Where should Unai Emery spend his increased Arsenal transfer budget?

Arsenal bosses have agreed a new shirt deal with Adidas for next season, doubling their income for the next five years.

The Gunners have agreed a £60 Million per season deal with the shirt giants, doubling their previous deal with Puma worth only half of that amount. This is claimed to lead to an increase in funds available for Unai Emery to add to his squad this season, but where will he spend it?

There has been talk of a possible move for Barcelona’s Ousmane Dembele, although a loan deal has also been mooted, and while I think this would be a massive deal to improve our starting XI, I can’t help but think we will struggle to persuade both the player and his team.

Reports are claiming that Chelsea are close to agreeing a deal for Mateo Kovacic, who for me would have been a great addition to our creative midfield, but that move to the Blues could well end the interest in our current main man in midfield Aaron Ramsey, which can only be good news.

So we don’t need further bolstering in central midfield, and we certainly don’t need any more strikers, so which positions should we be looking at?

I’m quite happy with our options at centre-back with the likes of Shkodran Mustafi, Laurent Koscielny, Sokratis and even Rob Holding available, and Lichtsteiner will hopefully bring enough of a challenge to bring the best out of Hector Bellerin, who for me has become too relaxed in his role in recent terms.

At left-back we have an ageing Nacho Monreal being rivalled by the upcoming Maitland-Niles, which should be more than enough needed, which leads me to think our best chance of improving is a new number one, or another winger.

I would personally love to see Julian Draxler being looked at, with his place in the PSG first team at risk, while the likes of Lucas Vasquez at Real Madrid should also be looked at, with him currently finding himself behind the likes of Asensio, Bale, Isco and others already ahead of him in the current set up, with the club also likely to splash out on another top addition (possibly Hazard of Chelsea).

Where do you think Emery should invest his money? Is Leno or Cech a good enough number one?

Pat J

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  1. I have told you guys dembele verbally agreed a deal with arsenal but had a change of mind on his wages..he wanted more..so I guess that is still dragging the deal..don’t be fooled by reports of Barcelona not agreeing to let him go..it is between dembele and arsenal…if dembele doesn’t come then I guess arsenal have focused their attention on bailey or zaha….but I know dembele will come..everything is set for him to come…mislintat,aubameyang,guendouzi,mikhitaryan and lacazette are all here for him….Emery has promised dembele a lot…it remains to be seen how the wages will go……I’m not perfect,I can’t control situation,I only drop what I know….I understand you guys emotions towards dembele..I know you guys badly want him to come..but don’t pour insults on me just because the deal has not being announced…it is unfair!!!!!!!!

    1. We couldn’t agree a loan fee for him let alone wages.We’ve failed in a loan bid but Barca may reconsider if we up our offer.
      They would sell for around £85m + massive add-ons

      1. You are wrong KEV..the loan offer was accepted long ago..don’t be deceived…the wages is the problem..dembele considers himself a big player so if he should come to arsenal he wants to be treated as one…the wages is an issue…get your facts right….the only problem Barcelona had with our loan offer was arsenal not agreeing to pay the compulsory payment at the end of the loan which is 79m..after add ones it could rise to 89m…..but arsenal wanted to try him for a season and see if his injury record will persists before paying the huge amount at the end of the loan…..but I know that has being sorted…the wages is now the problem…it’s between dembele and arsenal….but Valverde is still trying to take advantage of the situation by trying to convince dembele to stay……get your facts right keV!!!!

        1. When a player is loaned out then the wages are still the same as he has a contract with the club, Barca.
          Barca pay X for his wages, if Barca want us to take over his wages then we would need to pay X.

          How-ever if Barca would be happy for us to cover 50% then we would pay 50% and Barca would pay 50%.

          Dembele has a contract with Barca and it doesn’t end if he goes out on loan, that contract will still need to be honoured and that means being paid the wage in the contract.

          1. Midkemma normally we were suppose to share the payment of the wages with Barcelona…but Barcelona are not happy about the fact that dembele wants to go so they tried to frustrate arsenal by telling us to pay 100% of his wages..but to their surprise arsenal agreed….the wages issue between arsenal and dembele concerns next season when he is bought permanently… Dembele wants it sorted now instead of next season… That’s why it is dragging out..but let’s keep faith..anything can happen…I see it coming through… But valverde is still trying to convince dembele behind closed doors

        2. We can agree to disagree.But like you I believe the deal is still not completely off though.The sales are a testament to the fact that we were freeing up space for wages and not for transfers. as these paltry fees from sales aren’t getting us any top player.

          Annoying that Vida is becoming more and more likely while we turned our back on Soyuncu.

          1. Kev Emery wants experience this first season instead of prospects that’s why he is willing to loan out a young player like chambers…..he wants big time experience so he can get back to the champions league quickly…then after that we can get the champions league money and go for quality young prospects in the future for our defence or team at large……I see emery winning the premier league this season…remember when I said this!!!!…arsenal will be the surprise package this season

              1. stubill, Chiza actually makes sense in his last post re Emery and Sven looking for a quick influx of experienced hard nosed defenders.

          1. It’s funny watching two people arguing about things that they have read in the newspaper, yet they both state their “facts” as if they were told by a top secret insider at Arsenal.

            I find it really weird how people get off by tricking others into thinking that they are some sort of gatekeeper of information.

  2. Besiktas president and club officials are in London currently for the transfer of Vida to arsenal…Vida deal will soon be done!!!

  3. As I said,we decided against signing Soyuncu.The £35m fee quoted by the media as the problem wasn’t the problem.He agreed personal terms with us and at first though the £35m was actually the problem Freiburg lowered their demands and then we decided signing him due to inexperience.Soyuncu was a Minslintat target not an Emery one.Emery wanted some one experienced thereby deciding against signing him so should he become a star one day know who to blame.He was there for the taking.

    Due to us wanting an experienced CB that’s why news of Jerome Boateng and Vida have been making rounds.We are close to Vida but the stumbling block is Vida doesn’t want to come but Besiktas want him to go.This might prove a stumbling block in the deal.Looking likely Ospina might be involved in the deal.

    As I also reported we tried and failed with a loan bid for Dembele.Deal may still happen if Barca reconsider and we increase our offer.

    1. Also the fringe players will be out.
      Jenk to Swansea
      Campbell to a team in Greece
      Welbeck likely to be move to Brighton or maybe in January
      Ospina will go and all the other uninjured one’s who I forgot to mention

      1. Lastly,Ramsey will sign a new deal this week.
        So no worries about him.The dilly rallying was more due to his agency than anything.I will stress again the offer was in the table long ago.The verbal agreement had been made and he will now sign it.

        Reiss Benson’s deal is also around £45,000 a week.He has also verbally agreed and will sign it this week.

        1. Who is this Benson player? Is this a secret signing or a lad we kept in the basement and had trained by ex professionals in dangerous conditions, where failure meant punishment…


          Nice that Nelson has been rewarded but 45k a week?
          Wow… I hope Nelson keeps pushing himself as those wages are more than what City paid Inheachio and more than Rashford when he broke into the UTD team (more than double!).

          Dele Alli was on around £50k a week up till what… Jan? Feb? When his wages was doubled after performing for the spuds (well, flopping like a fish but that’s performing for them).

          Really hope Nelson doesn’t go the way Iwobi did when he got his bumper deal, we need our young lads being hungry and fighting to get into the 1st team, not sitting back on nice bank accounts.

          1. I’m thinking he was offered that to persuade him to stay.He agreed it some time back but still yet to sign it.

            1. I struggle to understand why having been at arsenal since aged 9 anybody seen any need for a £45k sweetener to encourage RN to remain at arsenal?

              …add to the point made (above) this figure doesn’t make sense when there’s a wage structure in place, right? so now we pay 18’s this figure? If Reiss has negotiated such a deal fair play to our promising young gun, altho i doubt it.

              1. Did anyone watch Boateng at the World Cup? He was awful, probably the worst central defender in the tournament. I hope he goes to Man U.

                1. Yes we all did – and he was pitiful. Although to say he’s no longer capable of quality performances is another thing. Seems he’s signed a new contract with his current club, so that’s the end to that.

        2. Key you have been saying Ramsey will sign this week for 3 weeks now…. you and Chiza have become very annoying on this site.

          1. Never said he’d sign.I said he verbally agreed the deal.
            I’m now today saying Ramsey will sign a new deal.In truth his future was never really in doubt tbh.Things just blown out of proportion by media.

            1. Kev, i disagree the reason being is Ramsey (as well his team) accept that the media can blow matters out of proportion when they fail to sign what is put in front of them in good time. So its not just media its the player who wants to act mischievous and stir up something of a panic here. we shall see if he stays or goes personally i’d like him to see him replaced – but he’ll prob sign.

    2. vida doesn’t want to come? I think reverse is the case, he recently said that, his dream is to play in the PL one day..

      1. Arsenal is not the problem though.Money speaks.Soon it’ll seen as if he always wanted to be here.

        1. Kev can we meet at some point since u are in Ghana and me been a Ghanaian
          Kindly give me contact which I can communicate with u.
          Don’t u think u and Chiza are just toying with minds.

          Whom are we to believe?

          1. Most of the transfer stories here are from twitter.Let’s wait and see what will happen tomorrow regarding our transfer dealings

    3. Please, for the love of god, stop talking as if you have some insider source at Arsenal and that you’re not just getting all of your information from reading the papers and Twitter like everyone else. You read these vague made-up rumours and then state them as if they were fact, that’s why you’re always getting it wrong.

  4. It looks like Leceister city is closing in on soyuncu which I believe Arsenal need to hijack asappppp instead of going in for VidA!!!!

    1. Why do you even believe we are going after Vida? Do you guys honestly believe every single transfer rumour that you read? You do realise that 99% of these rumours are just plucked from thin air, right? No wonder you all attacked Wenger for supposed penny-pinching and never getting his target. I always just assumed that no-one was actually gullible enough to believe all of this trash that the media regurgitates over and over again.

      1. D, given that Besiktas is interested Ospina, a deal involving Vida coming the other way makes sense. Time will tell.
        The £45,000 per week for nelson is indicative of why Arsenal has trouble moving players on, as other clubs will not match the wages. Hopefully Nelson will perform to match Arsenal’s faith in him.

  5. With the current 1st team squad we have sufficient cover all around except no proper wide player.

  6. What the people are smoking at Arsenal, losing Malcom, Soyuncu and Adama Traore for only a very expensive signing in Ousmane Dembele?

    I hope they know what they are doing, because I watched Dembele at Barcelona for the whole last season and he is more of a CAM (like Ozil) than an explosive winger (like Salah, Messi and Ronaldo, the type Arsenal really need)

    1. This is probably the second or third time I share your view…… I’d rather have Malcom, Draxler, or Brandt (preferably Brandt) and Soyuncu, than Dembele…… and I don’t understand what you see in Adama Traore, he’s a Stoke City level player, not even slightly better than that, in my opinion

    2. Dembele ain’t no cam mate …I saw him play for France and Dortmund and Barca a couple of times.it was all on the flanks..

  7. The a acquisition of a top quality centre back should be the priority for Emery as we currently do not have one on our books.Mav and Holding may make the grade but the rest are bang average as the likes of Man City and Liverpool will prove.A young left back such as Tierney of Celtic is also necessary as Monreal is her to g on and Kolasinac is not good enough.

  8. I have been very disappointed with our transfer “activity” this year.
    None of these signings stand out as quality signings – in fact, when compared to Liverpool’s signings it shows just how far the club has fallen behind.
    Arsenal are on the same level as West Ham and Everton – I think we should recognise this and accept that we will never see CL football again for a very long time…

    1. Harsh, noone marquee but all shrewd quality signings, lichtsteiner is a great buy, Sokratis was Dortmund’s best defender since Hummels, Leno is a high quality keeper, better than 80m Kepa and probs on the same level as Allison for a quarter of the price of both, guendouzi looks to be a gem and torreria was one of the best performers at the world cup. If we get into the champions league next season then we should definitely expect some big names, till then mustafi and Xhaka need to prove their worth

  9. Thats good news for us last season we made only 60m from shirt&kit sponsors whereas man u made 144m thats 84m less which is hugely responsible for the 200m deficit in commercial revenue between us and them. With our new shirt, sleeve and kit sponsor deals we will make 110m, a little less than man u.
    Last season we had 60m Next season we will have 110m thats 50m more that can be invested in transfers. We only spend when we earn so assuming kroenke keeps running the club as currently done, part of that money will be available for transfer.

  10. I am the only one here not excited about the Vida rumour?

    Kos / Monreal / Socratis / Liest / & Vida = Arsenal retirement home.

    By the way nice to see Kev & Chiza go at it, lets keep throwing the names around boys, rumour has it Messi has also verbally agreed to join us, don’t bash me if Stan doesn’t sign him. Lol

    1. nope me to … he is an average player … one of the worst on croation team …dont see the point and would prefer a strong right back to be honest

  11. Not sure abt vida. We have defence players , n besides the world cup, I never heard of this oke Vida. Doubt we gonna make more signings. Or maybe I’m wrong.

    1. just because you have never heard of him doesn’t mean he wont be good enough. tha’ts why arsenal pays scouts

  12. unai emery thank you for effort but one more thing you need to do is to sign a winger for us winger like dougolas costa

  13. From what I can tell Fulham made a very attractive offer ie decent loan fee, 100% wages and guaranteed play time. Arsenal looked at the squad decided we were going 2 at the back and that the experienced Mustafi/Sokratis/Vida or whoever we sign would be the 1st choices as Emery wants experience this year. Arsenal rate Chambers and they felt compared to Holding he was the better one who would be more likely to actually get regular Prem football and benefit from it.

    It all suggests that Holding is in trouble and needs to really kick on this year or he will be out and that will be difficult as he will have limited playing time. Find it quite funny how few people see this and seem to think the opposite.

      1. If we were really thinking about a massive offer for Dembelle, loan then pay it in installments, I’d prefer if we used that money for a top notch CB and either a winger or CM player.

  14. What does ‘verbally agreed’ mean? Isn’t that just some of the nonsense language used by bloggers to make up wild transfer rumors? By the way is max meyer still available on a free? Coz that would be crazy or is there something we’re missing like he’s some kinda psycho lunatic crackhead with decent ball skills? I don’t know..

    1. Not nonsense.Verbal agreement means the player likes the terms in the deal and has agreed to sign it.But he may sceptical in signing it at that moment because the coach may not play him or will use him poorly with respect to tactics e.g is Wilshere. He verbally agreed to sign but didn’t sign because of other reasons.i.e at the time the contract was offered he likes the terms so he said he’d sign but he was contemplating as to whether he’d get game time and stuff like that so didn’t sign it in the long run.

      1. you make no sense – your ability to communicate precisely what it is you’re getting at is poor. its not a criticism, merely an encouragement to improve your written communication. Reason i say it is because in an attempt to explain or shine any light on this “verbal agreement” you refer to you have succeeded in making matters worse – not better. Why not instead say that the player either did or did not like the terms and conditions and was happy to discuss it?

        1. …this is not a “verbal agreement” that you so often refer to – simply further discussions with a view to agreement. Look into it if you wish.

  15. chiza and kev going at it hot and heavy , yeah, this season keeps giving , lol.who tells the biggest lie, and why .i am loving this head to head between the two windbags. who will come out on top , who will yet come up with the winning lie. is there anybody willing to take bets on this ?.my money would be on chiza the mouth. he does like to spin a real good yarn. how many more hours left until dembele rumours prove to be untrue. then we can all laugh at the extremely loudmouth who never shuts up. you did not have a lot to cheer about when your beloved country were playing at the world cup, thought you were darn quiet . go on ya boy ya , lol.

    1. Kev wont take it lying down, I expect a big whopper to take Chiza down once and for all. All we need is Leo, Paul, Resource to enter and we got ourselves a cage match. My money’s on Admin to pull the plug before it gets out of hand.

      1. GO ask Alice. i can feel the tension from here. who will be the greatest fibber on justarsenal. a lot to play for at this very late stage. i know i am second guessing mr.admin here, but i think he is giving the two boyos enough rope to hang themselves, or each other even.i cannot wait for the transfer window in those two cheeky chaps faces. then we will have the excuses, verbal agreements and whatnots .it is almost like saying it is alternative transfer news.

  16. Loving the competition between kev and chiza for worlds worst transfer insider.

    It’s actually comedy gold please continue scouring twitter and relaying reports, you’re both going places!

  17. Arsen should’ve gone for one of the French fullbacks who can play centre back as well. Both were excellent for their country and relatively cheap as well as being extremely young

  18. You might actually be the only realistic arsenal fan here. Everyone is upgrading damn… Even Chelsea are about to tie down Kovacic, Fekir and Kepa.. With Hazard, Kante willian and Jorginho.. They are becoming a force. While here at arsenal we are signing Vida.. Top four my ass.. Some are even dreaming of winning the league.. Lolz

    1. Maybe you are right topgunner but did you see the midfielder jorginho he was utter rubbish and how much they paid for him? If that’s what they have for the new season arsenal has a chance matey!!!!

  19. How many matches did dumbell played in the world cup? Frankly he ain’t worth more than 45 million we better off getting 2 defenders and a holding midfielder because if we don’t concede goals we stand a better chance of winning the match, so it’s a No to dumbell or dembele or whatever his name is.

  20. The moment of truth will soon be upon us, sunday is just around the corner, if i were emery, i would get a real winger (draxler, depay, martial) and an experienced CB… It is going to be heartbreaking if these current players are not enough with him knowing he could have gotten a couple of good players when he had the chance.

    Arsenal should not make the dumb decision of spending a huge chunk on an injury prone expensive player.

  21. ?Agree Goonerboi, my only disappointment is Caglar Soyuncu, who I think has real potential for the £22 million paid by Leicester City.
    Also the money required to get Dembele can be better spent elsewhere. I certainly would prefer Wilfred Zaha or Bailey.

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