Where are the big changes that Arsenal fans were promised?

Lacazette will be great if it happens but the changes we were promised are yet to be seen. by Konstantin Mitov

Hello fellow fine ladies and gentleman fans of the Arsenal football club? How’s your summer going? Smashing I hope! So, rumours are Lacazette will be joining us soon. And it comes from the big mouth of the Lyon president so it could happen soon, but until I see him in Arsenal colours, I’m taking nothing for granted.

It’s obvious we haven’t had a top striker, and I mean a genuine goal poacher, since Van Persie left and Lacazzete could fit the bill. We tried with Alexis up front and getting a striker who’s netted 30+ goals last season could work out a treat or at least it gets me excited. But this also raises a few questions.

Do we let go of Giroud who has his fair share of welcomers if we decide to sell, which I think we might do. It almost certainly spells the end of Lucas who did alright for the limited chances he got, but he was never really in Arsene’s plans too much. Additionally I think Gibbs will finally be moved on because he’ll be dead wages otherwise, but still work remains to be done.

Arsene is wrong when he said we need just 2-3 players to be champions and adding Lacazzete means we’ll have 2 out of the possible 3 already. Last one should be Lemar or more likely Mahrez, if you listen to the rumours, and to be honest I’d be happy with signing one of these 2 players. The Algerian might’ve been a one season wonder, but he was instrumental in helping Leicester put the golden medals over their necks so I’d take him, because I’m not sure we’d get Lemar and we do need a proper player to put on the right hand side.

That said, what happens to the likes of Walcott and the Ox? I think we need to dismiss Theo, because it didn’t work out for 10 years, I think it won’t work out this time. I’d like to keep the Ox and I definitely wouldn’t like seeing him at Liverpool. And of course we need to keep Sanchez and Ozil no matter what and I’d rather see them leave for nothing than selling our players to rivals.

I have a sneaky feeling that our star duo isn’t putting pen to paper until they see who will be arriving this summer and they are trying to force some action, before making a decision. I think that Alexis is going though. We might sign some nice players like Lacazette or Mahrez (though nothing has been signed yet), but will they be enough to convince him to stay? I doubt it.

Ozil is a different story, because nobody else will offer him the mega wages he will get here if he stays. He’s a player your squad needs to be built around and he doesn’t work much in defence so I believe he’ll stay, but there is something that still bothers me. A thing that people seem to pass by, but for me stays at the core of the problems around Arsenal.

Change. A word so simple, yet so misunderstood at this football club. We kept hearing about staff reshuffling and how Arsene needs to be the catalyst for change, yet where is that? We added a new coach to the staff, but Gary Peyton and Tony Colbert seem to remain. There were even talks of Steve Bould leaving! We changed the number 2 recently and so what? We added Shad Forsyde and so what? We might sign a few nice players, but it has happened before. Hell, we even changed the formation.

We didn’t get the dish served cold last season, because we forgot to put it in the oven. We’ve been cooking it wrong for 10 years and even if we add another pinch of salt or pepper, we might temporarily make it taste better, but ultimately either the recipe or the cook is doing it wrong. I have my bet on the cook.

Hopefully this time we’ll remember to preheat the furnace so that we come out prepared for the start of the season. There is no room for mistakes. We have a difficult start to the season and the fans of Arsenal are sitting on a knife’s edge with the manager and he’s gotta get it right this time, because he may have been given a new contract, but a man out of favour with the fans is just a dead man walking. Ask Alan Pardew if you don’t believe me.



  1. Look I wanted Wenger OUT – to be replaced and it didn’t happen. But even I think we should give him till the 1st September to sort the team out before circumcisng him for lack of signings. There haven’t been a lot of signings so far by any of the top teams. We made a decent start with Sead.

    If we do not get enough quality signings I will criticize him big time like the past few years.

    I wish he had got players before our summer friendlies so new players can adjust to their new team and system.

    Hopefully the rumors of Lacazette and Mahrez are true and there are more to come

    1. I meant “criticisng” lol
      I’m sorry, I was writing from my mobile and pressed the wrong word on my word chooser thingy. I think it’s because I was writing on a yahoo answers about morality of parents circumcisng their kids so word was used recently.

  2. Rumours of Sanchez staying hotting up by Juan_luis. People in Chile says he is reliable and some sponsors of the Chilean follow him on Twitter

  3. Jens Lehmann is supposedly been offered a coaching role, maybe he is being brought in to kick some asses into to shape during training?

    Some film producer back in Chile posted to his 60,000 followers that Sanchez isn’t moving from Arsenal.
    Juan Luis @Juan_Luis16
    Alexis Sánchez no se mueve de Arsenal.

    Does this fella have a close relationship with Sanchez? Well, the player has done a few tv adverts back home and if this fella who tweeted this message was involved with filming Sanchez’s ads then yes he could be reliable with this news.?

      1. Wenger is a busy man with a plan:
        Lacazette, Mahrez and now his getting serious with Martins & Carvalho.

        After having turned down an €80m offer for Gelson Martins and William Carvalho, Sporting were hit with a new bid of €88m from Arsenal. Zero Zero claim it took Arsenal less than 24 hours to improve their offer.

          1. Which side does Martins play? If it’s left then sweet,as Mahrez prefers the right side. Imagine the skill and pace on both sides lol with Lacazette up front and Ozil back to his best, pulling the strings ?

  4. Mahrez for 28 mill?
    Laca 43 mill
    Kolisinac free

    If we keep ox alexis etc
    What a.window

    1. Haha ?? I’m glad to see that you are beginning to accept Mahrez ?
      The fee is still sticking at £35 million.

  5. Damn. If we keep Alexis AND get Lacazette and Mahrez our attack will be hot

    Lacazette is a clinical finisher we’ve needed and Ozil is a clinical passed (led assists for a season in 3 different leagues with Arsenal. Real Madrid and Werder Bremen). The combination could be deadly if Ozil plays like 2015-2016 and Lacazette plays like he has for Lyon.

    Not to mention Mahrez on one side and Alexis on the other side

    1. Calm down! … Your flooding place ? ? Help… Meeee can’t swim! ?

  6. Konstantine – I also don’t believe Wenger knows what he is doing and has lost the plot years ago. But the man has got a 2-year new contract because of the owner and the passive fans of this club.

    I for one will not bitch and moan about Wenger for the next 2 years. What is that going change.

    I hope he can get us back to the top 4 and football elite and I will support the team in this endeavor.

    Will I join the “Wenger is so great” band, no? Will I judge him on what he gets done on the pitch, yes, always have (that’s how I concluded he was taking us backward)?

    Only a fool would have expected real change at this club. For the last 10 years, it has been about cosmetics and not substance and that is not going to change anytime soon.

    But this does not mean there isn’t a small chance Wenger can get us back to the top 4 and that would be good result IMO.

    1. Passive fans ?????? We get laughed at for moaning all the time what are you talking about ?????.

  7. Yeiy another whining article from Konstantin MOANERtov! Wenger signed a 2 year extension for heaven’s sake, get over it and support him …the season hasn’t even started and you are whinning already.

  8. Looks like everton is showing ambition and looking to be next Liecester city. Who knows as it can happen

  9. Patience my friend, i always agree with what you say, however, lets give these rumours time. We could be dissapointed it wont be the first time. but and i do say but we could end up with a top side. i personally like the thought of Gelson Martins. Check him out I know YouTube only shows the best bits but this guy has serious skills

  10. My dream team butlan,kolasina kocielny mustafi bellerin,xhaka carvalho mahrez sanchez ozil lacazette. Bench,cech,holdin,gabriel,monreal,ramsey,theo,ox,welbeck,iwobi,

  11. No more smiles and joking around during training, The original sergeant Bilko is coming to town. ?

    Lehmann will join Arsenal as a first-team coach, according to multiple reports.
    The German will reportedly return to the Gunners for a third time, following two stints as a player, as manager Arsene Wenger tinkers with his backroom staff.
    Gerry Peyton is the Gunners’ goalkeeping coach, with Lehmann to augment the coaching staff in a general role with the first team.

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