Where is Arsenal’s ‘progress’ we have been talking about?

About a week ago, a reader wrote how Arteta wasn’t afraid to upset players individually for the sake of ‘success’.

‘What success?’ I argued?  ‘Look at the league table’ they insist.

While my stance is 5th should never be viewed as an achievement, how have I been so confident that that we won’t finish in the top 4?

I simply watch what is in front of me. A group of players simply not entertaining to watch with zero leadership and few characters.

I’ll be called even more names, but you tend to accept that when proven correct.

Because while some Gooners’ rejoiced’ about a season where we have still yet to be in the top 4, while others boast about ‘progress’ for surging into positions that Spurs and Man United sack managers for, while we overhype our players to the point some arrogantly questioning if a Sterling could get into our 11 …… others have seen enough.

Enough to know that Mikel Arteta, a nice guy, well spoken, his love for the club not in question…. is simply not the man to take us to our previous levels.

He’s too conservative to begin with but most of all his man management lacks any kind of consistency.

The Spaniard gets praised for his honestly in interviews but how honest is he really?

When we needed a goal at Old Trafford, he took off Aubameyang.

When we needed a goal at Goodison, our captain came on in the 84th minute.

Sandwiched between that, our manager insisted he has faith in his skipper and there is zero issue.

Yet yesterday, Eddie Nketiah was essentially picked ahead of Aubameyang.

This is the same Eddie who for large portions of this campaign fails to even make the bench in the Prem.

He won’t extend his contract because of a lack of playing time. He hasn’t had those minutes because he’s proved to not be good enough.

Yet the moment he rejects a deal, you want to give him minutes.

Why? To change his mind? To keep a British player to meet your quotas?

It can’t help Aubameyang’s confidence that on Merseyside he was overlooked by two strikers who this time next year won’t be at the club?

Who, in January, can negotiate with clubs abroad?

Applauded on Sky Sports for accepting his team wasn’t good enough, yet stopping short at questioning himself. Nor did the reporters ask the correct questions.

Like how do you go from not rating Eddie, he says he wants to leave, yet suddenly he gets off the bench, but Pepe doesn’t?

I want a straight face where our boss tells us that’s a footballing decision.

The same man who promised that it was a footballing decision why Guendouzi and Ozil couldn’t make a 9-man bench for a Cup Final, but a young Matt Smith could?

Don’t get me wrong, Pepe has to take accountability because his move to England hasn’t worked out, but it’s rare that a team lose 3 out of 4 games and your record signing is an unused sub.

Other owners would want to know why you suddenly stopped using that resource.

The answer is in his first ever job as a manager, a rookie has been conditioned to think that it’s okay to wash your hands of talent.

Most are expected to coach players and get the best out of the assets they have.

At Man City that was supposedly Arteta’s strength, his ability to teach and train.

It seems Pepe is the latest scapegoat in this constant need to blame someone.

Ozil and Sokratis were paid to sit at home.

Guendouzi was loaned out due to his attitude.

Saliba for two years now hasn’t been deemed ready.

Now it’s Pepe’s turn.

At the start of the season, Pepe was starting, Laca wasn’t, and Eddie wasn’t in the matchday squad.

Part of the club’s refusal to pay over the odds to keep Laca is that they can’t justify a big salary for a striker deemed as back up.

Eddie wants to leave because he can’t start in the Prem for Arsenal.

Yet a month before they can sign pre-contracts they are ahead of Pepe and Auba?

Martinelli is only suddenly playing having been ignored for months.

It’s so disjointed and messy.

According to some though it’s fine if it means success …. what success?

None of these decisions are winning us points.

The most impressive aspect is instead of a section of our fanbase questioning these decisions, they have been charmed into thinking that somehow, we are heading in right direction.

That’s perhaps the club’s greatest achievement, convincing customers that everything is positive when we factually fail to hit our targets.

A week ago, Gooners who questioned the progress of this manager has their IQ questioned.

That anger comes from being proven wrong every week.

I didn’t respond …. I didn’t need too.

Arteta’s done that for me.

A nice bloke who might turn out to be a great manager elsewhere.

Just not at Arsenal


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  1. Here is the progress
    10 hours ago
    “Arsenal has been unbeaten in the Champions League for five years!”

  2. After the gunners came crashing down at Anfield,theybeat NU. They then lost to MU in a game they shd have won. Now after leading they lose again.
    Its back to square one. I thought the defence had improved significantly but its still the achilles heel.
    Hopefully things will improve but there are no eeasy games in the epl.y

    1. @Wolfgang
      One of our main problems is, we fail to control the midfield. We lack a real midfield maestro in the mould is Santi. One who breaks up play and turns defence into attack at the drop of a hat.

      1. “One of our main problems is, we fail to control the midfield”
        To me this has been our main problem for years. Our midfielders have heavy first touch, lack any sort of control under pressure, slow in decision making and cannot dribble.. A midfield of this nature belongs to the mid to lower half of the table.

    2. About 2 years under Arteta, and what changes has he brought?
      1. He said squad needed rebuilding and players removed. He loaned out several players and has brought in 12 new players.

      2. Ownership needed to support his plan and vision. He was handed complete control and over £200 million in 2 years.

      3. His Arsenal DNA and understanding the club culture. Do you see Arsenal DNA in his philosophy, style of play, or game management?

      4. I see 2 years of inferior football and performances, and a manager who has completely destroyed our attacking football.

      Familiar rut, but can’t keep blaming players when he got 12 new ones, and ownership handed him control and over £200 million to spend.

      1. Durand Arteta is too proud to admit he was wrong to let Guendouzi go that the sort of player Arsenal need right NOW

        1. @Sir Micheal
          Matteo is without doubt better than any of the current crop of midfielders. Dude breaks up play and recycles the ball effortlessly. Plus has an engine on him and is capable of 99 mins of action. Not 10 here an there like our current crop of duds…

          1. I thought Lokonga looked good when he played and don’t understand why he has not started the last two games.

            I thought perhaps he was rested against Man U but now that he didn’t get any minutes against Everton I wonder if he fell out of favor.

    3. wolfgangAteam who has not won in the last 7 or 8 games play Arsenal and stick 4 pastis alright one was offside and one was very marginally offside a side who cannot win stick 4 goals past us I thought Arteta said he fixed the defence

      1. We play some of the most disjointed football in the Premier league. So boring to watch and so negative.

  3. The players started using time wasting tactics right from the beginning of the second half. There was no belief in the team that they could do better than the 1 goal scored. That’s how the manager thinks. He hasn’t got the personality to run a club of arsenal’s size. It is that Simple

  4. I think some of us have been trying to convince ourselves that Arsenal / MA are doing what’s best and moving in the right direction. I’m not one of them though. I completely agree with you, Dan.

    Those who are desperately trying to cling onto the bare single thread that this club are on the climb must simply be deluded and confused. Yes, we had a great little run in terms of results. But, the performances were still poor. We got lucky a few times. The biggest and best turn around for us was Ramsdale who went above and beyond with some fantastic saves. With Leno still in goal we would be way down at the bottom still.

    It’s about time this club realised the obvious problem here. The owners. Nothing is changing any time soon!

    1. GunneRay The owners YES they Employed Arteta and gave him more money than any other manager The Owners are to blame

    1. Fact is Nketiah did more in his 20 mins on the pitch than any of our other forwards.The fact that Auba made a mess of a gilt edged chance with the last kick of the ball does not seem to have been recognised,nor the fact that he has been poor throughout the season.Our Manager has erred in not dropping him before now.Arteta has failed to bring about an improvement in the fortunes of our Club and may well suffer the consequences at the end of the season.I have no problem with that whatsoever but when it comes to listening to the ongoing excuses for the failures of our so called leader, I draw the line.

  5. It ain’t working with Arteta. He has had two years. EVERYBODY here said he has until Christmas to show he can do it. We are stuck in a fruitless mode and it’s becoming clear it’s not the players. Arteta cannot organise and motivate our team. He just hasn’t got the ability. It’s not about is he likable or what Pep said about him…..he just is not good enough…..fact……reality. It’s 2 years now….he must leave as virtually everybody had said. Christmas is upon us and Arteta has FAILED.

    1. I gave him until Christmas (December) to show progress and improvement. There is no improvement whatsoever and we are just treading waters like we have been since he took over.

      Time to move on and appoint a new much experienced managers.

  6. I think it’s time for Arteta to leave.
    We have got January around the corner, relieve him of his duties and find a much more experienced manager for the January window.

    Chelsea got rid of Lamaprd.
    United got rid of Ole.
    Spurs got rid of Nuno

    I feel like it’s about the right time for Arsenal to part ways with Arteta. He seems to be out of his depth.

    1. Goonster Josh Stan son said I want to work with the fans Well why don’t he listen to us Arteta is not the Man for a club like Arsenal

  7. There was never going to be progress under this management,that was plain to see after last season ,throwing money at the problem as got us nowhere now we have another wasted season on our hands playing the same dismal football we have seen for the last 2-3 seasons .

    Trust the process was a myth that unfortunately some fans believed and tried to excuse Arteta from his failings .
    If he’s not replaced at the end of the season then I’m not sure what else to say ,his failings will be on the owners hands but not acting is surely doing more damage to his business than good .

  8. The goals at the beginning of the season were
    1. Get rid of the underperformers.
    2. Recruit young disciplined players with good resale value.
    3. A return to Europe by making top 7.
    So how are we doing after 15 games?
    Recruitment? 6 new young players who are now all starters in the PL. Rating. 17/20
    Getting rid of players?
    Sold Willock.
    Moved on. Ceballos Ryan Luiz Willian.
    Could not sell Torreira Nelson Runarrson Bellerin Saliba Guendouzie.(loaned)
    Leno Chambers Cedric Holding Mari Kolasinac Elneny Niles Xhaka Nketiah Lacazette Auba Pepe. = 2/20.
    3. Making top 7. We are in 7th and in with a shout of top 6. Rating 8/10
    So recruitig and 7th place are top successes.
    Failure to sell players is bad recruiting mostly pre Arteta.
    Overall 7/10 so far.
    Trust the process

    1. Wow. top 7 is such a great goal. We keep this up just staying above relegation will be our new goal. Is that’s the process you are talking about FAIRFAN that we should trust. such great process if you ask me. WOW!!!

      1. I think Fairfan is trying to wind people up, I honestly don’t believe any Arsenal supporter could be this relaxed and believe that everything is just hunky dory! The club is a mess.

        1. He’s a baiter Kev ,plain and simple
          He changes his views daily to get a reaction.
          You have to wonder why he changed his name from Wyoming as well .

          1. I didn’t even realize it was him Dan, your spot on mate 👍 he’s fooling no one with this ridiculous positivity, he’s winding people up and he knows it!

    2. How is buying players a milestone? And top 7 should not be a goal either. We have it easier this season with no european football. And somehow we are still behind man utd and tottenham, and only 1 game better than brighton? Arteta is giving us a fake stability vibe when in fact we are struggling badly up front, and in defence!!!

    3. sorry who said 7th was progress ?
      I think some fans think that because they say that it becomes true
      In reality 7th for any top club is unacceptable.
      Spurs and Man United sacked thier manager for being in that positon

  9. Looking at the remainder of the matches, there is high chance we will finish seventh by end of december. And none of the top 7 will be facing each other beside us vs westham and tottenham vs liverpool (tottenham has played 1 less game).

    While it feels like we are improving, in reality we are as bad as it gets. Man utd and tottenham has had terrible season so far and yet they are above us now.. what has arteta done to get this much privilege of keeping his job when ole and nuno are sacked? He was even given this ridiculous amount of time to get literally every single position his ideal players. And mind u, we have no european football, so arteta has much more time to drill in his tactics to his players. And yet halfway through the season we are still struggling.. add to that the embarrassing amount of goals we have scored.. 18?? We are on course for another 50 goals this season.. We have been consistently scoring 70+ league goals/season until arteta came.

    I really want to believe in MA, to trust his process.. I really do. I was excited for a moment when we seemed to have improved. But this guy is just a scam. Being a good guy aint enough to keep your job! #artetaout

  10. The Everton shambles was above all GUTLESS and in my book , being GUTLESS is about the worst accusation anyone can make against a player, a team or in this case also a manager.

    But it is true and therefore MUST be said.

    In my book TRUTH is before all else and no matter what has been said before, by me, by others who have seen things differently or any other matter pertaining, the TRUTH is that this team is GUTLESS.

    That must be said, no matter how difficult it is for me as someone who has thus far defended Arteta, against what I call the rottweiler army on JA who call for his head almost daily.
    I will never avoid facts and if or when the facts tell me that I may have been wrong or even merely just too slow to see what others have seen, then I will change my mind with the weight of evidence. I will not – as time restricts me right now – go further into this whole subject, RIGHT NOW .

    BUT I will be submitting an in depth article within a day or two on the whole past and present fan debate on MA’ s management to date, examining in detailed lawyer like fashion, the weight of evidence on ALL sides of the debate – and there are more than simply two sides – and I promise to pull no punches, even if I end up being the one punched.

    For truth, as I, or anyone else perceives it, is before all and must be faced, no matter how unpleasant it is. To duck the truth would be gutless and I have, all my life through, NEVER been gutless, as anyone who has ever known me personally will attest.

    Life may well have been more comfortable and easier if I were gutless , but then self respect , something far more valuable, would be absent.

    1. jon fox I have never told a lie since my father took his belt off and gave me a beating and some people do not like me because I tell the truth

  11. Spurs got rid of Nuno, now they’re ahead of us.

    United sacked OGS, now they’re ahead of us.

    Vs. Pool, City, Chelsea:
    0 goals scored
    12 conceded

    I don’t know how to make this more clear: the fault lies at the manager who cannot make his team perform and continuously trusts untrustworthy players.

    1. Oh by the way:

      Pretty much everyone else in the league is playing in Europe midweek.

      I remember one fool here saying we will be much better this season because we get to rest mid-week. Well surprisingly, we are still looking as sh*** as before.

  12. Honestly my biggest disappointment is we are toothless upfront. I have highlighted this again and again. Even in wenger’s worst season, when we have chamack, sanogo as our striker, we have never failed to score 70+ goal a season in the league. Emery seem like a bad news but he still got that 70+ goal. Then come arteta, we are down to 50+ goals.

    1. We might argue about defence all day long, but it is that lack of 20+ goals that stops us from reaching the top 4.

      1. Yes but when we get 1 goal in front we fall back and then the opposition get confidence and attack us and we concede

    2. This I agree with because arteta is too Conservative (or cowardly). Against Everton we had no striker, Laca was playing basically in the 10 role. Xhaka basically plays as a 5th defended. We transition so slow and are not brave on the ball. Their goal came from gomez pushing through midfield and playing the ball forward. If that was our midfield as soon as an opposition player is in front stop play back and let the opposition get back in shape. This has made us so predictable, boring and toothless. Saka is capable of taking on players and Smith Rowe is also very capable of beating a man or pressing forward with his impressive touches and turns but who else does that for us esp in midfield? Nobody or very rearly, this comes from the manager.
      Arteta is not good enough simple.

  13. This is the season Arsenal where supposed to push on. No Midweek exertions which should allow more time for coaching. Conte had the same situation at Chelsea and won the league. Arsenal are 7th with a GD of -4 in December.

  14. I’d like to applaud all the fans that could clearly see that we were scraping wins and draws….fans that understood getting 3 points in the short term does not necessarily mean that genuine progress is being made!

    Many of us were called negative after still being critical of performances even though we were winning. It was pretty clear that what we were seeing on the pitch was still poor despite winning.

    Bottom line, MA fans are short sighted and very quick to claim “but we won” without ever thinking about building a sustainable style of play/tactics.

    FYI you see why Xhaka needs to go…MA cannot help himself if he’s available….he MUST play! Regardless of what’s best for the club.

    We have less games than our “rivals” whci means fresher legs and more time to work on a game plan and we are still rubbish.

    We are managed by a coward that is proving Troy Deeney right about our team being a bunch of softies! AFC really is the best club in Europe where a good salary is accompanied by zero repercussions.

  15. I thought I’d wake up to Arteta being sacked but then just remembered it’s Arsenal a club ran by amateurs! What does this man have to do to be sacked ? Spent a bloody fortune and we’re no better off, the defence is still a shambles and worse yet so is the midfield and forward line. It’s criminal that they have given so much power to someone without an ounce of managerial experience and the patience and trust shown in him is ridiculous, no other manager will ever get it this good… His interview last night looked like a man completely broken, he needs to be saved from himself and the club need to start acting like a professional football club… This charade can’t go on much longer even rival fans are the taking the p*ss about this phantom process.. anyone who supports it and thinks Arteta needs more time are only embarrassing themselves, just because pep calls his little buddy a brilliant manager doesn’t actually mean he’s brilliant, he’s hardly gonna say he’s rubbish he needs sacked plus he knows Arsenal is an easy 6 points! Arsenal is now a club with absolutely no ambitions and it has rubbed off on the supporters who believe in the rubbish they are being fed! Why was no other club interested in Mikel Arteta can someone from the Arteta fan club please tell me ? And what do they see in him that makes them think this guy is talented!

    1. “And what do they see in him that makes them think this guy is talented!” There is not a shred of evidence to suggest he is talented football wise.

      My theory is its not performance or talent rather it is his treatment of some of the players chief among them being Ozil and Guendouzi. He did some fans a favour the
      way he dealt with the said players.

      I remember one fan (the name escapes me 😂😂) threatening to withdraw his support of Arteta not because of bad results, not because of two 8ths, not because of out of Europe but because he gave Granit a new contract.

      1. Haha it’s not so much about the results anymore then HH as long as Mikel shows hes ruthless that will satisfy most of his followers 😂😂 but hey Jurgen Klopp got 5 years they say 😛

      2. HH- I remember that comment well and have noticed how old foxy is now attempting to offset that comment with some of his latest posts. Good help us when his soon to arrive article turns up as he has promised. It will be the same old self indulgent “ see how much I know about football” crap that will be as long as war and peace and bore the living s**t out of most people like most of the crap he spouts.
        Most sensible fans acknowledged what needed doing. Most sensible fans initially wanted Arteta to. succeed. Most sensible fans very soon realised he was a novice with attitude and would never take this club forward. The “Realists” (ha ha) have been shown up by their own stupidity in backing this novice and yet they still could not bring themselves to admit their mistake. Until now. All foxy is doing is jumping before he is pushed. As most will.
        Supporters who know the game can only sit back and let them squirm and wallow as foxy always seems to do.
        MUGS the lot of them. If they knew anything about the game they would have realised Arteta was simply not capable of being manager of a club the size of Arsenal.
        And who was it who recommended Arteta for the Arsenal job ad he was sacked? None other than Wenger. And some want this dinosaur back? Good help us

        1. I canno wait to read this one Phil
          I’m sure it will be full of excuses how he is still right and how wrong the rest of us was but now he’s going to squirm over to the other side probably without a single apology along the way and make out that he was never ever wrong .

        2. Spot on Phil!!! you know all-too-well my thoughts on the matters you’ve expressed in such a well-reasoned and succinct manner…Cheers

        3. How very greatly you must resent me Phil to use such vitriol against an article I HAVE NOT EVEN WRITTEN YET.

          But far too hasty judgement has always been your forte, as is well known by many on here. And using nasty minded fake names like “foxy” instead of my actual real name is what small children do in the junior playground.



          BTW, who was the last Arsenal manager of whom you approved? Herbert Chapman, was it !

          1. Far too hasty- are you sure????
            This from someone who said, and I quote “ Never have I been as sure as I am now that Unai Emery is the right person to manage to Arsenal”. Remember that Jon?.
            “I’m finished with Arteta” ( that’s after Arteta awarded Xhaka a new contract ) only to then attempt to forget that comment was from you. Remember those Jon?..
            And I’m “ Far too hasty” ???
            Your a MUG PAL. Too full of your own self importance

            1. And Jon- I approve of ANY manager who performs in his job.When a player is under performing he gets dropped. When a manager under performs he gets sacked. This one has performed far worst than Emery and Wenger who were sacked for not getting results. That is a fact of life in every business. This novice will be out soon but you were too blinded by your ego to believe he would come good. Trust me when I say he never will and even dullards like you now have no option other than to admit just how ridiculously stupid you were when supporters with the clubs best interest at heart were being REALISTS. I dont go back as far as Herbert Chapman, do you? Your views are prehistoric enough PAL

              1. So Phil, care then to answer my question as to who WAS the last manager of whom you approved and exactly when was the last year you approved on any of our managers in your time?
                I am trying to treat you with more respect than you show me, as it is juvenile to keep exchanging personal insults and using nasty names. Hopefully you may agree !

                I ask too that when you read my long no punches pulled (in any direction) article- I will NOT be dissing our fans at all but trying to understand , and honestly too, their take on MA – you concentrate on the substance of what I write and not use it as a juvenile excuse to taunt me.

                Whether or not you accept my word, I can honestly state that whatever I have posted or articled on JA in all the years to date, all I have said is what I honestly thought at that time. It would be a rare and oddly infallible fan who never changed his or her mind and I think it honest to say so if and when one does change ones mind.

                It takes some guts on occasions but I do not lack guts . I only wish I could say the same of our team and manager right now and much of my article will concentrate on COMMITMENT to the game or lack of in some cases.

                IMO our team committment has lacked such all out 100% effort , apart from odd matches here and there for well over a decade prior to AW’s sacking, His sacking, not a resignation, being something we CAN agree about!

                1. Respect Jon? Seriously? The way you feel you have the right to bully people because you got yourself an education and others didn’t? That makes you better than anyone else? Is that correct?
                  Not in my book PAL and many others too I bet. But if it makes you feel good about yourself in this pretty sad life you obviously live in then knock yourself out PAL

    2. Ppl don’t understand, no one here has a person grudge against Arteta. We just want what is best for the club and keep the standards high so atleast we can push the club and team to try and meet them. I don’t why these lot start labelling demanding fans as not loyal n moaners. They are bunch of hypocrite so when we use to finish in top 4 they were the front row critics of Wenger and used to say top 4 is regarded as trophy in our club we are bigger and bette then this, they forced Wenger out and now same set of fans defend Arteta for finishing mid table and out of Europe, they are defending him even now after record breaking defeats and saying get behind the team, be loyal and be sensible. Even though Arteta had the funding in his time that no other manager ever got by our club and he has been still kept in hot seat when left right and centre managers with better performances/results are getting sacked.

  16. Are we back to “Arteta out” again?. What are you all whinging about, there is going to be mistakes on the road to greatnesses

    1. You must be smoking same shxt as they were smoking at Emirates when they bid 1 pound on top for Suarez 😂😂🤣🤣. If this the road to glory looks like then I don’t know what your road to disaster looks like ?? Lol!

  17. If this is the beginning of the end for Arteta, the progress I see is that this team today is in a much better place then the post Wenger and post Emery teams.

    I’ve got more confidence that the right manager will have the resources to take Arsenal back to where we all want them to be – more characters with leadership qualities, younger, fewer bloated contracts, better culture.

    I had confidence that Arteta was the right manager. I still think he has it in him to be a very good manager. But my confidence that he can do that at Arsenal is more just hope now as it is pretty evident that he is failing in some critical areas.

  18. You are living in a dream world if you think that performance or any that have gone before it are acceptable to arsenal football club. I somewhat blame mike dean and var for not sending off the Everton player who assaulted our player but that does not explain the many other games with have been simply awful in.
    This is a football forum for honest fans to voice an opinion not for idiots and dare I say not really arsenal fans to try to wind people up

  19. Why is nobody pointing to how poor our central midfield is? Partey is usless, Xhaka has been one of Arsenals worst ever signings and Elneny is leaving…. our defense has no support in front of them and our front players have no flair behind them

    1. Arteta was an absolutely bang average midfielder…it’s no surprises he is content with our midfield being the same!

      1. Right on !

        He thought he had a successful career by playing safe ball, that’s why he’s content with the current midfields and dislike the flare and fire of guendouzi or Pepe

        1. Exactly…Pepe is easily the best finisher at our club by far.

          When he gets a chance in a central position it’s usually in the back of the net

  20. Sometimes things don’t work. Like Arteta at Arsenal. It happens in life. A failing manager in business life certainly will lead to dismissal. Even in the EPL those who fail have to go. The best managers take over and produce. How a pair of numpties like the Kroenkes and the bloodless, courageless Arsenal board, are just letting the poverty struck manager at Arsenal, Mikel Arteta, carry on, is gross negligence. How sad to have a Club who have become a butt of smirks. ‘Keep Arteta’ I hear all the clubs say, including Pep….then they know they are safe from a club who once were the greatest joy in the EPL. Mr numpty and numpty son, Kroenke Senior and Kroenke Junior…..you are a pair of stupid, football ignorant, ‘Shmucks’.

  21. This guy is a fraud and has been from day 1. Zero improvement and style of play is piss poor

    The last week has been so disappointing where 2 away wins at old Trafford and Goodison was a real possibility

    Instead it has just confirmed the doubts around arteta’s capabilities. He is not a top manager and will never be

    Go all out and Get in Graham potter ASAP and give him a real shot of it this season. The players in our squad are good and they need the right management. I enjoy watching Brighton play and they have a resilience and never say die attitude that is really admirable – something we unfortunately are lacking since arteta came in – all noise and zero substance.

    It’s not going to work out for him and arsenal so please make the decision now

  22. It’s all been said, but the only other point I’d make is that the so-called expert coach has seen most players gets worse – Partey? even Tierney spends most of the game passing backwards now. I don’t see any player who’s been here for any time is now better. It’s a fundamental philosophy of possession & being risk averse that’s holding back the players and the team

  23. In the last two games we have played teams who were in turmoil and made them look good.
    Last night at Goodison you feel the nerves from Everton right from the off but instead of going for the throat of the injured animal we passively sat back and let them off the hook. I am a supporter of 50 years and love Arsenal and try not to make any knee jerk reactions, top 4 one week, relegation the next for instance but i am sick of having my Sat/Sun/Mon ruined by a manager who sends the team out with these tactics, definition of madness doing the same thing and expecting different results.
    like everyone of us it’s the hope that kills us.
    It’s time for change.

  24. Jon
    I hope you will put your ability with words to end the tyrannical reign of Arteta the Foolish. December was where those who wanted to give him a chance, said was the line in the sand….and he has failed dramatically. I hope you use your words and clout to end his stay at the beautiful Arsenal FC.

    1. Maybe he could throw in a few apologies as well to the countless fans he’s abused over the last 12 months for their difference of opinions

      1. Yeah but DK he’s made an idiot of himself again though mate. Always happens with him. A gob bigger than his ego but knows nothing about the game. God bless those “realists”, they just cannot help themselves can they?

    2. Sean You flatter me if you even imagine – as your post appears to suggest- that I have the power to fire Arsenal managers.

      I am only an ordinary Gooner, although one who is literate, which as a pro writer I would be and am expected to be. My literary skills however are worth nothing whatsoever when it comes to making correct calls on our club.

      There are probably engineers, scientists, doctors and many other skilled professional people who are Gooners and who may also be on JA. But their opinions on our club are also no more worthwhile than anyones elses on here.

      All are free to have their say and that is how it should be and will remain.

  25. Hello, everyone.
    I will be very grateful if our beloved LOOSE CANNON can speak to the recent setback.

      1. 🤣😂🤣…they always do then as soon as the team will win a match against a poor side they will come out beating their chest about how their master is a legend 😂

        1. That’s the man I’m waiting to post – another one who believes /thinks he has the answers.
          I did note that his last post said that MA needs another season after this one… dropped in as a casual thought, that he can now claim he always said!!!

          So, Loose Cannon, where are you?????
          Are you waiting for MA to step down before he’s sacked, or do you trust the process still?

  26. Good Article, but no matter how logical your arguments are it will make no difference to pro Arteta brigade here. Even if we get relegated they will still find excuses to satisfy their ego but will never accpet the truth.

    1. That is an utterly ridiculous thing to write

      I’ve been more than keen to give Arteta a proper chance, based on several factors:- not least the possible trend of the revolving door, acknowledging the fact that he was given the job with no managerial experience and also that he managed to win the FA Cup in his first season. This was achieved without his own signings which may be related. I do actually think he will have a good career. However, that doesn’t mean it will be at Arsenal as I have now reached the point that the experience that he has gained should by now be showing dividends.
      It’s easy to sack someone but unless the structure is in place to get the right replacement then more harm can follow but to suggest I’d support a relegation battle is absurd

  27. I can only agree with most of the comments here on JA, Last nights performance was abysmal. I still think we have some good players who would be far more capable of playing as a team and producing far better results points wise and style wise under a different manager.
    I have seen nothing in the last two years to suggest we’re making any progress. I really am so p****d off and frustrated watching us play. It’s tedious and just doesn’t excite me anymore.
    The Israelites spent 40 years in the wilderness for disbelieving Gods word of the promised land. I wonder how long Arsenal will be in the process wilderness whilst we wait for Moses Arteta to lead us to the promised land.
    Sorry for the rant, I really have had enough of watching Artetas c**p.

  28. Ive no need to write anything in reply except, i agree with the article and pretty obvious really to those who can see.

  29. This is the toughest period for me personally being an Arsenal supporter, not solely because of the management of the club but the Supporters of Arteta who persecuted the realist because Arsenal were on a 10game unbeaten run..

    After the Liverpool game I read an article from “Le Grove” talking about seeing progress from the team and trusting the process, at the end of the Article he deliberated called the Fans opposing MA as fools and idiots…

    I couldn’t believe but stopped to wonder how on Earth did we get here, We were once a very beautiful family anywhere in the world, how on Earth did it get so bad to the point of abusing our fellow gooners as if we cross town rivals?

    I do not understand why the MA supporters vehemently support him so much that don’t even care if Arsenal is relegated.. The fanbase have sucked every bit of excited I had for Arsenal even more than the club or the manager has done

    1. @Buddy- I read that same article and this blogger is a huge believer in Arteta, I just cannot fathom how he can keep attempting to justify himself as, like some “Realists” on here, they just continue to fool and embarrass themselves. Reading today’s Pedro article, he at least didn’t attempt to justify the performance and put the blame solely on Arteta,
      You wonder just how little some “Realists” that know so little about the game write such obvious nonsense. They must be Sado Masochists

      1. @phil
        But you must agree that Arteta isn’t getting the best out of this squad. I believe that he never will but I wouldn’t sack him if an upgrade isn’t available.

    2. I don’t understand why the narrative is so unpleasant either and reading several posts today I can’t understand why you would think anyone would put Arteta above Arsenal. I have read the exact opposite. How ludicrous your last paragraph appears to me on that basis.

      Am I supposed to get down on my knees and beg your forgiveness for giving Arteta a chance? I have been the butt of all sorts of name calling and petty asides, and you think it is only way traffic.

      Had the last few months seen an up tick in performance from him, do you think I’d be that pathetic as to rub your nose in it? As a life long Arsenal supporter all I have wanted is for the club to succeed whether Arteta is manager or not. I didn’t appoint him and nor would I have done based on zero experience. That said, he did initially impress me and I was prepared to allow Arteta to learn on the job with the proviso that it couldn’t be open ended.

      I am disappointed that the initial promise hasn’t kicked in as much as I had hoped but that’s life.

      I did also consider external factors such as the length of Wenger’s reign, the shortness of Emery’s who was an experienced coach and the general dreadful state of the club’s hierarchy which also has a bearing on the state of the club which has also needed fixing.

      1. Many fans here are reacting angrily and in some cases childishly.
        They insult the manager and write dishonourable comments in response to any who disagree with the central theme of this echo chamber.
        There are different opinions on Arsenal’s problems and solutions.
        However, many do not want any kind of debate. As one can see anything on here that does not blame the manager or asks for him to be removed is summarily dismissed.
        The apparent “solution” to Arsenal’s problems is to immediately sack the manager. My view is that this would be naive and misguided at this point.

  30. Nothing much new to add. Can’t see Arteta changing or adapting, and he’s now boxed himself into a corner where he doesn’t have the players to play sparkling attacking football and must rely on Saka or ESR to do something out of the box. Similarity we all know where our owners are at so no hope there.For me, the sucker punch was the ” victory” against Chelsea late last season. ESR was gifted a goal and we got away with it. Arsenal fans called it “character”, but it was an inept display. We barely got the ball across their halfway line. Arteta was clueless in not knowing how to change his tactics or inspire his players to show some imagination. Just the usual constipated man management from the sidelines.

  31. Not sure what you are referring to with the ‘we’. Now, some part of the fanbase (mostly on here, if I may add) may have been talking about the ‘progress’ made, or that ‘the process’ is working, but please do not use ‘we’ to include all fans.

    More cynical fans like myself were never part of this ‘we’. Instead, I always felt that a club of our stature should not be used as a learning curve for an inexperience manager, and that the anointed second-coming (according to some here) would end in tears sooner rather than later.

    It is more than inexperience that had harmed the team. The massive ego of our current manager has also contributed to the problem. If it was only one or two players that were casted out, you can maybe believe that it was the ‘lazy’, ‘greedy’ or ‘incompetent’ Ozil that was the problem. However, given the number of players that the manager has discarded, including an unused £28 Million signing and players that had previously showed great promise, it would be incredibly hard to believe the narritive that they were all lazy/arrongant/not good enough/greedy.

    I must though, congratulate the club on its excellent management of expectations with the appointment. Whereas ‘4th is not a trophy’ was used to hound out our most loyal and sucessful manager, finishing 8th was considered a decent enough job to give another manager more time, and a top 6th finish this season would be signs of ‘progress’.

  32. Top six appears to be wishful thinking now. Agree with you that while Guandiuzi and Saliba go from strength to strength, Arsenal’s midfield remains in limbo. As if we could afford to lose two promising players, and after all the valuable experience Guandiuzi gained under Emery as a twenty year old. His biggest problem then was that he held on to the ball for too long and was then hurried into making bad decisions. But he was only a kid, rushed into the first team. His combination with ESR and Saka would have given the Arsenal attack much more urgency. A waste indeed.

  33. Progress from 8th to 7th is progress. Sadly, that’s not enough. On the other hand, I don’t think a top manager would achieve more than 5th, if given a full season and 5th would be a stretch.

    I honestly hope none of you have hopes of ever achieving anything more than 6th in seasons to come.

    Top 5 is reserved for rich daddy clubs and Arsenal is a soccer franchise, not a billionnaire’s vanity toy.

    I do believe Arteta should be sacked in the summer, if an upgrade can’t be brought sooner.

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