Where was Arsenal’s spirit and desire?

Reality kicks in by DS

If there is one positive from last Sunday it was Wenger’s honest appraisal of just how bad Arsenal were. Some managers, including Arsene, would’ve put it down to just one of those days. On another day Peter Cech doesn’t have his worst ever Premiership game, most of the time Sanchez is fit, and mostly Arsenal would have more to show for 20 plus shots.

He could have said all of this to boost morale as quickly as possible for a tricky game at Palace this Sunday. But the truth is that Wenger was both hurt and shocked at what he was witnessing, a realisation that we are not as good as he thought we were – and still miles away from winning the Premiership. Like two seasons ago against Aston Villa it’s a shame it takes a defeat for Wenger to stop being blinded. He, the board, some fans, even pundits were falling into a trap of thinking this group of players are better then the reality.

Czech will improve us but the goal keeping position is not the reason we finished 12 points behind Chelsea last year, there are far greater problems.

We are routinely told about the spirit in the group and the desire to win things, but where was that ethos on Sunday. For a squad who spent all summer saying how a poor start cost them 12 months ago, shouldn’t we have been chomping at the bit on Sunday, especially with Chelsea dropping points 24 hours earlier. That should have been every incentive for us but yet again (like against Monaco) our attitude was appalling. At 0-0 we played at a pace where we thought we just had to show up to win. As soon as West Ham scored we lacked composure, the likes of Giroud and Ozil losing their temper way too soon.

Worse though is that no one was surprised by this performance. Over the years Arsenal have had too many performances where when they don’t show up it falls apart. Too many times for us to be champions anyways.

At least Mr Wenger and the Board have been warned and have a couple of weeks to do something about it, at least they can no longer hide behind last season.


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    1. That spirit that you are talking about died a long time ago like in 2004 when mr arsene decided to be his own boss and do whatever the heck he pleased with the club….I have long accepted that we will never lift a major trophy with arsene again and am willing to put up with him for the remaining part of his arsenal career but these should be a lesson to all of us ie the fans, board and everyone else in the arsenal hierarchy, NEVER AGAIN SHOULD WE TRUST ANY OTHER MANAGER THE WAY WE HAVE TRUSTED WENGER…humans have that history of taking advantage of their victims and i hope that these situation will never affect the future generation of arsenal fans…..3pl titles in 18yrs and you rare worshiped????????? …tells a lot!!!

    2. According to Reports in ITALY…. “Julian draxler is nearing a move to Arsenal” …… Pls fellas answer me this…. IS SCHALKE’04 IN ITALY?

    3. Giving our squad situation , i dont really think that we can compete for the title this year , it will still be yet between chelsea and city , if we has the same squad as last year and last year we didnt do it , i wonder why some fans think we will do it now with all our rivals improving their squads .

      We still have many gaps in our squad that we all know very well , with a big tactical gap in our manager’s head , we need deseperately a FIRST CHOICE dmf , FIRST CHOICE STRIKER , AND A FIRAT CHOICE CENTER BACK alongside koscielny,
      Wenger has always kept it very late in the window until when we the fans become satisfied with any addition at the last minute

  1. A good manager can take a bad squad and win the league (SAF with his last title)
    A bad manager can take a good squad and still not win the league (Wenger and Van Gaal)

  2. The truth is it was a bad day. I think Wenger got his team selection wrong, with overly defensive full backs in Debuchy and Monreal where Gibbs and Bellerin would have provided us with much needed width. I think Ramsey made too many simple mistakes, and made the wrong decision far too often as did Oxlade-C, and Cech had a nightmare.

    But I am going to withhold judgement, they have a very tough game ahead of them this weekend against a team that exploits our main weakness so let’s see how they react.

    1. I have to say I missed Bellerin A LOT in that horrid Hammers game. Even though Debuchy is much better at defending, Bellerin makes up for it with his pace.

      Ie. Bellerin is GREAT going forward, so even if he or someone else loses possession, he is actually one of the few players fast and diligent enough to track back and close down his man. If the same happens with Debuchy, he most likely won’t make it back in time.

      1. I agree Bellerin is the best attacking full back I’ve seen in a while. If we weren’t inundated with player in Attacking midfield I would play him in RAM.

        Having said that we probably need to play Debuchy in the Palace game because they are so good at counter attacking, we will need someone to play a more controlled defensive game i.e. Debuchy…. Obviously Wenger will disagree and play Bellerin but still…

  3. As things stand right now, Wenger will never win the league again, simples!!

    A General that cannot see the need for serious reinforcements in the battlefield, is not fit to lead an Army!

    Thank you guys as usual.

    1. i second, third and fourth that….even a fourth grade student will surely see whats missing in our squad after watching it play for like 10 minutes

  4. So wenger says he has no interest in krychowiak…. And that flamini’s staying put + Arteta can always serve as back-up to coquelin (with regards to his development) ….. Get ready folks… We are in for a Long Long summer!

  5. It was but our bad day should have been with just a goal down not two.. i mean if exposed we are fully exposed.. we should learn how to correct our mistakes right away not untill a re group.. we need an aggresive and loud leader

  6. And sometimes, per’s spirit is out ere doing Yoga on the pitch!…. Others are busy playing snakes and ladders!

  7. SPIRIT? You may have spirit but may NOT have the exceptional qualities to achieve tasks!
    Fairly speaking, i think it’s safe to say this man has no ambition of winning any majors. Even the whole wide world knows what the team needs, yet only wenger sees it differently. I’m sure if Grzegorz Krychowiak costs 10mil, he still will underbid till some serious club swoop in, pay up and get him. I really wish he loses again CP this weekend. And like Matthew Nurse stressed – Arsenal will never celebrate any majors under wenger, it’s clearly true. It’s a torture being an Arsenal fan, tbh.

  8. think bowie had the existential french twat in mind

    You – are not a victim
    You – just scream with boredom
    You – are not evicting time
    Chimes – Goddamn, you’re looking old
    You’ll freeze and catch a cold
    ‘Cause you’ve left your coat behind
    Take your time

  9. Wenger message to all WOBs’I understand your disappointment and the emotions that come with it,its understandable because of your high expections but lets not get overboard’on their behalf,we refuse your excuses

  10. Any title team needs that single player who’ll be virtually unplayable all season. RVP for United, Hazard for Chelsea, Toure for City and Suarez (almost) for Liverpool are recent examples. Which player is ready to step up to the task for Arsenal? Having a couple of good games and having several mediocre games afterwards doesn’t count.

  11. Arsenal’s Spirit and Desire was out with an Ankle Injury!

    Unfortunately, Arsenal’s Spirit and Desire is injury prone!

    Hope we get more fight and determination from the Lads this coming Sunday!

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