Where are these CHANGES Arsenal fans were promised?

July 1st is coming & we have nothing to shout about!

Its getting closer to the opening day of the transfer window & with Arsenal having no big business done, YET, we may have to face facts that Alexis will leave. Especially if he doesn’t see us competing for the best players and trying to convince him we are going for the League. He wants to stay to be the main man, its so obvious, but this is a Van Persie situation all over again. RVP wanted us to invest heavily but Arsenal refused & let him go to Man Utd to go on win them their record 20th League title to end Fergie’s glittering Career. Were we not promised CHANGE? Please don’t say Kolasanic is a great as he hasn’t proved a thing – plus a Wenger special…. Free! I hope I am wrong and he turns out to be an animal, but for me this just spells the end for Gibbs at Arsenal.

Few more should be gone in Wilshere, Debuchy, Ospina, Walcott, Elneny, Campbell & Giroud or Perez not both. Keep Ramsey, Ox, Welbz, Szczesney also.

We have not been told a thing of whats going on in transfer dept & coaching dept… where are all these changes? We will keep falling behind & losing our best players if we don’t do something before this window opens. Deals need to be in place now to show our ambition – with new big signings & contracts for Ox, Ozil & Alexis.

Why not go out slap down the 60m for a PROVEN STRIKER in Aubameyang than over 120m+ on an 18yr old? He would come with the big wages we can offer….

Then go slap another 40m for Isco. Guarantee him loads of game time, with him & Ramsey scrapping it out to play alongside Xhaka/Coq – would love a DM in the form of Gueye from Everton would be my pick to take Elneny’s place. Premier League experience is vital for what we need. Fabregas would also be a fantastic addition, but loads of fans hate him too much. I still like the guy. He’s a great footballer no matter what he did to Arsenal, oh yeah go home to where we snapped him from, basically for free.

Same thing is going to happen again with the fans making The Emirates toxic to go watch & for the players to play. That played a part in our downfall this campaign. I want more than anything else to get behind The Arsenal but it just feels like this is all going to be deja vu as we have seen the same thing over and over again. It is very disheartening this whole situation at Arsenal. Other clubs are getting their business done why the hell can’t we??

Show ambition by being smart not stupid, over £120m for an 18yr old teenager who will eventually want to go when he starts to come good is not good business to me one bit. A few players have called Arsenal a stepping stone in the past, Mbappe will do same thing- mark my words. That money could buy you Auba 60m, Isco 40m, Gueye 20m. Wages come available with the players who leave from the list above plus whatever fees they command. I simply don’t get how it’s so difficult as every other club does it.

For God’s sake Arsene & the board – get the signings in early for preseason to show ambition to our own already star players to sign bloody new deals. Get them all together and let’s have a proper crack at this title maybe even a nice run in Europa League. Do that & maybe The Emirates will actually become our proper home as the fans would be buzzing again!!



  1. Jack says:

    We understand the deja vu moment you are experiencing. However no club will want to broadcast their transfer plans for obvious reasons. We have to understand the fact if we spend 120 million on a 18year old kid who looks very promising by all standards we would be looking at least for a 7 year contract. More importantly if the kid does very well he will raise the club along with him and if someone comes knocking we can recover our investment since he is only 18. Aubameyang is an amazing talent but he is extremely motivated to play for Real Madrid. So if he does well getting good service from Ozil and Alexis then he may want to quit as soon as Real Madrid come calling. For all we know this summer window Arsene may dish out the same but let us give him a fair chance to prove us wrong. For that we should wait at least till the start of our pre-season training. If good talent are not signed in by then we should unite to show our disapproval for the way things are being managed at Arsenal FC

    1. marky mark says:

      It seems all the back romm staff are staying, peyton the keepers coach, primorak, his mate, the whole bunch are staying and on new contracts, so what exactly is changing, they are all yes men and will not upset the Great Dictator, same old same old im afraid. Wenger out !!

    2. JPS_AFC1 says:

      Well said Jack well said.

  2. John Ibrahim says:

    Transfer window is closing on 1 July and yet we have not signed anyone apart from Kolasnic

    Other clubs like city, utd, chelsea etc…they announce who they plan to sign and their intentions publicly and yet we are in secrecy

    1. Darwin says:

      Transfer window closes on 31st August as far as I know.

      1. Spend,Spend,Spend U Scrooge!!!. says:

        For Wenger it’s 1st July.

      1. Incarnate says:

        If we got Kylian, Dembele and Lemar for a combined 200 million, I don’t think it’d matter who stays or goes including Alexis, in truth,I doubt if anyone would want to leave in such a hurry. Trust us to sell them off in a couple of years anyways,by then kroenke gets his profit, we’d have gotten about two years worth of insane magic. Everybody wins!

    2. Napersie says:

      Man you are always out of point.

      1. McLovin says:

        He’s Hafiz of house Rahman, he just got a new name. What’d you expect`?

      2. Sean says:

        Ok so wheres your points? Reactions? Or u just one of them annoying little trolls online… its a debate website for Articles to be discussed wrong or right. Always off point?? Please discuss…

        1. Admin says:

          Hey @Sean, that was a reply to the troll Ibrahim, not your article mate!

    3. Admin says:

      You really are a troll that knows absolutely nothing about football!

  3. Towers says:

    Typical Arsenal fan.Such a bunch of cry babies!For crying out loud,the transfer period is not yet officially open. No wonder u have turned into a laughing stock for other real supporters of your rival teams.

    1. kev says:

      I support what you are saying bro.A lot of people believe they know what will happen next season as if they know the future.Why worry yourself if you think Arsene Wenger won’t sign top quality or make any impact next season.They might as well tell us our future.The only two things which can make Arsenal win things is only if they change their poor mentality and if Wenger changes his poor nanagerial skills.It’s never been about players but because the club never pays attention to these things we keep failing season after season.

      1. bran99 says:

        if you have been attentive for some years now, you wouldn’t have said that. people can predict everything (except 5th last season, to be fair that was new, hahahaha!), even his excuses are predictable, same excuses every season. if you think this season is different, brace yourself brother

      2. JPS_AFC1 says:

        Well said. I have always said a proper manager would win the title with this squad no additions. Could you imagine what Allegri or Simeoni could do with this squad. However as long as Kroenke and Wenger are staying we need all the help and W.C players we can get to win anything

    2. LL_cool_gunner says:


  4. Chris says:

    This does have the same air about it again. The repeated mention of being Groundhog Day for Arsenal is playing out again, except this time it’s the part where Bill Murray is stealing the armoured truck full of cash and driving it off a cliff. I hope this same old band of Wenger and the Board change, but not holding my breath.

  5. JFC says:

    The problem with Arsenal is that despite not spending big, despite not winning major trophies for long periods, despite failing time and gain miserably in Champions league, we still believe we are a great team to play for. We are not. We need to be humble, fight harder to get the players we need, create resilience by having excellent back up in every area and hope.

  6. Nebsy says:

    Oh, we will get changes. Believe you me.

    The changes have already started to take place with the last game of the season. We finally stepped down from the UCL. Next up is stepping further down, so that even EL is not 100% certain. That is about to come in the season 2017/18 and to further develop in the next season, when we’ll have zero ambitious players at the club.
    I would like to stress out once more that a player of Lacazette’s or better caliber won’t be signed for Arsenal, firstly because the club isn’t going to spend much over the 40 million pounds limit. Secondly, because any footballer with a footballing brain knows that Arsenal is a stepping stone/feeder club that thrives on mediocrity.
    Whatever the club allegedly bids for top players is just advertisement for their merchandise. They are bidding low enough to not get the job done.

  7. kev says:

    The problem with Arsenal for so many years has been about poor managerial skills and poor mentality.I’ve said it here a thousand times that even if Arsenal don’t sign any players(which i oppose) and maintain this same team they can still win the league.If these two things are not checked this season too will be the same as the past.However, I am of the view that signing top players do bring hunger and winners mentality.But the main part of the mentality change lies with the manager.Arsenal hardly do play to their strengths and are usually poor honestly though they win.But this season if for nothing we have to sign a new striker and stop compromising.I don’t even care about the other position.One problem we’ve always faced is about the strikers.

  8. ArseOverTit says:

    Where are The latest promises?

    Oh, that will be down the big black hole where the rest of them disappeared.

  9. chris says:

    Wenger has been supported by Kroenke – whom he has long since cleverly cultivated. Thus (Wenger remains in power. The main change evident is to get out there and invest the club’s cash flow. If not – a company will stagnate and then decline …. which is exactly what has happened.

  10. Yossarian says:

    I’m beginning to think all this stuff about Wenger “Trying” to get Mbappe is just another Suarez/Higuaín job. He’s trying to convince us that he’s trying, with the full knowledge that it’s very unlikely to ever happen, and the money will remain in the bank at the end of the transfer window.

    We already hired a “Fitness Guru” before (That American guy who was supposed to change everything) and it didn’t seem to work.

    I’m not expecting any genuine changes to materialise what-so-ever.

    1. Midkemma says:

      Shad F (that american guy… FFS learn the names if you support the club!!!!)
      He will be doing a different job, you do know there is more than 1 fitness job at a big football club?
      He isn’t the only non playing staff to have been hired by Gazidis in this change he is doing, a new legal guy to deal with contracts has been hired, at long last… but it could mean Wenger has less say in wages.

      Oh and SF done his job well, we didn’t suffer from the same volume of injuries and the main one to hurt us was Cazorla who rehabilitation had complications which was outside of SF role… more medical. Bacterial infection in the bone during his operation isn’t anything our fitness guys could have done anything about.

      Why do so many so called supporters come onto this site to moan like a bunch of Chavski fans who repeat BS to try and have a dig at us true gunners?

  11. Wenger Says Who needs The Epl Trophy When Top 4 is available says:


    1. Admin says:

      Is that a comment?
      Wenger has done two things that no other manager has EVER done. Gone unbeaten for a whole season and won 7 FA Cups.
      What have you achieved in your life you troll?

    2. bran99 says:

      fool is a big, don’t use it here, just call him clueless coz he is.

  12. J GOON says:

    100% would take cesc back if available. Dont care if he went to chelsea.

    if we arent getting deals done for ozil and sanchez then they need to go so we can recoup some money. Failure to get anything for them both would surely be the end of wenger.

    He seems to be content in the way we play, which to his credit is very attractive football.

    but with little end product and an inability to show some grit, footballl has moved on. We are not barcelona, and should stop pretending to be. It is a shame what has happened to arsenal. Would love for simeone to come to us, the way athletico play is great.

    also this crock of sh** that no one is bigger than the club, hes called arsene wenger and runs it top to bottom. that’s what needs to change, zero accountability

    1. Midkemma says:

      Someone who has no idea of how the club is ran shouting his mouth off and passing along BS.

      You want someone who forced his way out the team and then chose Chelsea over AFC when returning to UK, before the transfer was done Wenger said he believes Cesc will go to Chelsea as he and Jose has an agreement. That was before the transfer and look where he ended up!

      Cesc has admitted Wenger kept in touch up till he joined Chelsea and Wenger hasn’t spoken to him since, doesn’t that sound like someone who got rejected and acted bitter about it afterwards?

      Sell Alexis ASAP… STFU.
      So we should just let him go to City as that appears to be the only team willing to pay his wage? Strengthen a rival… insane!

      them going for free would be the end of Wenger? Really?
      I thought selling Alexis to City rather than show some guts and force a player to honour the contract would be the end of Wenger, doing the same thing with Alexis as to what happened with RvP would turn a lot of fans on him.

      Seems to be content with attractive attacking football.
      3421 is more of a counter attacking formation, looking for a CF who has pace to burn would also go in with a change from possession based football to counter attacking. We can keep possession and pass the ball around a bit deeper but the idea is to hit teams on the break and we was doing that more with the formation change. Clear change…

      Inability to show grit?
      Tell that to Alexis… Say that to Coquelin or Xhaka… Wonder how fast you will end up on the floor. Some players are less of a fighter but we have been getting players in who have shown a will to be gritty. The only people who say AFC lack grit no are ignorant people who repeat old information…. Oh, that seems to be you!

      Wenger does not run the club from top to bottom, again old information which has shown to be false but only idiots refuse to listen to the other side.
      Silent Stan owns the club, he runs the club, he has final say. Look at his other clubs, look at how their on field performances dropped when he took over but it is okay though as their share prices increased.

      See the pattern seeping into AFC? You blame Wenger like a mindless idiot without thinking about the other factors which changed at AFC and looking at those other factors outside of AFC, if you had then you would be blaming Silent Stan and cursing the day Dein left AFC.

      1. J GOON says:

        Midkemma I forgot everyone on here has the perfect way of running a club. Surprised you didn’t get the job.
        I don’t care if he forced his way out, he is still a better midfielder that pretty much all of our options. I don’t get why people are so idealistic about footballers having a duty to any one club. Cesc took the opportunity to go back to the club we tapped him up from in the first place, not only that to WIN. The game is about WINNING which is what a lot of people have forgotten. He gave us a massive part of his career, so the sooner you can accept that the one man one club doesn’t apply to 99% of players the better.
        Look at RVP – left won the title straight away. Nasri – left won the title straight away, Cesc left won EVERYTHING. (see a pattern?)
        Alexis and ozil are both trying to force their way out so are you going to lambast sanchez for that?
        Did I say sanchez needs to go to city? Or any other PL team. If Bayern want him, sell him to Bayern. It’s about being smart and realising when you have to make the right choice. It’s sell now or he walks the last week of the window transfer request comes in or even worse he stays and we get NOTHING whilst arsene scratches his head over peanuts.
        Look at who we are linked with, every god damn season man, open your eyes and stop following blindly.
        Aubemeyang looks to be going for 60m. Why aren’t we in for him?
        3 players out of an entire squad showing grit? One of which will be walking away, yeh, good one buddy.
        Have you not watched any of our football for the past 8 years?
        I’m not saying that its entirely Wengers fault, but iKroenke runs a team that way as a business which as you say all of his other teams suck, why is Arsene content in the same results for the same money for the same 4th spot (oops not this year). He’s one of the highest regarded managers out there (well not as much anymore but still). If he’s content with it he can have no comeback when the fans are unhappy.
        Dein leaving was clearly a big blow, BUT THAT WAS 10 YEARS AGO in the mean time we have done the square root of fudge all.
        If we are not a big club anymore then don’t feed complete and utter horsesh*t to the fans (could have had this player, almost signed this player) who have sat through enough whilst others around us compile much better squads whilst paying the premium to sit and watch. Other managers who fail are chopped quickly. Which as cut throat as it is, that’s the nature of the game now, whilst we continue with our prehistoric methods of settling for mediocrity.

        And sadly, spuds pass us by which is the most sickening thing about this. Sleepwalking into mid table.

  13. Soweto_Gooner says:

    Transfer window hasn’t opened yet. Only free transfers can be done for now.

  14. Vlad says:

    Another idiot who played too much FIFA/Football Manager.

  15. Janssen says:

    I have to admit I didn’t pay close attention after the FA Cup. But were we really promised change by Wenger? I saw press articles about change but they could just have been fodder.

    I remember seeing a few interviews with Wenger but tbh he never spoke about change and he, in fact, said he believed he had the squad capable of winning the PL and a squad that didn’t need an overhaul. I think he spoke about perhaps 2 signings.

    Did I miss something or a statement about change? One that actually came from the horse’s mouth?

    To me, this whole change nonsense comes more from the press and frustrated fans than actually from Wenger.

    1. Midkemma says:

      2 or 3 players.
      That was said after Gazidis said about change, it wasn’t Wenger talking about change.
      Wenger did mock the idea of a Director of Football but he also said he welcomes support and encouraged the idea of getting better people in, something articles like to miss out for the smear story and reads a smear story gets.

      Before I say if I think Wenger is right or wrong on the volume of players needed, how many top players do you think £150 million could get us, now take into consideration that at least 1 of those should be a CF and CF are inflated in price.

      If the answer is 2 or 3 then I believe we should ignore the part where that is all we need to compete at the top and think of it more as that is all he can buy and wants to keep the current crop of players confidence. Can’t imagine players confidence would rocket up if Wenger said “Oh him, I never wanted him, what a waste of space, I desperately need someone else”?

      We may get a bargain like Holding…
      How much though will 3 established top players cost us?

      1. Janssen says:

        Well, arguably we got 1 already so we only would be speaking about 2. I personally can not imagine the club spending the 150 million you mention. I would be surprised if the club spends more than 50-70 in total (net).

        I also don’t believe in all the rumors about Morata, Mbappe or Lacazette (and now Aubamayang). To me, these are simply players that won’t want to join and (as you suggest) cost silly money. (No we will not get Lacazette for 40 million)

        Clearly, the big question with respect to 2-3 is how does a Sanchez departure figure into that?

        Our best hope is that Wenger can sign some 20-30 million player who has shown promise but is just below high exposure and WC.

        The other thing we should hope is that Wenger was telling the truth when he said he believed Sanchez would stay as opposed to telling a lie to pacify the fans.

        I think with Sanchez we have a chance to get back into the top 4, without him it would be difficult to get back to the top 4.

  16. Nebsy says:

    OH, mr Admin. Thank you for not posting my posts.

    So, I’ll have to repeat myself.
    Arsenal are applying changes as we speak. They’re preparing a season of settling for top 5,6,7.
    This is my opinion, actually it’s my firm belief, which I enjoy sharing.
    They’re preparing us for the life without Sanchez and Ozil and with replacements that won’t match 50% of Ozil’s and Sanchez’s efforts and success.
    And long term, they’re preparing us for a life without a single top player.
    Just look at how terrible the rest of the clubs that are owned by the lizard alien from planet Greed that we call satan kroenke. Two of his clubs were LAST in their divisions.
    What realistic hope we have of Arsenal not turning slowly into such a club?

    1. Nebsy says:

      I’m dumb. Sorry. My avatar is changed. Sorry admin, sorry a bunch.

  17. JPS_AFC1 says:

    I don’t get my hopes up anymore. That way I’m not left disappointed. I a Gooner from Australia and spend about 15 hours a week following this great club off ours and I have come to the conclusion that nothing will change until Wenger is gone. I say I’m not watching games anymore but I can’t help myself the club is in my heart, I said if he was still manager I would not go to the pre-season tour off Australia if he was still in charge but I’m going cause the club is in my heart. For all the times I have said I am done with this crap I keep coming back cause I can’t help myself. I will follow the club but with no confidence until I see something different, I hope that Wenger and the board can prove me wrong but on the last 13 years evidence I don’t think they can. He is finished but we have rewarded failure. I hated Mourinho when he called him a specialist in failure however he has been proved right. Van Persie was right, Fabregas was right, Cashley Cole, Nasri, Sagna, Adebayor where all right to leave and have success where they went. I can’t believe I’m even saying that but it’s the truth and the truth hurts. When R.V.P said the club didn’t match his ambition I hated him but it ended up being the truth. Thiery Henry said the same thing when he left for Barca. Anyways that’s enough from me

  18. John says:

    Arsenal and Wenger don’t have no where to go but up…….he knows his days are very limited ……and the owners don’t want to lose the only good asset in their company…….perfect storm……I see us winning the league this season………Wenger is ready to change………even change tactics within games………this is his last chance………to protect his legacy…….to prove his doubters are wrong…….he is hungry for a trophy……..the players are hungry……..

    1. Midkemma says:

      The asset being Alexis?
      If so then I agree with you dude, if Alexis signs a new deal then how much will he be worth?
      We are rumored to be getting around £50 million bids for Alexis and that seems to be the top end, if he had more than 12 months left then wouldn’t that be at least an extra 50% on top?

      If Alexis wants us to show ambition like RvP did then how much can AFC spend without ‘losing’ money?

      For example, if Alexis becomes worth an extra £25 million for signing a new deal, it is worth spending £25 million on a player, any player that will get Alexis to sign… Plus then there would be the new players value added to the clubs asset wealth… On paper there would be more than £25 million added to the club and share prices will reflect that right?

      One thing I seen and can’t help but wonder how much this has gotten Silent Stan thinking, Pogba got around £190 million for UTD in shirt sales, he didn’t cost UTD that much… Pogba has made UTD a profit without even kicking a ball…

      I wonder how much that has encouraged Silent Stan to tell Wenger to spend?

  19. Midkemma says:

    For a start we have a new fitness guy and from reports he is a very talented individual who will help AFC grow.

    AFC has also gotten a Team Sky legal guy to help with contracts.

    2 changes already to backroom staff.

    You can see the changes if you open your eyes, Sean is a … , if you can not see the changes then you do not want to see the changes, you will belittle them as well I bet!

    Doesn’t change the fact we have 2 new backroom staff.
    Wenger mocked DoF role but if any of you think about it, that is GAZIDIS! Look at what he is responsible for. Wenger has supported the idea of better professionals in to support him.

    2 new appointments from Gazidis already, I moan about the guy a lot so here is me praising the City supporter, he has done well in looking at experience when going after new staff.

  20. Saul says:

    Disagree to not agree?

  21. Joseph Mc Ginn says:

    How does wenger not see the discontent among us fans, he is hell bent on frustrating the decent paying folks who regularly pay extortionate ticket prices and not going all out to buy the best players straight away to mould into a new team!! Same old last minute buys as usual, I for one am completely fed up with it!!!

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