When will Arsenal fans stop being lethargic and do something about it?

So How Lethargic Are You Prepared To Be? by Neil

OK, I’ve been reading and submitting articles to Justarsenal.com for a couple of years now and what seems abundantly clear is how full of hot air people who contribute to these sites are.

There’s masses of whingers and solutions from people yet hardly any people actually doing a bloody thing aside from spouting hot air…. which optimises most football fans so here’s the ultimatum:

Spurs will finish above Arsenal next season and we will not qualify for the UCL for the second season in a row because change is required and the forum football fans are restricted to a qwerty to show their angst

Ironically websites like ArsenalFanTV attract more viewers when things are bad rather than good. Does it suit them when there are problems?

I live in Spain but will fly over at whatever cost to support a rally for change…how many of you that live a few miles away will get off your arses and do the same? …..I imagine very few….

Im embarrassed by our team but even more embarrassed by our big mouthed complacent London fans…..



  1. khangunners says:

    The main issue is the fan base. We are divided and you will think there are two clubs not one. We win and everything is fine, when we lose this fans hide and those who wanted change can be heard once again. Ironically hearing some fans say that its fans protest causing this performance like seriously! !!! We started to decline after everton and man city loses and no fan was shouting wenger out at that time. Lets all be one and salvage our club. Yesterday game was not a key point as to why wenger should leave coz spuds were favourites . What should make wenger leave is that he has left spuds become favourites. He had a warning last year when we just snatched the second position under there nose and i was confident that he will now open his eyes and rectify his errors,thats what i would hve done if i saw my nemesis almost at my level but what he does and did just shows this man cant take us far. He didn’t make the needed changes and he is the reason why spuds are above us. Guys lets open our eyes i think we are like machines just accepting every single lie they feed us. Lets think about it if arsenal are challenging for titles then at what time should our signings be done? End of transfer market or beginning even before pre season?
    The reason we never lift pl or collapse is coz that was never our target to begin with. Wenge in one of his press conference was asked do you set targets? Ill let you google what he said. Am gutted but the season is not over lets be strong i can assure you more embarrassing and pathetic performance are coming.

    1. MikeSA says:

      I’m concerned that there seems to be an impression that this is an issue that changes from game to game or even that this issue has only reared its head this season.

      There have been fans lamenting the descent under Wenger for the last decade at least, and it’s been building for years.

      Personally I only saw that we were in a downward spiral when van Persie was sold to ManU, but I’ve been advocating Wenger’s departure since then, as have many others, and it’s been quite strongly supported by more moderate fans for at least 3 seasons now, if not more.

      So this is not a “fickle” sentiment as some in the media seem to want to push, it’s a groundswell that has built for a while.

  2. Red Dawn says:

    Our second season with no champions league football?
    Do you follow Arsenal?
    Aside from physical assault or murder what would you suggest?
    We have had protests, messages advertised by fly over, posters at matches and messages projected on buildings.
    Attendances are falling and will fall further if he stays.
    I can see no alternative but for him to leave – when you lose the fans you have lost..

  3. alhaj says:


  4. Benny the Genius says:

    We’ve all seen how managerial changes have brought about remarkable returns this season. For instance, Chelsea (compared to last season), Leicester City, Hull City and Crystal Palace have all changed their attitude and mentality towards games & this has yielded significant progress. We need a coach with new life, foresight, ambition, zeal and vision to push our team in the right direction (I hate to say this but just take a look at Spurs now).
    So for me it’s Wenger out!!! Enough of the arrogance, excuses, lack of ambition, unwarranted risks, unnecessary explanations, stubbornness and easily predictable pattern of play. How long can we Arsenal fans bear this? This can’t be tolerated in any of the top teams in Europe. I think Wenger’s cup is full & the board should do the needful …. Wexit !!!

  5. ramterta says:

    you have got to give it to spurs they have become a good side if we are to be truthful.
    Arsenal are only happy with one thing and its gaining profits. I dont think wenger has the title as his main priority.Many players in the past have said it, Van persie sagna,etc.
    The club is not ready to sacrifice its resources if just for a title if it is not so profitable at the end.So we need to demand permanent change at the club and not same old same old

    1. Janssen says:

      I would like to add though that even if a title is not so profitable, the loss of CL football is quite a big loss. I think it amounts to 40 million pounds or so of lost revenues per year. There is also the added difficulty that once you lose CL football it is much harder to get back. Attracting top players becomes harder (unless you are willing to pay silly money and are on of the world’s big clubs which we really are not), retaining your best players becomes harder and your international profile
      dwindles. So business wise losing out on CL is unwise. This is why setting the bar at 4th is dangerous and naive like our defending.

  6. Armin says:

    What hurts most is how we have become a mid table side, no fight and no desire in the players. Yesterday served as a painful reminder about how far we have slid down the table. There is a lot of dead wood at the club, the sad thing is the change we desperately need will it happen? Wenger believes his over paid bunch of prima Donna mercenaries have a chance in hell of still clinging a top 4 spot and winning the FA cup. Once reality is served on a plate Wenger will back track and say we will come back stronger next season, then it really will be down to the supporters to decide not only Wenger’s fate but that of silent Stan!

  7. gordon says:

    Could winning the FA Cup paper over the cracks ? No one in a final wants to lose but in a one off game Chelsea could have a bad day and Arsenal get their act together . Does that Cup win cover all the cracks and stop a rebuild ?

  8. Ack7 says:

    Lets be honest now, spurs are better than us. talent wise they are slightly better if not equal to us if you compare the players true potential instead of what they do under wenger. main difference between the two is manager, lol poch b-tthole is a better manager than wenger these days.

    1. Red Dawn says:

      The Spurs manager carries himself with a lot more humility and dignity than Wenger has ever done.
      I wish we had him as manager – perhaps then we would be in the chase instead of fighting for fifth place.
      Instead we have a desiccated old fossil doing exactly the same things he did twenty years ago and expecting our rivals to be surprised by it.
      What did he say yesterday – that the seventeen point gap was not a reflection of the difference in quality between the two sides? What a blind a deluded idiot he is – takes people for fools, thinking he can pull the wool over their eyes.
      If he stays on I would urge fans to boycott the games because you can bet your life that trash like Ramsey, Walcott, Coquelin and Ozil will be there..

      1. Armin says:

        That’s why I call him the “deluded one” whilst everything and everyone around him changes he stays in his bubble kingdom. As we all know the business model the board has invested in so heavily is to widen their pockets and make as much profit as they can whilst we the fans suffer. When we moved to the emirates out went the investment in the team and we started the lean and mean years, whilst we paid back the loan. That period is well and truly over, so where are we now? What is true though is that the board don’t care if Arsene is past his sell by date so long as he keeps the share values profitable.

  9. Vanpayslip is hood ornaments/junkies win awards in my tournaments says:

    So London fans are to blame for this? Newsflash – the Board and Arsene don’t give a **** what fans think.

    Just shows how low the fan base has sunk when it’s the local fans that are to blame for this farce! Have a look around – it has been said for years what Arsenal’s problems are. Not addressed and ignores by Wenger and the Board.

    So genius, I live in London and go every league home game so if you know a way I can prevent Giroud from ever playing again let me know. Otherwise probably best to stick to Spain because if you have been coming here you probably missed the bit where the fans have been annoyed.

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      Well said mate, but the problem isn’t just Giroud lol and how anyone can predict that we will finish out of the top four next season and behind the spuds again is beyond jokes. Even though we lost yesterday we still have a chance of finishing in the top 4. I don’t see people saying anything about Utd and city dropping points ?
      As for The spuds, they will struggle next season whilst playing their home games at Wembley, wait and see.

      And if you really want to prevent Lamppost from playing then I suggest wearing a balaclava and waiting for him at the training ground car park.
      Pop him in the cap or cap him in the pop, either way, both should do the trick.??

      1. Vanpayslip is hood ornaments/junkies win awards in my tournaments says:

        True – I didn’t mean to single Giroud out. It was just an example of how we can’t influence the club because the most vocal points in the last 3 years probably have been regarding no other striker or lack of CDs that are quality.

        1. Fatboy Gooney says:

          Yeah, they don’t make music like they used too,so the moaning about CD’s were fully justified lol ??

          1. Vanpayslip is hood ornaments/junkies win awards in my tournaments says:

            Not been the same since Wu Tang forever 🙁

    2. Splendid says:

      It’s simple! Stop going to the home games. For crying out loud, can’t you watch on TV till wholesale changes is made at the club? You keep paying for tickets and filling the stadium and expect change? If Arsenal FC was in Nigeria, Wenger would have resigned years ago. Here, fans are that powerful.

  10. Shibuta Emmanuel says:

    I lost faith in wenger almost a decade ago. Sometimes I am forced to think wenger does betting. This guy honestly has run out of excuses, he has nothing left to offer to this club. And worst of all, the gullible London fans who still think he has something to offer. Even if wenger bought the best players on the market, believe you me, don’t expect anything better. Because the problem is the mentality. We have a manager who care less about winning trophies. He pushes not his players to work hard. Ozil used to perform in all his former clubs, what happened wen he came to arsenal. Arsene wenger has no pressure from the board and london fans look to be ok with whatever is happening in the club. Arsenal has become a laughing stock of other clubs and some section of fans think it’s still ok. We all know our desease but we are reluctant to deal with it.that shows how bad the club has become. You want wenger to sign a new contract, what are we rewarding him for? He has failed to disprove me for a decade now he can do better. For as long as wenger stays, expect more of the same or even worse.

  11. John F says:

    If you can not make the protests you can go to the just giving crowd funding Chris butler website and donate to the organisers.They are doing a great job and for every pound donated one Gooner is matching it.As for yesterday Wenger playing Gibbs and keeping Ozil’s and Giroud on for as long as he did was the same as playing Ramsey as a left winger with a damaged toe at old Trafford as far as bad decisions go and shows the man has to go.When is something going to be done about those spud fans who attack our lot before and after the game.If it had been Millwall the media would be all over it but because they are the media darlings it is not given the publicity it deserves.Spuds fans are the worst in the country .

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      Yup, even that Robbie from Arsenal fan TV was racially abused by a mob of Spud fans and he said that “if it wasn’t for the police escort, God knows what they would have done” to him.

  12. JPS_AFC1 says:

    Would love to get on board but i live in Adelaide South Australia mate sorry. I will be going to the preseason tour in Sydney in July so if Wenger is still in charge you will see my Wenger Out banner.

  13. Thierryzil says:

    Someone said there are no “qualified” coaches available to take over from Wenger!

    These days even guys like Allardyce know better than Arsene. He looks clueless these days and it’s baffling how we let him be.

    Ronald Koeman, I believe will take this same team to dizzying heights if given the chance. He has proved himself with Soton and now doing same with Everton.

    The first thing I am confident he’ll do is tighten up our very weak and feeble defence.

    So, what exacly is stopping us from saying bye to Wenger and bringing in someone to finally move this club forward?

    I am just tired!

  14. Benny the Genius says:

    Fellow Arsenal fans brace yourselves & embrace the Europa Cup. Our Thursdays will never be the same again … Let’s embrace the reality people before it dawns on us.
    Gosh!!! Quel dommage. Can’t believe that’s where Arsenal has condescended to. Well it’ll be an interesting Summer nevertheless. The doings & undoings of the board during the summer will determine our ambition.
    The Europa cup is more involving & rugged as compared to the UCL. It’ll involve effective planning & fitness challenges. We need a large & fit side to survive.

  15. Benny the Genius says:

    We seem to be going backwards year in, year out and worse of all is that we keep doing the same things & expect to win the league. … We honestly need a transformation.
    I believe last season was our chance to win the league coz all our rivals/contenders (Man U, Man City, Chelsea & Liverpool) had issues with managers through the season … We came second alright & it was joy galore … it’s unfortunate, I’ll sadly admit Arsenal now embraces mediocrity with top four finishes and second round UCL exits as the norm whereas the Spuds keep improving. We definitely don’t deserve this.

  16. Frank says:

    Wenger is too arrogant and stubborn to care what the fans think and the owner couldn’t care less about the club or the fans.
    I hate saying this, I really do but I think it might be best for Arsenal to be a mid table team for a couple of seasons in the hope that Kroenke sells. It is the only chance of us getting a new owner and manager and a sacrifice I’m willing to support for the sake of the club in order to move forward and compete at the top again.

  17. stubill says:

    Thought of the day:

    Eriksen £11 million + Alli £5 million + Wanyama £11 million = £26 Million

    Ozil £42.5 million.

    So we paid £16.5 million more for Ozil than the sum total for Tottenhams 3 players, and don’t even look at salaries being paid.

    I’m going to sit in a dark room, with a bottle of Scotch for a while.

  18. mark says:

    Some people are fearful of change, hence they support the manager come what may and somewhat blindly IMO.

    Some see the state we are in and know we can do better but are frustrated as football has become a rich mans plaything where fans have little to no power or voice.

    So unless the board decide to be bold and look to the future, the status quo will remain…sadly.

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