Where it all went wrong for Arsenal……..

The Arsenal players know where it all went wrong!

How many times have you heard someone say, “if the fans can see the problems, why can’t the players?”
It’s a common cause for concern as fans continue to wonder why the players do not see the same issues we do.

However that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore, as Arsenal and French international defender Laurent Koscielny has spoken out about Arsenal’s issues last season.

Koscielny admitted that despite Arsenal’s strong finishing position in the league, overall the squad was quite disappointed from the outcome of the season. Koscielny told a report by the Metro,

“Yes it’s a disappointment. We finished second, but if you look at the whole season, we can have regrets. I think this year we had the means to compete with the other teams to win this title. But our results were inconsistent, especially in February and March, when we won very few games, and we took very few points.

“It was tough, but we have to keep the positive from this season to learn from it, and start a nice season next year, with probably some new players that will allow us to reach another level and have more consistent results.”

Although Koscielny and co may have been disappointed with the outcome of the season, at least they recognise what went wrong over the course of the year. It’s important for the players to reflect from previous experiences, as well as the boss, in order to improve for next season.

With the addition of some new players and the understanding of what areas the players should focus on improving, we can only be hopeful as fans, that next season Arsenal manage to achieve a little more than they did in last years campaign.

They will. As long as Wenger gets “some new players that will allow us to reach another level.”


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  1. Where it all went wrong by 007:

    – Wenger only signing one player all summer
    – Sanchez returning late and tired
    – Jack gets the stump in pre – season
    – Carzola MIA
    – Coq’s knock
    – OG’s deep in form
    – Theo’s horror show
    – Welbeck – Welbroke
    – The captain’s shaky legs at West Brom
    – Gabriel’s temper against Costa
    – Ox’s miss against Barca in the 1st leg
    – Cech being beaten at the near post
    – The collapse against Southampton and Swansea
    – Kos’s constant knocks during the season
    – Mert’s red against Costa
    – The disaster at Anfield and Old Trafford
    – The Crystal palace knock out

    Thank you

    1. “– Wenger only signing one player all summer”
      Think this needs to be changed to ARSENAL only signing… Wenger isn’t the head guy when it comes to transfers, only fools believe he is.

      The season prior to that one we spent close to £100 million in 1 whole season… Not happened before and part of that spending Wenger didn’t want to do but the board went ahead and bought Welbroke for Wenger. Not a Cf we need and later you used as an example of what went wrong. We can not say if Wenger wanted Welbroke for a 12 month loan so he could put the £16mil towards what-ever funds he got and get a better CF… Yet people still point the finger at him. We are looking at CF now, last season was 1 year after Welbroke had been bought… After the BOARD had spent the money which could have been used last season to buy a CF who wasn’t Giroud…

      Giroud may be an issue that added to us failing to win the EPL.
      He was bought as back up for RvP and the club wanted to show RvP that we had ambition by signing Giroud… WTF was they thinking??
      RvP seen his backup as that poser and ran away quicker than he was indicating he would if we didn’t show ambition to match his.

      The very next season is the year we went for Suarez and failed due to an inexperienced backroom staff making offers and not fighting for them, If Liverpool lied about the release clause then we could have sued them for bullshitting about a legal document. Heck we could prob have used that court money to buy a WC cf… but the people who deal with that for Arsenal have no balls and Wenger isn’t a transfer wizard, that was always Dein. Now it feels like the blind leading the blind…

      RvP was our CF, a wc cf.
      RvP wanted us to show ambition and we bought Giroud.
      RvP left.

      12 months later we try to get Suarez but he doesn’t want to join us, we end up getting Ozil in the last breath of the transfer window… and we did get a freebie with SoNoGoal. A gamble but hey… better than nothing right? He looked promising prior to joining us and only really an injury concern… 21 games for Auxerre and 11 goals. A gamble yes but not a complete novice upfront.

      12 months later Welbroke is bought by the board, Wenger has openly said that if he stayed at home then Welbroke wouldn’t be an Arsenal player, what did Wenger want to do with that money? Save it for next transfer window? Wenger only wanted to loan Welbroke so it seems like he had plans to buy a CF…

      12 months later Cech is our only signing… but let us not forget that in the past 12 months we have spent close to £100mil as a club on players.

      What if we didn’t have the money to spend as a club because we had spent a lot the season before? We spent on Ozil and then the following year we splash the cash on a number of players… Do anyone think that Arsenal could spend freely EVERY YEAR?

      Yes it was disappointing to not see any outfield players come in to add to the quality of the team but am I the only one who has seen the spending and thought;
      “Well, I doubt any manager would have had more to spend after spending close to £150mil in 2 years when we had been looking to balance the books prior with sales of players.”

      So to recap on the CF issue:

      We had RvP.
      RvP wanted us to show ambition.
      We buy Giroud.
      RvP leaves.

      12 months later Arsenal try for suarez but fail, they tried for a WC cf…

      12 months later the board get Welbroke for Wenger, Welbroke lives up to his name and been out injured for what % of his time with us? Club spent a LOT this year.

      12 months later we spend next to nothing after spending close to £100mil the previous year.

      12 months after we are rumored to have activated Vardy release and been tracking other Cf.

      People moan about the CF issue yet they are too damn stupid to sit back and take a fresh look at the WHOLE situation.

      The CF is an issue and it appears that Wenger has wanted that resolved, every transfer up till last season we have been interested in a CF… it is a shame the board spent £16mil on a player who should have only been with us on loan and lets be honest, if Welbroke as only on a loan then do you think we would have made that move perm after his injury record with us???

  2. Last season was our BEST chance of winning The Pl in over a decade. We didn’t get a top striker or dm And we blew it.

    I guarantee Chelsea, United, City, Liverpool will be much better and the Pl will be much more difficult to win next season

    How often is a Pl winner NOT either City, Chelsea, or United

  3. I don’t know if anyone still don’t where it ALWAYS go wrong with us, can’t write much…

    LACK OF GOALS:Giroud
    LACK OF BELIEF:……players
    CAN’T WIN UGLY…players.

    I might have forgotten a few.but it goes wrong in more place than one…EVERY season….same of the same of the same…..

    1. Could also add, team only shows grit and determination when top four in PL or last 16 in CL is threatened. Clear opportuniteis to get clear ahead in PL and team bottles it.

  4. Our new season will depend on how busy and direct our transfer window will be..if it will be a failure then all odds are that our new season will be a big fat failure..remember how pundits are always proven right when they predict how our team are gonna fall apart at the second half of the season???..we need to be unpredictable this time round and it starts with the transfers NOW!!!

  5. Xhaka is a great start but we need more
    Remember Cech was an awesome start last summer BUT he also ended up being our only major signing

    We must get at least a CF And CB of top quality
    Personally I would add a top winger and backup LB/RB but CF and cb are sooo important

  6. Again we lost some influential players while others didn’t have the capability and strength to carry us over the line cooky irresponsible and complacent

  7. Where did it all go wrong?
    The same reason that I talked about 5 years ago.
    Nothing will change next season because the manager will stay the same.

  8. Not getting enough points, especially in February and March hardly qualifies as an explanation. It is “why we didn’t get enough points”, which should be addressed. Anyone with just a little bit of football knowledge can see our main problem is in our defensive organisation, when we have lost the ball. Even very mediocre teams manage to get plenty of chances against us every time, and before this is solved, we will lose too many points. And it will not be solved by buying new players. The manager must be capable of organizing the players before we see major trophies again!

  9. I admit. Yes we have anumber pf weaknesses as a team that need to be addressed but i honestly believe the greatest is our defensive arrangement. There are times i wonder how the West Broms and Sunderlands have so many shots on target against a team like Arsenal! And to make matter worse, even games we are supposed to win 5-0 we still decide to give a consolation goal to opponents. We need more clean sheets and less shots on target from the opponent. I know we need top defenders but if we dont arrange and play them well, we will be back here.

    Then the ridiculous ridiculous favouritism. How Joe Campbell didnt play more i dont know. Why Walcott was used so much i dont know. Why Giroud starts, i dont know(how many EPL clubs would Giroud go to and get a start). Why Ramsey is played on the flank i dont know. The guy is a genius through the middle. We love Couqelin but have you watched footage of him tackling. The guy is lucky he hasnt been slapped with a ban or fine. He is good but he is inexperienced.

    We need to understand our players and play them right. Elneny may not be the fastest we have but boy, have you looked at his positioning. You could think he has a sixth sense and he doesnt commit himself to a tackle or challenge unnecessarily. But to make way for other “fav” he has started as often as i would have hoped.
    And this one i know almost everyone will disagree with me. Monreal was excellent during the 2014/15 season and the start of the 2015/16 but when his form dipped, no one talked about it. If any of you are collecters of Arsensl matches like i am, look at which side MOST teams attacked from AND scored. Im not saying he is a bad player. But we let Gibbs become less of competition for Monreal so much that it didnt matter how he played. He still got picked…

    And finally, the dance around the box when attacking, ayyyy yaaaay. Gooners, we will stroke. If Sanchez or Elneny dont try long shots, we would still be dancing around the box. Something’s is gotta give..

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