Where are they now? Arsenal’s much-under-rated David Price



David James Price was born on the 23rd June 1955 and captained the England Schoolboys, while playing in midfield.

He signed professional forms for The Arsenal in 1970 and featured in the FA youth cup win of 1971, whilst being part of the Arsenal Academy.

His first appearance for the first team happened on the 9th May 1973 at the age of 17 against Leeds United, but it did not signal a regular place there.

In fact, he played in the reserve side for the next few seasons, followed by a loan spell at Peterborough United.

This served him well though, because in season 1977-78, he became a permanent fixture in the first team and played 51 matches that season. Compare that to the previous 13 since he joined the club and one can see that the patience of the club paid great dividends.

He played in all three of the 78/79/80 cup finals, where we lost to Ipswich (1-0) beat Man United (3-2) and lost to West Ham (1-0), and it was his assist in the United win that gave us the lead, as he slipped the ball across to Brian Talbot for the opening goal.

He also played in our 1980 Cup Winners Cup final defeat to Valencia, so it could be said that finals were not his most happy occasions.

When the Arsenal signed John Hollins from Chelsea at the beginning of the 1980-81 season, it signalled the end of his Arsenal career for David and in March of that year he was transferred to Crystal Palace.

David never won any England caps and he was a divisive figure amongst the fans – some seeing him as a very talented footballer (me included), while others saw him as a weak, easy to bowl over player back in the hurly-burly days of physical football.

When his career was over, David became a taxi driver in the Croydon area and, who knows, might have driven Jon Fox to one of his stage productions, or shared a cup of tea with Kenny Rolfe in a cabbies cafe?

I am not aware that David has ever been to the Emirates and, once again, a great servant to The Arsenal has, seemingly, faded away from the club.

Thanks for the memories and some of us oldies have fond memories of your style of play.

**Read David Price’s favourite memories of playing for Arsenal here**



  1. Ken- another good read, on a player that in my opinion was never appreciated enough for his team ethics and workrate. After 1977-78 season we bought Brian Talbot and most thought that was the end of David Price, but Terry Neil player them both. Our midfield Talbot Price Brady and Rix was as good as any in the country at the time, and Pricecwas the one who allowed Brady to express himself as he did.
    Good Arsenal Player David Price

    1. Phil, I always had good memories of him, but he was a little like Ozil in the way he divided fans.

      I watched the 3-2 win over united at Wembley yesterday and his ball to Talbot was a little gem.

      Finished my next one and its Peter Storey – what a life he led.

      Read his autobiography soon after it came out and then it gathered dust – so much I had to leave out!!!

    2. I loved him, he did a lot of the hard graft, and unnoticed work for the team,, so a great team player.

  2. Sorry to differ with both my pals Ken and Phil on Price being a good player. A fine man, good club man and great pro, which are all to his credit but in sheer ability he was no more than moderate, imo. Ken is correct that he did drive taxis in Croydon and someone I knew, a fellow Gooner, was in his taxi and used him several times. I have no idea what he does today though(even prior to this virus).

    But another good article Ken and I did not realise you were intending to concentrate on players who faded away, when we spoke last week. I’d still love more on more famous names we have had, when you get round to it.

  3. Well Jon- I trust you are as gracious in your comments to Mesut Ozil in years to come when he is forced to earn his living driving Taxi’s to earn a crust.

    1. Phil, That might depend on what any people know who Ozil picks up in his fantasy taxi one day- and at least he can afford to own his taxi outright, unlike many drivers when they start out – says about him as a person. It might be rather difficult to form a kind judgement of a man who earns “£350000pw for years and who seems reluctant to reduce his wage, unlike most of his teammates, in this virus crisis though. Don’t you think!

      1. Well Jon, my understanding is Ozil insisted on understanding the full implications of why the reduction was required of the players and more importantly, where the money was going to. Not unreasonable I believe. Of course I only got this from the media, which also suggested that Ozil would, not only agree when the full facts were known, but also may well offer a bigger reduction than the reported 12.5% his team mates agreed to. I take it your information, as a self-promoted realist of course, is from a source other than the media, as we all know not everything reported in the media is often the teal truth. Do we not?

  4. See Jon I said he divided fans!!!

    Jon Sammuls tonight but just for you my friend, I will do George Armstrong next, a player who is in my top ten without any question – yet another one who would get in to today’s side And the INVINCIBLES in my opinion.

    1. SAMMELS qualifies even under my personal choice system. Geordie though qualifies far more still. And yes to the INVINCIBLES COMMENT FROM ME TOO, KEN! But who to leave out, to include Armstrong, becomes more difficult eh!

  5. David attends the Emirates and is a well known face in the directors box lovely guy.
    Fantastic player upfront or midfield and scored important goals for the club when Arsenal were a great cup side

    1. Thanks for the information Marc, good to know he is still involved with the Club.

      Would be great to see him at half time talking to the crowd – we could show our appreciation for his time at the club.

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