When will Arsenal start winning at home at least?

When teams no longer fear playing at the Emirates…. by Lagos Gooner

Every football team always prides itself in it’s home form; a team may lose games away, but when it comes to playing at home, every team always wants to win; especially the big teams. Every team wants to winning at home in front of their own fans; they want to hear their fans shout for joy whenever a goal is scored. Unfortunately, Arsenal cannot guarantee its fans such joy for now.

Where did it all go wrong? Why have we suddenly lost our invincibility at home? Gone are the Highbury days, when we crushed any team that came to our home. We showed no mercy in beating teams badly in front of our home fans; especially premiership teams. Then, any team coming to play Arsenal on their home turf would do so with so much fear and respect. These days, how do teams approach games against us on our ground? I wish I could tell you….

Ever since we changed our home ground from Highbury to the Emirates, we have found it difficult maintaining our record of winning at home. Teams have come to the Emirates to steal away precious points; they have come to Arsenal to wipe off the smiles from the mouths of Arsenal fans. Teams no longer come to Arsenal with fear; rather they play Arsenal at home with the belief that they can win, and they often win. Oh my, how much has Arsenal fallen?

Our away form, for a while now, has been nothing to write home about but if we can’t get it right away, then why do we find hard to get it right at home?

I look forward to that time we will start winning at home again. I look forward to that time we will make our home ground uncomfortable to the likes of Liverpool and Brighton. I look forward to that time every Arsenal fan can brag and make so much noise when we are playing at home, because they know their team will not let them down.

Losing at home to teams like Frankfurt and Brighton is highly unacceptable and the Arsenal board needs to let this sink into their hearts, if they eventually get to read my appeal.

We need change drastically and we are appealing to Arsenal to please wake up and stop being a sleeping giant and at least start winning at home…

Sylvester (Lagos Gooner)


  1. Is the Board listening? Are they serious? Hire a top class Manager and get rid of lazy and disinterested players. Get fresh new players or players from the Academy who will fight for the shirt. Than see the Arsenal which is the real Arsenal.

  2. No rocket science, bench Socrates, Luiz, Mustafi, Xhaka, Ozil (once and for all stop the debate of “most creative player”, practically he created nothing this last 2 seasons as compared to his game time and wages. A true professional works his heart out for his salary and dignity, even if he is on the playing field for 10 minutes.He should learn work ethics from Gaby and professionalism from Gareth Bale)
    Play Leno/Matinez, Bellerin, Chambers, Holding, Tierney, Lucas, Willok/AMN, Cabellos/Guendozi, Gabriel, Pepe, Auba/Laca.
    Scout for a new RB, Central defender, play-maker and back up striker. No 30 year olds or rejects/bench warmers from bigger clubs
    Transfer Auba (if he does not wish to stay), Ozil (for peanuts, forget doughnuts), Mustafi, Socrates, Luiz.
    We need players who play with passion,pride and dignity, abide by the coach and have zero egos. This is the reason why smaller teams are way above us and we are likely companions to the relegation places if we do not play with passion and pride.

      1. The current spine/core has taken us to 11th as of now. Let this team play 4-5 matches together (Europe&EPL) and you will see results. Spine does not comprise of lazy, unwilling players passing 5 yards back/forth. We have talent in the youngsters, they need to gel and play together. Auba yelling at Willok for one misplaced past or Ozil insulting Emery at Baku or rating to whom after Brighton match is not good for the team morale or camaraderie.
        Expect a goal/error leading to a goal from either Mustafi, Luiz or Socrates and another from either Ozil / Xhaka not closing down their man. This is no coincidence that we loose/draw matches by getting 2 goals.Correct me if I am wrong John.

  3. We’ll only be winning when the opposition stands still and feels pity for us. Which, no professional football team will do anyway

  4. Let me be brutally honest. The gunners could be smashed by all the top teams.
    Tactically the gunners have been exposed and that’s why Emery was fired and unable to win games.
    Their possession and passing game are no match for teams that play with speed.
    Until this changes the gunners will be unable to compete

  5. Big names of Managers and Players still want to come to Arsenal. We are still a big club. The current players should take the responsibility and show some stuff to bring the fans back on their side. They should show resilience, spirit and the doggedness that defines Arsenal. Only than they deserve the Arsenal shirt. Frankly right now I see only Martinelli and Lenno worthy of the Arsenal shirt.

    1. @gunner4life. Do not exclude Tierney he as well got the passion..
      Leno, Martinelli, Tierney. Had we gotten Ceballos for fee, I’d include him. But since he came on Loan, his temporary.

      1. True, and these players put the “seniors”,”experienced”, “stars” to shame. Time to call a spade a spade if we want to move onward and upward or talk of some masterclass pass done 3 seasons back and head toward relegation.

      1. Wouldn’t be at all surprised, QD.
        Would love to see a reaction tonight, but did you know, we haven’t scored on our last 2 visits to the London Stadium & Aubameyang is yet to score against them? 😬🙈

        1. 🤣 the wonderful stats keep popping up! Oh well, am sure the boys expect an L versus Mancity so they will win this for sure. Otherwise, if we lose 3 games in a row we will be in big trouble.

  6. I just hope we stop buying rejects that no one is crumbling to sign, we then go on to pay big money for them like idiots. Overpaying for second tier players. We have wasted so much money on these. (Auba, Laca (and i rate laca), Pepe, Mustafi, Xhaka, The Shirt selling Genius etc).
    There is a reason why Auba ended up at Arsenal instead of the top clubs even if he was scoring loads.
    There is a reason why Laca was stuck in France and ended up at Arsenal.
    There is a reason why The Shirt selling Genius was rejected by Madrid and sent packing.
    Pepe, it looks like he is going the same direction as our beloved “Shirt selling Genius”. Weak, lazy, shy, fair weather type. I hope i am wrong on him.
    Another problem is buying finished basement dwellers ( Sokratis, Luiz, lichtsteiner etc.
    Then hoping to turn all this patchwork into a serious team.

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