“Where was the communication?“ Keown slams Arsenal for Tottenham goals

Arsenal struggled and lost their north London derby 2-0 at the weekend to extend their poor run of form.

Jose Mourinho has now won his first two north London derbies, leaving Mikel Arteta’s team to look for their next league win in another fixture.

Martin Keown, like most Arsenal fans, watched on as Arsenal played into the hands of Tottenham and he has slammed the Gunners for their disorganisation for much of the game.

He claimed that while Son Heung-min scored a very good opener, he was given a helping hand by Arsenal’s lack of closing down.

The second goal was reminiscent of the first one, and he says that Arsenal similarly overcommitted while attacking their opponents and made it easier for themselves to be counter-attacked which led to the second goal.

He also slammed them for their lack of communication as Thomas Partey left the field and left them a man down just before Harry Kane scored.

He wrote on Mail Online: “It was a world-class opener by Son Heung-min but nobody in an Arsenal shirt tested him. With the time he had, he could have got a protractor out to measure the angles of the shot.

“Then Tottenham’s second goal was a copy of the first: Arsenal lost possession high up the pitch and were punished on the counter. Thomas Partey had walked off because he was injured, and this was an example of a team’s footballing brain not functioning.

Both of Arsenal’s full backs, Hector Bellerin and Kieran Tierney, had flown forward as if they were still being used as wing backs. Suddenly, one ball out and it was four on two in favour of Tottenham.

“Where was the communication? Arsenal over-committed in this game and encouraged the opposition to break. ”

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  1. Why did Arteta change tack after beating MC and Chelsea?As a footballer,he shd know Mourino plays anti soccer to win. Thats why Wenger suffered humiliating big losses against the big teams over his refusal to park the bus.
    Actually last Sunday ,Arteta could have packed the md and hit on the break.
    Hopefully he can get a result against Burnley.
    Yeah I know the gunners will rip Dundalk to pieces.Its of no consequence.

    1. Xhaka and friends will make Burnley look like Bayern Munich and it will be such a tough contest.

  2. Football is a simple game.However Arteta like Wenger is making it into a complicated jigsaw puzzle with passes galore and taking a long time to shoot.As some fans have noted the gunners passing game with stops here and there give defences time to regroup.
    Three passes were all it took for AV to score against Arsenal .The gunners in contrast,string along many passes. I f you score and win,its ok. But more often then not,the gunners invariably lose.
    Why not go back to the tactics that neuraliszed MU?If not ,I fear for Arteta.
    The US owner may have realised belatedly its about winning and nothing else.

  3. Lampard played Mourino at his own game and got a point. Arteta ,I believe, was in the Arsenal team ripped to pieces in 2001 at OT. He shd have learnt when you fight a bully, you shd not go head to head. Thats a 100% recipe for a crushing defeat.
    Son and Kane cannot be scoring all the time . I have seen games where these 2 were shadowed by at least 2 defenders.
    I am afraid Arteta hasnt got much time to turn the gunners round.Burnely are no easy meat and will go into tackles with robust energy.
    Thats where the ref shd punish over zelous tackles.

    1. No. He wasn’t in the 8-2 humiliation against Man Utd in 11/12 season. He was signed after the embarrassing defeat as one of the panic buys along with Mertesacker and Park Chu Young. And if you’re talking about the 6-1 loss in 00/01 season Arteta was probably in Barca youth team during that time.

  4. Arsenal had 70% possession,etc.This was often used by Wenger when the gunners dominated in games but lost.Its goals that win games and and not possession.
    There have been cases where teams dominated 90% and yet lost.I dont know but I wonder why
    AMN was not deployed instead of Parteu. This is in hindsight but Arteta is a rookie manager .
    I believe if he is axed,Arsenal will be looking at experienced managers who shd have won titles in Germany,Italy and Spain and not some someone with potential.

    1. During wengers 2006-2010 period we had a lot of possession but also creating clear cut chance after chance without finishing them off. The problem was always our softness when out of possession.
      With Arteta it’s just playing like STOKE CITY and hoping for the best.

      I thought his ultra defensive style was just a stop gap last season to curb our poor defensive abilities. Thought he was definitely going to change this season but he just seems to be a one trick defensive pony.

  5. Son and Kane each got about two opportunities to score, they scored one each. None of the chances could be described as on a plate.

    Willian, Auba between them got what I’d call 3 big chances and none of them even forced a save. You still want to know how we lost?

    1. My friend stop deceiving yourself.

      Our defenders, Bellerin and co. afforded the opposition those two STRAIGHT FORWARD, clear chances which even our forwards couldn’t miss.

      For Auba and Lava, they had no clear-cut chances. There was always a defender infront of them to block their shots or headers from getting a clear sail at goal.

      Have your facts right, man.

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