for the next game,”

That is quite a simplistic version of the reason we destroyed Liverpool, and Arsene Wenger gave a more detailed analysis, pinpointing the “intensity” of our game (and maybe a little luck) that did the damage. Le Prof said: “We started with intensity, we decided to do that before the game and I must say credit to the players because they did it in a convincing way,”

“It is a great result and before the game we would have signed for that. We played with good intensity, took advantage of our strong moments and once or twice we maybe got lucky, but overall I’m happy with the cohesion, the urgency, the desire.

“The quality of our movement around the box was great, so overall it is a good day.”

This has left the Gunners securely in the Top Four, but Wenger is not getting complacent just yet, especially as we can still (mathematically) finish anywhere from First to Fifth. He continued: “We’re in a strong position. It is down to us to remain as consistent as we are at the moment, and we can look back with a little distance and up front because Man City are there and we have to wait to see their result. We will do as well as we can until the end.”

Well Arsene, just remember when it comes to the final team talk before the Burnley game. Just say to the players, “Remember to defend together, lads!”

Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. CraigZWE says:

    Coq and Sanchez must be rubbing off on other players.
    They come and all of a sudden the team defends, why I don’t know.

  2. JAmerican says:

    Ok so now we’ve beaten City, Utd, and Pool putting and end to this lack of big team mentality, but the 1 win I crave the most is against that blue team from West London. Even if we don’t win the league I’ll gladly take 2nd or even 3rd and the FA Cup after putting them to the sword and we surely can…

    1. Hafiz Rahman says:

      we hv beaten utd in the Fa cup not in the league

      1. jonestown1 says:

        Yes we know, but his statement remains true.

      2. dragunov762mm says:

        We haven’t beat Manure for 9 years in all competition until that FA Cup fixtures. Jamerican was right in his point, and so did you Hafiz.

  3. Greg says:

    I pray that my beloved arsenal keep on winning and go from strength to strength! Coyg!

  4. SUNNY13 says:

    Coq is a big big reason for our recent success. People say that we need to buy a Matic type of player, may be Morgan or Khadera as Coq is not enough to win the league. In a post(Concentrating on Coq stats) few days back, I had an argument with some one on this also.
    Coq is a better than Matci in every department in defending like tackles , interception, aerial dwel won etc, but he lacks forward passing accuracy, these is where people suggesting we need to buy players. But one thing we forget is it is because of Coq, of fullbacks are playing high like wingers in most of the matches, Forward was never an issue under wenger,. It is the counter attack where many many teams have killed us, Coq allowed us to less prone to counter attack . Against Liverpool he was a very solid . He brook many many of their moves.
    He is better than Matic I guess.

    1. Goonsquad8 says:

      Le coq was SO good against pool I’d love to see how many interceptions and tackles he made

    2. dragunov762mm says:

      Agreed. However, we still need one more player like him or even better. You can’t lay our CDM in one man, we need deepness to sail the season. Coq is the “dirtiest” man (which is great) in the league right now, but he can’t work alone. Our team defensive minded are up grading into next level. They attitude when off ball are fantastic. The team pressure intensity is the missing factor of our game for years. This Arsenal seems to found the secret of their pandora box. With one or two reinforcement next season we’ll get our hand into that title with style. This season? Just collect all the points remain and let see the final result. COYG!!!!!

      1. Goonsquad8 says:

        Ya we still need a DM COQ can’t play 60 games. And we need him to be rested sometimes so he can fire on all cylinders. I’m still all for kondogbia or schneiderlin

    3. BarryL says:

      Le Coq has been saviour of 2nd half of our season, as Alexis was for 1st half.
      If we are to seriously challenge for EPL + CL next season we need another proper DM like Kondogbia or Wanyama to support and rotate with Francis. We will need to play 2 DMs in some crucial away games.
      Cech + another CB like Gabriel + another proper striker to support/rotate with Olivier (who has been the other big star since New Year
      COYG – 3 points at Burnley please

  5. Mistamonn says:

    Off topic…does anyone have an idea if there are sports bars in the Hague that show premier league matches? I am going to the Netherlands in May and I’ll be there until the seasons ends. I have no clue how I’d be watching arsenal matches. Help? Anyone?

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