Where do YOU think Chambers should play for Arsenal?

It seems as though the Arsenal and England international player Calum Chambers is a bit confused. I sat `player` rather than `right back` or even defender because the `9-year old has already taken up two roles in his fledgling Arsenal career and there has also been talk that he might get a chance to show what he can do as a defensive midfielder.

The latest product of the famous Southampton academy to sign for the Gunners has been talking to Arsenal Player about the situation and it seems that he is just as in the dark as anyone. Chambers also claims that he has no real preference as to whether he becomes a regular right back or central defender and we have yet to see whether Arsene Wenger thinks he might be right for the deep lying midfield role. But versatility is something the boss prizes very highly in a player.

Chambers said, “It’s been a good experience for me. I’ve always found myself switching positions from a young age so it’s nothing that I’m not used to.

“I really enjoyed my time at centre half at the start of the season and then unfortunately Mathieu Debuchy got injured, which meant I went to right back and I’ve enjoyed my time there as well.

“[Getting forward more] is the part of the game I enjoy at right back – I like getting forward, I like getting involved far up the pitch and that’s the way we get taught how to play here at Arsenal.

“At some point I will have to settle in a place but until that time, wherever I’m put I will give it 100 per cent and I just enjoy playing football. Whatever position that may be, I’ll give it my best shot.”

It seems likely that Chambers will start alongside Per Mertesacker in the middle on Sunday, where he will be tested again, probably against the pace and trickery of Raheem Sterling. He is young enough to learn and adapt still and has all the attributes to do well in any of his three possible roles. So where do you see Chambers playing most of his football for Arsenal?

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  1. chambers Looks good in the air, ball clearance.. especially in one-on-ones (tho he’s easily booked)…….. I dn’t wanna be the 1st to say this, but maybe he should play where mert’s playing

  2. a back four of :


    is a back four full of back tracking pace…….God! We really need kos back…. Kinda hate make-shifts

    1. I agree with this, completely. While I’m not too familiar with Ricky Lambert, I don’t feel as though Merts height gives us any more of an advantage than the lack of speed hinders us. If we pull back Giroud and Welbeck during set pieces and corners, we should have more than enough height to handle Liverpool. To me, the team with the most speed is going to win this one.

      Bellerin, Chambers, Debuchy, Gibbs
      Flamini, Oxlade
      Sanchez, Santi, Welbeck

      We give up a few inches defensively as Lambert is 6’2, but we all know that Mert sucks in the air so the extra height advantage does us no good.

      On another note, is anybody else aware that Debuchy initially began has professional career in the Pirlo spot? It seems like both him and Chambers can push into the defensive midfielder role when necessary.

  3. Definitely a centre back. Chambers doesn’t have enough pace to be playing rb and he will gets absolutely roasted by pacy wingers as we’ve seen. On the other hand, his performances at centre back has been impressive for his age. Dm is a possibility though his aptitude at that position remains to be seen

  4. Cb or dm in the future, I’m undecided on him as a rb, prefer bellerin and debuchy. I’d take a cb pairing of debuchy and chambers anyday when kos is not available. Guess you can all tell I don’t rate Per at all!

  5. I like Calum but he’s a back up player. He’s been burned on the right, messed up in the center and I haven’t seen him play DM. He has great potential like Welbeck, but unfortunately his mistakes cost us goals-dive against Lukaku, the Montero incident, stoke. Long term he might take Pers place, but I have more faith in Per and Debychy and Bellerins pace can bail him out. Thumb me down but you know it’s kind of true

  6. He’s flexibility and commitment have been huge asset this season.

    When fully fit, we have 2 good RBs, so see his future as Per’s replacement (much needed) – but he does seem to have all the ingredients to become a quality DM – especially with his love to get forward occasionally

    Quality player!

  7. Well for me he is the 4th best RB at the club with Jenkinson, bellerin and debuchy all better. Even though he has only played 1 match at CB, debuchy looks far more composed than chambers, so I would have chambers currently 4th best CB. I have only seen him play once as DM and that was for a young Southampton side, so cannot really comment on that position.

    It may seem a little harsh on Chambers, but his tendency to foul, dive in, is his biggest problem and I think that is caused by his positional changes. Once he settles and knows his position, he can then perfect his game accordingly. It’s hard playing 2 positions even when u are experienced let alone as a lad of his age.

  8. If Wenger won’t buy a DM put Chambers there, he has the strength and tenacity for the position.
    We have enough RB’s, when Wenger dips, hopefully a deep dip, into the market and covers CB Chambers should be DM.

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