Where has Arsenal’s ambition gone?

Short term sightseeing at Arsenal result in defeats like yesterdays. by Konstantin Mitov

In a usual fashion like the diabolical result I’ll also skip the review of the game as I usually do of late, because I stick to my words that with Arsene this is what it is gonna look like from now on.

Things cannot miraculously change when the source of the problem cannot be removed. I also said that West Ham are terrible and we shouldn’t look too much into that result. I got slated off, because I believe that in order to succeed we need a long term plan.

We don’t know the future of a lot of players, neither the one of the manager. All we know is the top 4 won’t decide his future, but truthfully, we deserve to miss it. It has become a symbol of staleness and although I don’t like missing it, it should be a wake up call.

People label me negative for not getting overexcited for West Ham, but neither am I too surprised now. This has happened before, season after season, but 4th always kinda papered over the cracks and we never truly addressed the fact how far behind we’ve fallen in terms of training, tactics, scouting, wage negotiations and so on.

I read an article stating that Gazidis is trying to push for a director of football and Arsene is rebelling against change. Frankly, what’s really going on is something only Arsene knows, but it’s funny to believe he can reinvent himself when he spent nearly 100 million and he’s going backwards.

It is not only about money, it’s about Power too, all of it. Wenger has it, and I really believe Ivan is kinda frozen out like Usmanov, who also came out in support of the manager, but this summer will be one of change for sure, not the right one I fear though.

Anyway, what next? The season is done for us. FA cup or not, missing the top 4 is a disaster for us. It means we’re going to be like Liverpool of a few years back. Do we have any sort of a plan? What will happen to ticket prices? What kind of players will we sign?

How do we replace Alexis and Ozil? I just want the season to end. Then it will only get worse if we see Alexis going to Chelsea or Ozil to United. But at least then we’ll have to know if this club will finally part with a manager of the past and look to the future, or we’ll continue to regress. Sadly I feel like ambition is long gone.



  1. gmv8 says:

    There is no determination in the players any more. Is it they have stopped playing for Wenger, or is it the uncertainty over his position causing them uncertainty over theirs? Either way it has been incredibly badly handled by both Wenger and the board, who basically allow WEnger to do what he wants.

  2. SoOpa AeoN says:

    Up in Smoke








    Burning in the fire of Wenger’s incompetence!

  3. SoOpa AeoN says:

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    § § § § § §

  4. ArseOverTit says:

    AFC = A Fecking Catostrophe

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Arsene’s fat cow, ripe for the slaughter.

  5. ramterta says:

    you guys should stop being delusional.
    do you think someone can sack himself.No premier league manager has ever done that before.
    Jurgen klopp was only a few of many who stood up and accepted he couldn’t take dortmund foward anymore.wenger will stay here until he is sacked

  6. Pablo Picaso says:

    Where has Arsenal’s ambition gone? Well….
    – Stan – Clueless about football or should I call it soccer – he probably thinks Arsenal can win a World Cup too.
    – Ivan and the board – old gutless men who know nothing about modern day football.
    – Wenger – busy gloating about his past even in heavy defeat. The man wakes up each morning and tells himself his the best.
    – Sanchez – head down after leaning his playing with a bunch of losers. Barca reject come Arsenal star, story of our club.
    – Theo – never had the balls
    – Ozil – too weak to put up any fight and waits around for others to make him look good and win titles.
    – Bellarine – After his hair stylist moved and all this Barca and Man C talk got to his head his lost his marbles.
    – Monreal – he does try but honestly he cant get into the 10 best teams in Europe. Squad player at best.
    – Paulista – still leaning how to say “hi” to his team mates
    Mustafi – All energy but less brains
    Xhaka – should have bought Kante, end of story.
    Kos – like it or not the Giraffe may have made him look like WC
    Coq – Denilson 2.0
    Gibbs – headless chicken
    Girould – Model turn footballer
    Ramsey – Average
    Elneny – Crystal Palace quality player.Wait a minute those boys just took us to school!
    Cech – old age retirement home for him, he couldn’t care less.
    Ospina – Average
    Iwobi – still belongs in the reserves
    Ox – more concerned about sneaking into concerts than his job
    Fans – 50% of them still leaving in the past and worship Arsene’s arse

    Top to bottom the team is a mess. We have turned into an embarrassment now and the specialist in failure rules on.

    1. frank says:

      I would go as far as saying that the only players who have been trying or at least playing for the club at the moment are Montreal, Gabriel and Oz. Although they aren’t the best players, full respect for not giving up.

  7. Franko says:

    Wenger’s preference of certain players over the better players has finally come in to roast…..where is Lucas Perez? Wenger’s inability to improve on our attack is also responsible for this demise……how many shots on target do we muster per game? Wenger still wants the players to pass the ball in to the back of the net…..if a new manager the likes of Simeone or Allergri takes over, these same set of players would play better with a different tactic.

  8. wenger must be sacked says:

    we dont have real ambition for years now

  9. Kenyaguna says:

    Who’s leg do i have to hump to get the old fool to resign

  10. DANDY GUNNER says:

    What Ambition do you mean 4th place finish last 16 in Champions League and the odd Cup.
    The only Ambition that Wenger and the Arsenal Board is to get a nice big fat dividend Cheque every year and XXXX the Fan’s.

  11. stanley says:

    Arsenal can’t have any ambition with that old fool incharge ..our next season will be worst than this

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