Where does this potential Arsenal squad with six signings rank amongst our rivals? (Opinion)

Arsenal completed their second signing of the summer window yesterday in Albert Sambi Lokonga, and we are believed to be closing on a number of others at present also.

Ben White is believed to be all-but complete, with just his medical to be completed upon his return from holiday next week according to the DailyMail, while we are linked with adding a new back-up goalkeeper, a new striker to potentially replace Alexandre Lacazette, as well as a potential replacement for Granit Xhaka.

While I would love to throw Locatelli into the mix, I’m struggling to believe that Juventus will allow this one to pass them by, so I’ve stuck with Elneny for the purposes of the article.

One of Sam Johnstone or Aaron Ramsdale currently appears to be the most likely signing to come in as back-up ahead of the new term, as reported in the DailyStar, while our new left-back in Nuno Tavares has already joined the club, and has already made an impression by scoring on his friendly debut against Rangers.

Tammy Abraham may not be everyone’s favoured strike-target, and while I’m torn over who I would prefer out of him or Odsonne Edouard, the most recent rumours have been for the Chelsea striker, with The Telegraph amongst others linking him with the switch, and I believe he would relish playing in our current setup.

While this team isn’t quite complete, with another central midfielder and AM ideally needing to be added also, I’m feeling really positive about this team on paper putting in a serious challenge for the top four, especially without the pressures of having to juggle European football this season.

Is the squad already shaping up to be in much better shape than last season? If you could add just one player to the above squad, who would it be and why?

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  1. I won’t speculate on who will arrive until I see them arrive.

    We had a solid second half of last season. Changing 5 players although perhpas needed, is like starting from scratch. We can not start from scratch.

    If it were up to me we would change two players immediatly and ease an other 3 players during the season. I would change Bellerin and I would bring in a Partner for Partey (Bissouma?). For the rest I would start the same players that played most of the second half of last season.

    If I could get my hands on Aour I would have him come in for ESR with 20 minutes or so to go for the first 10 PL games and for the cup games.

  2. If White & Aarons get done then a midfielder is key. Locatelli would be nice but I’m also struggling to see that materialise. I like Declan Rice but he’s rumored to going to Man U for 80m. Some other options exist and Arsenal will need to complete one of them.

    1. I’m not sure I see Aarons happening either Yos. Rice is surely beyond our current paygrade and honestly overpriced as he’s in great demand.
      Depends on whether we sell any for reall money, plus how much cash we REALLY have – which none of us know. Could be fun though!

  3. If I could add just one player to our existing squad, I’d get a taller CF. A team without a highly established system like Arsenal needs a dominant CF to win aerial duels, since our GK mostly clears our lines using long goal kicks when playing against a high pressing opposition

    Wolves struggled without Jimenez, Spurs were pathetic without Kane, Everton relied on Calvert-Lewin, Inter depended on Lukaku, AC Milan always required their towering CF to start and England wouldn’t win the ball possession in the front line if Kane wasn’t commited to aerial duels

    The tall CF doesn’t have to be a towering monster like Bas Dost, Wout Weghorst, Olivier Giroud, Sasa Kalajdzic, Ludovic Ajorque and Alexander Isak, but he must be able to win and hold the ball for his teammates. It would be great if we can get a tall striker with an exceptional link-up ability, but that killer combination of abilities usually increases the player’s price tag tremendously

    In Euro, Benzema, Kane, Lukaku and Morata showed their capabilities to lead the line, but we’d likely not able to sign any of them. I bet most of us thought Aubameyang was a complete striker who’d be a much better CF than Giroud and Lacazette

  4. Interesting and fun opinion article GP – although bound to be criticised by Foxy as “frivolous”! lol
    I’m really pleased you haven’t (as many responders no doubt will) been over-ambitious in your potential further signings.
    A lot depends on whether we actually have further funds, or whether the gossip on who we are looking at is just that. I was assuming we are really low on cash now, but perhaps it was a big bluff and we really can afford to bid for more than one top level player. We still theoretically have Abraham (meh), Locatelli*, Aouar, Aarons, Ramsdale (meh), Odegaard, Koopmeiners,* Bissouma*, Neves, Maddison, Dest*, etc in the frame so who knows? I suspect one only but if the cash is there… My own preferences are *.
    Still no appealing forwards so I think we work with what we have, and I’m inclined to believe Lokonga before Elneny and that Tavares will break into the first 11 quickly. Just because these two are not household names in the UK it doesn’t mean they are not class players.
    For me, with one at least of the optioned new midfielders its a comfortable top 6 team and I’m pretty excited about both the rest of the window and the new season. But then again I’m one of the Arsenal optimists!

  5. The squad as its written here doesnt fill me with confidence. Lack of real depth and square pegs in round holes.

    However i dont think this will be how we line up. Arteta looks like he prefers 4-3-3.

    I’d like to see willock and partey together

    1. Agree the suggested formation looks rather strange MJH. How much depth do we need though if we aren’t in Europe? Too many quality players and you then get complaints they cant get a game, or the kids don’t get a chance. Priority is very much first 11 for me.

  6. I would be very satisfied with this setup. Happy with our new signings Tavares and Lokonga. Get the other signings done ASAP. (White, Abraham, Aarons and Johnston) Keep Joe Willock and Nelson fgs. We have great young talents.
    Only player I miss is AM-N.
    Great setup IMO for the coming season. With this squad we would definitely have a very, very good chance to be in the Top 4.

    1. Agree Web – maybe not Top4 for me but I see a comfortable Top 6 side forming for this season as long as we get at least a creative midfielder. A young side that will only get better and I think both Lokonga and Tavares are good buys.. Give us a few weeks to gel and we may surprise a few people.
      No negatives posted yet – I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of all our doom-merchants! lol

  7. Thia squad is even weaker than last season’s squad on paper.
    Tammy fekking Abraham? Really? Of all the strikers out there needed. It’s Tammy?
    I’d rather have Pepe converted to 9 than Tammy be our striker.
    It seems some of you don’t watch football with the way you guys analyze stuff.
    What does Tammy brings? Aerially he’s poor, not a very good hold up player, doesn’t bring much play in games.
    Only makes runs to take the final shot at goal. Basically he’s a lite version of Auba and you want both of them in the team.
    You think Tuchel is dumb for leaving him out despite needing a striker and looking for one?
    Some of you try to sound like you know what’s good, when in truth some of your decisions would only make us worse.
    Imagine having Auba and Abraham up front.
    It’s like playing with 2 men down when they are not tapping in goals.

    That Midfield of Elneny Partey is weak AF. Might be solid defensively, but it takes away the attacking contribution Xhaka’s replacement is meant to have.

    No squad depth, ESR as AM and Nelson as his backup?
    Lol okay, I’m glad it’s just an opinion article.

    1. Lol Eddie – agree 100% on both Abraham and Elneny, but its just out there to get us talking.
      If we get an A/CM Im more upbeat than you. Depth? Who needs it. No Europe, priority is First 11 then Kids get their chance for injuries. It’s probably heatstroke affecting me though!

  8. If we were to get a new RB 2nd GK CAM and yes a tall CF I would consider this window a successful one!in the meantime it’d be nice to see some outgoings to bring money and free spaces but I guess they are interdependent we can’t sell if we haven’t secured replacements like others on this site I’ll wait the end of the window before passing judgement.

  9. Eddie you can’t use tuchel as an example why Tammy is bad. Hell yeah arteta doesn’t even use martinelli because he prefers nkethia and between you and I we know the better player. I’ll take Abraham in a heartbeat if the price is right. He offers what none of our strikers have that is height and aeriel power. It’s laughable to hear you say he is weak in the air. That is his strong point and he holds it up well. And he is also young and oh an arsenal fan. That on its own is a reason why he will want to succeed and to prove his doubters wrong. Nelson should be loaned or sold I can’t seem to understand the hype around this player. He is too immature in his play. Joe willock there is a player in there. Loan him to Newcastle for a full season and see how he does. Arteta and AMN should make up their minds quick, if he wants to play rb then there is no point signing one. We rather use that money for an attacking midfielder. I believe ESR is waiting to see who we sign because an establish player wouldn’t want to sit on the bench for a kid. Have we thought about this yet? Where would you play ESR if we sign an established AMF? If we are signing bissouma or locatteli I doubt there will be room for ESR if we signed and AMF. I wouldn’t want ESR to be on the bench for anybody. He is good enough and has earned that position. So whoever we are signing is going to share minutes with him. Now will grealish, Madison agree to this? I doubt that. So the only feasible option whom I think can afford to accept that is aoura but I have my doubt on this player because of his mentality. He sounds like a mercenary. And oh no one should suggest we move ESR to the wing please.

    Between Declan rice and kalvin Philip, kalvin Philip all day of the year. Man got different engine. Tireless

    1. Lots of good points in there Lucia. I’m really not convinced we intend to buy a top level AM – I think the intention is to play ESR there whenever they can, and mix and match when he’s not avaailable. And yes – we won’t buy Aouar because of his character, although skill wise he’s a great fit. He wouldn’t settle for being backup for a youngster.
      I’m not sure there is much left in the budget and I think we will buy a CM, but will leave it late to get a good deal. Perhaps Neves.
      With regards to Abraham my main issue with him is the price, not that he will definitely flop. But if either GM or Auba flourish, Im not as obsessed with getting a striker as others are. Maddison I am sure is paper talk, and he’s another one that has a questionable attitude.

  10. Abraham is young striker with excellent development options. He is “hungry” and want to prove his worth. At Chelsea the competitionon is very strong. If Abraham is playing regurlarly I am convinced he will develope into an excellent striker. Fast reactions, holds up well, tall with strong actions in the air.

  11. Apart from Ben White, I dont see any improvement in the squad. Xhaka>Elneny and Laca>Abraham, so I guess if this is the squad we will finish 9th this season.

    1. Top 6 G4L. Reasons for improvement aren’t necessarily just names on the team sheet – thats a very one-dimensional view of football:
      1 Improvements in existing players since the start of last season – Pepe, ESR, Saka are better players than they were a year ago, as arguably is Willock if he stays
      2 Returns to form – I don’t believe Martinelli or Auba can possibly reproduce the poor form they did last season
      3 Bedding in – Gabriel and Partey will become more consistent and settled. I anticipate less mistakes from both.
      4 New signings – White, Lokonga and Tavares are all exciting additions once settled
      5 Training and time together – I know you’re not an MA fan but a decent period training together can only help. With covid last season there was no pre-season
      6 Deadwood recognised – MA eventually understood who the wasters were and dropped them from the starting 11
      7 Less games – it may not suit us as viewers or help financially, but it will mean more time for recovery and training, less injuries, and will suit a smaller first team squad
      8 – This is just for you haters – no more Xhaka to slow play down. The three new signings are all very forward thinking

    2. Success is IMO due to good work with the manager. A manager who has the players fitting into his system. It’s just not about buying a bunch of high profile names. It’s about working hard on the managers concept in training, so everybody knows his role given by the manager.

  12. If Arsenal complete their signing of Ben White, that’s will bring the numbers of the incomings to the club this summer.to three so far.

    But I think and believe those three new signings alone will make Arsenal stronger next season in all competitions than they were strong last season..

    But is Okonkwo not good enough to be the backup goalie to the first team choice goalkepeer Leno? I should think he is. But let him keep improving to continue to work very hard in training and the in Arsenal 2 matches tour in the US. And if Arteta considers him to be good enough,. Then Arsenal should keep their money to not spend it on recruiting a backup goalie this summer.

    What if Bellerin leaves? If he does, then Arsenal will have to sign a new top quality grade RB player to replace him. But if he didn’t, there won’t be the need for Arsenal to sign a new right full back this summer.

    Replacing granit Xhaka in the Arsenal midfield wouldn’t be easy. For, he has been a very strong player for Arsenal. But if the club think otherwise. Then a new midfielder of a top grade quality has to be signed by the club this summer.

    A new top quality grade striker signing to refresh the quartet strikers of Auba, Laca, Nketiah and Martinelli for a better campaign performance in the PL next season is very very necessary for Arsenal to sign him this summer. But with one of the quartet going out on loan. And who should that be between Balogun and Nketiah? Well, I don’t know.

    But alternatively, Arsenal may keep their quartet strikers as they currently are without doing any refreshing to them.

    1. I agree with all of your comments Samuel. I too am not sure that we must buy another goalkeeper, but we must buy a good CM for Xhaka.
      We have Chambers for RB and White also if we cannot find a replacement for a fair price.
      Perhaps they will only use Auba, Laca, Balogun and Martinelli for strikers. I think Nketiah must go.

  13. I’ll be waiting to see who runs out onto the field against Brentford in the red shirt with white sleeves.
    In my view the nominated team is still an ACM and DM short to improve Arsenal’s position above top six. Even to achieve top six, Arsenal would need to have a good run injury free.

    1. Loads of time Oz (he writes nervously). I agree and think we will get a CM but not confident about the AM – it may all hang on ESR, poor kid.

    2. Or a better manager Ozzie !
      The team last season was good enough for a top 4 spot ,what surprises me is that Stan is willing to plow funds to back Arteta when he could of used some of that to actually get in a top top manager ,maybe he likes wasting is money who knows .

      1. Dan, while I’m clearly distraught about Arsenal’s current situation and believe we should demand much more from MA, you have to remember that the so called “top 4” you talk about only really emerged on Boxing Day against Chelsea. Also, they would have come 2nd on the table if that was the entire season.

        So my point is I think we should hold off on calling for Arteta’s head. Let’s give him another season at the helm. I’m sure he has learned his lesson. He’d be really stupid to start this season with the same dead wood players that wasted out first 14 EPL games last season. Players like Willian and Bellerin aren’t starters anymore, plus, some of the dead wood are on their way out of the club, just like the ones who left in January. So I think we should all relax a bit. This is MA’s first serious preseason. He unearthed some gems last season and ended the season really strong. Let’s see how that carries into next season especially with the new additions to the squad. At the end of 21/22 we can revisit the issue of whether MA should stay or go. A lot of changes are happening at Arsenal and it’ll take a little time for everything to come together, so let’s give them next season and then decide.

      2. Dan, Arsenal believed Arteta was an upgrade on Emery. As you know I am still to be convinced. Given the level of support Arteta now appears to be given, compared to his predecessor, there can be no excuses.

  14. in my opinion, i would fear for the proposed team by the author. this team would be mauled to death i do think. tammy chelsea reject will never improve our team.this team is rather light on natural goal scorers presently. i would like to see PEA leave as he has proven he is a mercenary of the highest order.goodness help us if we have auba and tammy up front.

    1. Lol Gerry – yes the team he chose wouldn’t win many! But it was just a debating point. I honestly think Martinelli can become a great goalscorer so there’s hope there.
      I don’t think Auba is a mercenary – all strikers can lose form. I just don’t think he is quite as good as many say he is.
      Abrahams is a strange one – all the attributes and a good attitude but not a natural finisher?

  15. Off topic!
    Please where is Miguel Azeez? Not seen anything of him in pre-season so far. One of the youngsters I was expecting to see promoted to the first team.
    Anybody knows anything please?

    1. Jeorge Bird said he was injured which is why he didn’t go to Scotland. He thinks he’ll feature in the cup games and may go on loan in the 2nd half of the campaign..

  16. It’s the first time our manger, Arteta, has a squad from the start of the season. Plenty of time for him to get it right, and to work with the players to adapt his playing system. Last season it was a difficult task to do it in a relatively short time. Now he can find his prefered players and work intensively with them.

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